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Cowboys Announce Jersey Numbers for Their 2022 Rookies

As the rookies continue to work through Mini Camp, the franchise made the announcement Friday that they assigned jersey numbers for their 2022 Draft Class. Looking at all their numbers, you could arguably say the most notable number has to be 73 that was assigned to , the Cowboys 1st-Round Pick this year.

Although the number was already shown in a picture of him and Cowboys Owner during his , it pops out to me since older remember No.73 being worn by legendary offensive lineman , who was a force on the during the mid-1990s and early 2000s.

It will be interesting to see if Smith can live up to those expectations, but you’re likely not going to find that answer till years down the road.

Dallas Cowboys on Twitter: “Rookies are ready to #EarnTheStar! ⭐️#DallasCowboys / Twitter”

Rookies are ready to #EarnTheStar! ⭐️#DallasCowboys

Jumping to the other assigned jersey numbers, 2nd-Round Draft Pick Sam “De” Williams landed No. 54, and you could argue that is another interesting number since he will have to live up to the names of and Chuck Howley, both MVPs for the Cowboys in the 1970s.

No. 18 was given to the Cowboys third-round pick , as most fans remember that number being sported by WR during his one season with the team. Could Tolbert be better than Cobb or contribute in similar ways? The are high.

No. 48 was assigned to Wisconsin TE , the franchise’s fourth-round pick. The number is most closely associated with former Cowboys FB Daryl “Moose” Johnston, an underrated player during the 90s Cowboys dynasty who blocked for RB .

No.71 will be worn by , one of the club’s fifth-round picks. Despite already having a huge presence, we can only hope he can fill some big shoes that were left by La’el Collins, who last sported the number.

No. 53 will be rocked by . The number is closely associated with Mark Stepnoski, who played during Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII.

will sport No.30, which most recently belonged to current Cowboys CB . He announced a switch to No.3 last season.

No. 95 was given to Arkansas DT , who made headlines by saying he wants to come in and break someone’s neck when he gets out there (Dallas).

Lastly, No. 50 was handed to Linebacker . Fans will likely recall seeing run all over the field with the number, so we can only hope Harper does the same.

What do you think?

Rocky Garza Jr

Written by Rocky Garza Jr

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