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Could WR Amari Cooper Have his Best Season With the Cowboys in 2020?

In 2018, the Cowboys were 3-4 and struggling immensely on the offensive side of the ball. In a strategic move, the Cowboys traded for Wide Receiver Amari Cooper, sending a 2019 first-round pick to the then Oakland Raiders. It provided immediate dividends as the Cowboys went 7-2 the rest of the season and won the NFC East due in large part to Cooper’s 53 receptions for 725 yards and six touchdowns over that span.

In 2019, Cooper set career highs in yards (1,189), touchdowns (8), and yards per catch (15.1). However, there are a few factors that could see Cooper have his best season in a Cowboys uniform in 2020.

The first factor is the constant progression of Michael Gallup. After 33 receptions for 507 yards and three touchdowns as a rookie, Gallup elevated his game to 66 receptions for 1,107 yards and six touchdowns in 2019, leading the Cowboys with 16.8 yards per catch. The more effective Gallup can be will constantly force defenses to adjust coverage to deal with him, leaving Cooper is more favorable one-on-one matchups. As the Cowboy’s best deep threat, he allows Cooper to do his damage in the middle of the field and toward the sidelines.

Second, is the addition of rookie Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb. He’s coming off of an excellent final collegiate season with the Oklahoma Sooners. He registered 62 receptions for 1,327 yards and 14 touchdowns, finishing third in the nation with 21.4 yards per catch. Lamb, much like Cooper, can play both in the slot and on the outside. By putting Cooper in the slot it could allow him to really take advantage of what I feel is his best route, the slant, and eat up coverage in the middle of the field and down the seams vertically.

Lastly, and more importantly, will simply be Cooper remaining healthy. He dealt with plantar fasciitis last summer that kept him out for most of the preseason. He also dealt with nagging knee, ankle, and quad issues as well. The fact that he put up career numbers and made his fourth Pro Bowl in five seasons in spite of these setbacks is pretty impressive.

Cooper signed a five-year 100 million dollar extension in March which will undoubtedly be a motivating factor for him to prove his worth. With multiple young studs alongside him and hopefully good health, 2020 could be the best version of Cooper we’ve seen yet in Dallas.

What do you think?

Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. I’m 2019 Cooper had career highs in yards, touchdowns and yards per catch. Imagine if he would’ve not disappeared in some away games, he would’ve had even better numbers.

  2. Cooper is limited by his chronic injuries and Cooper is likely to play less from now on because his injuries have caused more problems for him each year. However, that does not explain why Cooper plays so poorly on the road and poorly against good corners. Essentially, Cooper is fool’s gold. He will be available just enough and look great, just enough , but in the end, he is not available and does not play well when it counts.

    • I’ll take it your not a Cowboys fan…. Every time I see a comment from you they’re always negative!! And apparently you don’t watch them play either…. Cooper did have problems on the road last season, but that’s mostly due to injuries!! But that was just last season!! When he first came to Dallas he didn’t have any problems playing at home or on the road, he’s the biggest reason we went 7-2 and made the playoffs!! So as long as he’s healthy, he’ll be one of the best receivers in the NFL at home and on the road, and I can also say that even though he was injured a lot last season he still tried to show up for his team, which is more than anybody can say about any of the other top receivers in the NFL!! If any of the other top receivers were hurt like Cooper was they would’ve been on the side lines in their street clothes!! So to me and pretty much everybody else but you, that is not fools gold, that is a top receiver in the NFL trying to show up and help his team win games no matter what!! So try watching more of the cowboys, more than just the bad games from last season before you come on here making yourself look foolish with these ignorant comments!!

      • I agree full heartily with you here CF. Cooper is not fools gold. Your comment took the words out of my mouth.
        People need to understand this about football players injuries can hinder you to the point were you aren’t as effective as u would like to be. Cooper, gets a lot of flack for not being on the field after being shutdown. (Even I cussed him) however, consider if you are being shut down do to your injury and are not effective but someone else can come in and fill at that point, the best thing a wr can do in that case is sit and recoup. That isa smart wr. Not a lazy, poor sport many look at him as.
        I completely agree, every time I see this guy he has nothing really to add to the conversation, just senseless trash no one agrees with.
        Trust me when negativity is warranted, not afraid to say it but when it’s a bunch of trash and spouting with no backing keep your opinions to yourself because simply no one cares about trash siempre.
        I do have an opinion on coppers numbers and after looking at tape of lamb and growth of gallop. I believe his numbers in yards will decline but tds will increase. I say this because knowing McCarthys offense he runs a wr by committee. Everyone is catching the ball. You will see gallop yards drop slightly as well but lamb will receive more yards than Cobb, as well as tds. Jarwin will have a breakout season to prove he is the right choice. You are going to see thiskid become another novachek. Just feel it.with all these weapons in place for Prescott, the numbers of Elliott will increase across the board which will basically lessen the wrs reps. His yac will increase and you will also see more 20+yard runs which was lacking last year which is partially why Prescott threw for 4000+ yards last year. Elliott will be the main increase nest year because of so many receiving options a defense will need to run heavy secondary which will lessen the strength of the box. I can defently see elliott, based on their schedule eclipsing several 150 to 200 yard games. As long as our line holds up and has limited injuries unlike the past few years.
        The hope is with McCarthy coming into dallas the accuracy will be better from dak to help increase those yac. Less catches for same to more yards.

