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Cowboys 2023 early away-game projections

The ' away record from the is something that needs to be worked on. They won four and lost four going .500 on away games.

With the possibility of clinching the as a wildcard, the Cowboys need to prove to themselves that they can win on the road.

Especially with the teams they might come across in the playoffs who dominate at home. Teams like the , Detroit Lions, and the .

To refresh your memory I have the Cowboys sweeping the and .

I have them splitting the series against the Eagles.

For the , the Cowboys will face two teams from the West, two teams from the AFC East, one team from the NFC South, and one team from the AFC West.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys away record 1


The two teams they'll face away from home from the NFC West are the San Francisco 49ers and the .

Starting with the 49ers, they could be a team the Cowboys see in the of the playoffs. They've had the Cowboys' number the last two times they've faced in the playoffs.

With it being unsure as to when they'd face each other, if it's early in the season I can see the Cowboys dominating the 49ers.

With their breakout , slated to miss a handful of games with an he sustained in the NFC Conference Championship, the 49ers would look to start or Sam Darnold.

Lance I believe is still an unproven draft pick. He could become the franchise quarterback for the Niners, however, have plagued him.

Darnold is just a backup to ensure the Niners have quality depth. I don't see him winning the nod as the starting quarterback.

My prediction is, if the Cowboys face the Niners early in the season, the Cowboys will win in a close game.

If they face the Niners later in the season, I see the Niners winning by a short margin.
The Arizona Cardinals are on the cusp of a full rebuild mode.

They have the opportunity to have two of the top three picks for next year's draft. It all depends on whether ownership believes is their franchise quarterback.

The Cowboys are the better team in every aspect. However, this is that one game where the Cowboys will be the heavy favorites, and somehow they'll underestimate their opponent and not show up 110 percent.

I'm embarrassingly calling it a Cardinals victory.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys away record 2


The Cowboys will go to Florida to face the . This could be a potential matchup. The Dolphins added pieces to their , making them stronger than last year.

To stay competitive in the they need a healthy .

The 25-year-old quarterback threw for 25 touchdowns in 13 games. If the Cowboys can stop Tyreek Hill and they have a chance at victory.

I think this game has the potential of being a shootout as both teams have a stellar .
I give the Cowboys a slight , with a better unit. The Cowboys will win a close one.

The Cowboys head to New York to face the Buffalo Bills. This is another potential Super Bowl matchup. The Bills are another favorite to win the Super Bowl.

If the game is played in the snow the Bills will have a comfortable victory, winning by double digits.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys away record 3


The Panthers have something brewing after selecting rookie Quarterback .

In what seems to be another lackluster year for the NFC South, being the NFC South Champs is something not out of reach for the Panthers.

I do believe the Panthers have the best quarterback in the NFC South. Even though Young hasn't seen a snap in the league yet, I will crown him that.

The Dallas defense will be a welcoming gift for Young as he enters the league.

This will show him that the NFL is on a whole different level.

I have the Cowboys winning in a blowout.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys away record 4


The Cowboys head to Sofi Stadium to face the . This is a game I'm very excited to see. In the 2023 , the Cowboys parted ways with Offensive Coordinator .

Moore signed with the Chargers shortly after.

Many football analysts expect Moore to help fourth-year Quarterback Justin Herbert progress.

I believe this game will be personal for both Moore and the Cowboys' personnel and players. I believe the Cowboys will win in a close game.

Some variables for certain games make me think the Cowboys will win if these dominoes fall in their favor.

I see the Cowboys going 6-3 on the road. A huge improvement from last year going 4-4.

If the Cowboys can handle these Super Bowl-favorite teams on the road, I like their chances of making a deep playoff run.

Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez
Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys Fan from birth. Based in Los Angeles.

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