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Cowboys Banged Up Heading Into Short Thanksgiving Week

The Cowboys' situation went from bad to worse in yesterday's loss to the . Some key offensive players came out of the game with new or reaggravated health issues, and now Dallas has just a few days before their next kickoff against the on Day.

The biggest concern is with , who suffered a concussion just before halftime and did not return. Already missing on the COVID list, Dallas will likely be without their two top receivers for Thursday's game. The door isn't closed on Lamb but the window for the concussion protocol will close very quickly.

Also, self-reported that he hurt his knee during the game. We also saw Zeke get an ankle twisted on one play but neither ended his day. Hopefully he still feels as good today once the adrenaline's worn off.

Left Tyron Smith surprised by not playing yesterday after week-long reports of his anticipated return. Smith's been out for three games now with an ankle injury and his absence was felt hard against Kansas City; was sacked five times and pressured on several other plays.

With the Cowboys doing enough throughout the game for them to win, the couldn't overcome its missing components. They may be similarly handicapped against the Raiders this week, so hopefully can devise a better plan for how to succeed with what he's got.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I’m just glad we’re eating before the game. It’s looking more and more like I may lose my appetite early in the game.


Someone tell me what the won/loss record is when Tyron Smith is out of the line up?

James Daugherty

Isn’t it crazy how Cooper goes on covid19 protocol during a short week where we lose him for two games?

Ben Miller

Gallup is back. Wilson proved during his absence he I a capable #2/3 receiver, Pollard has been amazing with his chances, Schultz in playing like a problowler. Steele is a decent RIGHT tackle. It’s Time for Dak to step up. Kellen needs to prove he is worthy of all the HC chatter. The Raiders, they lost their HC and have been floundering of late. They’re a team Dallas should beat handily. Quinn has done an amazing job with Parsons and this defense missing multiple key starters. Moore and Dak now need to do the same. There can’t be the same type performance in offense Dallas has shown 2 out of the last 3 weeks.

Ethan L Chazin

This team had me duped during the 6-game win streak. But if the past 25 seasons of playoff futility is in fact prologue we can expect a short playoff run. I had an epiphany watching the Chiefs game. Dak Prescott will not win a Super Bowl, at least not for the Boys. Yeah, he has every single intangible you can want in a franchise QB (leadership, overcomes adversity esp. serious injuries) but given the talent around him he still can’t carry this team. Maybe right now NO QB in the league is playing at an elite level, but I have finally come full circle on Dak. He won’t win this team and us fans a championship.

gary b

I’m hearing alot of definitive proclamations in here, about things that are yet to be determined. Nobody knows what will happen with this team going down the stretch. No NFL team has distinguished themselves as favorites this year and many top QBs have had bad games.

ALOT of football to be played and many things will happen between now and the end of the season, with every team. The perception of each team will change after each game, as it always does. Nobody thought we would be this good to begin with. So why not just enjoy the ride, wherever it leads to.


I’ve been commenting here about DP for a while now. Been pretty critical of him prior to THIS year. THIS year, he started out very well and gave him credit and kudos. But now with witnessing these last two out of three CLUNKERS, it’s starting to look like my original opinion may be correct.

My opinion on him comes mostly on being a Cowboy fan since 1966 and seeing a lot of Cowboy football. I’ve seen the greats, Bob Lilly (who was sometimes triple teamed), Roger Staubach (who after college served in the Navy in VN for FOUR years, yet won a SB in his SECOND year), Bob Hayes (only player to win an Olympic Gold Medal and a SB), Tony Dorsett, Randy White, Ed TT Jones, Emmitt Smith, (All Time rush leader), Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen, Darren Woodson, ETC.

The point, IMO, DP is not on the same level of these players. He is not a clutch, big game player, like truly great players are. Truly great players can overcome difficult circumstances, they can raise up their performance level at the most critical times. DP appears incapable of this and then looks bewildered when he can’t.

Look at the track record, STILL ONE PLAYOFF WIN now in his SIXTH YEAR. Is that GOOD? But he is the Dallas Cowboy QB. That means he gets hyped up (and overpaid) probably more than any other QB by sport media. Don’t like having this opinion as I’m a big time Cowboy fan and want to see more SB wins, BUT just looking at his track record and his inability to lead the team to the PS wins, that equals no SBs in the near future.

All that said, I hope I’m wrong, and I will eat crow if I am.

Tommy Davis

The Cowboys coaches and ownership are the kings of bad decisions. Smith could have played Sunday, they held him out, They played McGovern at left guard even though he is physically not strong enough, Collins has more strength and would have been a better fit for the left guard spot but they chose to play him at right tackle, a position where Terrance Steele had been excelling at, They chose to play Steele at left tackle, his weakest position. They held Gallup back even though he was healthy enough to play for 3 weeks prior to letting him return a week ago.. DaMarcus Lawrence says he’s healthy and has been for a couple of weeks and is only waiting for the Cowboys to let him practice. The teams coaches and management were feeling themselves and now reality is setting in, they are not good enough to win without their best players. The Cowboys are going to be in dire straits if Lamb can’t play Thursday because Gallup and Wilson are not effective against other teams #1 cornerbacks. The Coaches would be wise to play Smith, Collins, Biadiasz, Martin and Steele as the starting offensive line. The current offensive line is causing Dak Prescott to run for his life on practically every snap, you can’t win football games that way.


When will the Cowboys ever move on from Tyron Smith? Every year it’s the same thing with him, he constantly misses time and it hurts the team ala Sunday. He plays one game then misses four. And, anyone that believes this is the “greatest offensive line in football” is crazy and needs to watch a replay of Sundays game. They can’t run block or keep Dak Prescott clean. This is ALL on Jerry and his ego and the fact that they have not planned for life without Tyron Smith through the draft or free agency.

Michael Gallup, Chiefs

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