  3. Dude you literally know nothing about football and you’re clearly just saying what dumb sports debate shows say. Fools gold doesn’t get four 1,000 yd seasons and four Pro Bowls in his first 5 years. Under Jason Garret the Cowboys road game plan was too safe, also teams kept a safety over the top of Cooper to take him away, plus Dak road accuracy is horrible and outside of the eagles game Copper mostly had 4 or fewer targets on the road. Copper torched Pro Bowl CB’s Xavien Howard, Jaire Alexander and Tre’davious White last year. While Stephon Gilmore, Darius Slay and Jalen Ramsey have all called Copper a top 3 route runner and a top 5 WR.

  4. I honestly see both sides of this argument. On one hand it can’t be denied that Cooper is an elite talent capable of big games, and he basically turned our season around the first yr he joined us. However I am concerned that he has been somewhat injury prone lately and seemed to check out a little bit there towards the end of last yr. though to be fair he had been battling injuries. For all his talent he doesn’t strike me as an alpha male type like say M Irvin was, but with that said I’m still really happy he’s on our team

  5. If I recall correctly, the knock on him in OAK was that “he didn’t care enough”. Once we acquired him, I have to admit I admired his composure and the nonchalant way he carried himself and did interviews. I thought it could easily be mistaken as “not caring enough”, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Still do, but I am looking closer now and hope these trends disappear. He’s pretty to watch, but as Gary noted, he doesn’t seem to carry that Alpha gene. It’s not a requirement, but the absence of it will invite the questions.

  6. The dude completely saved our season in 2018. Then played all last year with planter fasciitis, ankle, knee and quad injuries but still had more yds and tds than both Deandre Hopkins and Odell Beckham while getting fewer targets than them also. Meanwhile you dudes talking about some damn alpha male. What you want him to stomp up and down the sideline screaming like T.O. and Dez?? SMDH if he was soft and didn’t care he wouldn’t have kept playing through all those injuries last year.

    • An alpha male has nothing to do with showmanship. Read into It what you will, but he’s not a guy without some character questions … it’s the reason he was available. There are those who suggest it had something to do with him not being on the field for the final play (in the red zone) against Philly. That has still never been explained to any satisfaction.

      I’m a big fan of Cooper and shared that, but I want to see a little sumpin’ sumpin’ extra from him. And to be honest, I’m not even sure what it is I need to see … just something a little “special”? Kind of unfair in some regards, but …

      And for the record, I absolutely abhor demonstrative antics on the field. Irvin, Emmitt, Zeke, Dez, TO, and all the others. It disgusts me, and it’s actually one of the things I love about Cooper! So no need to get that twisted.

  7. Truth good points and we know he has always had good he’s too talented not to. I was also really impressed with how quickly he established chemistry with Dak and that usually takes a lot of time. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he was hurt down the stretch when he got shut down/disappeared for several key games. Every player is (and should) be judged more closely on how they produce in key games when u really need them to come thru, especially when they are ur best players. I think the evolution of Gallup and the emergence of Lamb will take some pressure off Cooper and allow him to do what he does.

  8. I Don’t know maybe we’re judging Cooper too harshly. We’re always expecting a little more especially with our best players, it’s human natute as are best players go so does the team. Cooper is what he is and no one is expecting him to be TO/DEZ/IRVIN those were all time great who were big//strong /tough/ demonstrative physical specimens who demanded the ball. Cooper is more of a even keeled finesse player who runs great routes and has great burst and speed after the catch. Hopefully he can stay healthy and as i said with the talented Gallup and Lamb flanking him he won’t need to do more then he is capable of. Still really glad we have him.

  9. Tend to agree with u on all the show boat look at me players. What about the blockers that gave the QB time and the thruw the QB made and the clear out ur #2 WR gave u and so on. It’s a team game and should be celebrated as such. TO/DEZ/IRVIN were those players and never liked it. Guess those big ego needs constant stroking

    • NFL is about averages man, at the end of the day its about what players have more good games than bad games. No player has a great game every week of the season cause they’re not perfect. Brady, Aaron Rogers, and Brees has multiple games that they throw for less than 250 yds. Zeke, Henry and Mccaffrey has multiple games that they don’t run for over 100 yds. Jullio Jones and Deandre Hopkins have multiple games that they don’t get over 100 rec yds. Amari Cooper had 2 bad games last year and one was in almost hurricane weather but people are crucifing this kid.

      • Demarcus Lawrence was a no show most of the season and disappeared way more than Cooper. Zeke looked like a shell of himself most of the season and was a none factor in a few games. Jaylon Smith wasn’t the player he was in 2018 and he missed tackles left and right in key games. Chidobe got burned and picked on most of the season. Dak was horribly inaccurate in key games and situations. Meanwhile all you hear is negative bs and hate thrown at Cooper SMDH.

  10. Ur right about all those players TRUTH but Personally i have noted on previous posts about Lawrence having a down yr (while battling a bum shoulder) and we need him to be better. Have also noted that Zeke looked slow to hit the hole most of last yr. he has to be better too and continue to stay away from the drama. He’s one bad decision from getting suspended AGAIN. As for Dak no one gets more criticism then Dak in here. QB is the most important player on field so they will always be under the microscope more. WE NEED DAK TO BE BETTER Your also right about Chido he got burned alot last yr. he’s in the last yr of his contract so doubtful he gets resigned. Truth U were spot on on ur assessment of all those players, but i don’t think its unfair to have higher expectations for our 100 million dollar receiver, all the before mentioned players need to be better including Cooper.

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