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Cowboys Can’t Afford Star Safety Jamal Adams

It's easy to dream about one of the best safeties in the game wearing the silver and navy with a Star on his helmet in 2020. and the have yet to reach an agreement and are reportedly far from it as we approach June. Thus, reports about a possible have re-emerged and logically, the are in the middle of the rumors.

Despite , remains a weak spot on the Cowboys' . Paired with , it's hard to know what to expect from the position in the upcoming season. Fortunately, the team loaded up on .

But let's get the price tag for Jamal Adams. Let's remember for a second that the 2017 sixth-overall pick is only 24 years old. He has his entire career in front of him unlike , who was heavily discussed by in the last couple of years.

The Jets, who are not shopping the player but are willing to pick up the phone for those teams interested, are reportedly asking for a first and third-round pick to trade Adams away.

That's too much, even if we agree on how good the player is. Adams would demand an immediate , of course, which makes it an even less attractive deal. But here's the thing…

Can the Cowboys afford to deal away their 2021 first and third-round picks?

I believe those will be worth everything for Dallas in a year when and among other key players are set to hit . For all the talk we're having ahead of the 2020 campaign, it's fair to stop and admit that there are many players this team will be missing pretty soon.

Even if Awuzie and Lewis are not great, for instance, they're key players on the team's defensive backfield. and Reggie Robinson are promising, sure, but they are far from justifying dealing away those precious picks.

As much as I'd love to see Adams wearing the Cowboys uniforms (have you seen some of the edits on ?), I don't believe it will happen. Frankly, Dallas can't afford him.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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It is time for the Cowboys to be done with the off-season dance. Dak is a good quarterback. He is not a great one. It is time to let him go. He may be better than Andy Dalton, but he is not better than Andy Dalton with money left over to sign Jamal Adams and potentially someone like a Jadaveon Clowney, or another really good corner. Anyone can run this offense adequately. With the rest of the fireworks we have on this offense, if we had the pieces we would be able to afford on defense without Dak’s money on the board….. We would be closer to a Super Bowl with Andy and a vastly improved defense than we would with Dak and the defense as it stands.

Erick English

Misinformed as usual, the media has you in there pockets as well. The can afford Adams if they want too. Get Dak’s deal done and lower his cap hit, bc as it stands 31 mil would make it impossible. Also, Fredericks retirement gives the Cowboys some $$$ back after June 1. Also, if Gregory gets reinstated they would feel more comfortable with letting Crawford go. That love alone will save them 7 mil. Trust me, the Cowboys could make the trade happen if they want too.

Ben Miller

Erick, did you read the article or just the headline? This isn’t about the contract. All Dallas would need to do is cut Crawford or restructure a contract or two to fit Adams in. The cost the author was referring to is the Jets’ supposed asking price of a first and third pick. That’s way to much draft capital to expend on a safety, especially if you consider they haven’t used a 1st on a S since Roy Williams.

Capt McSlappy

Your only argument is that they can’t afford it because the team will need to replace Awuzie and Lewis? Really? If you’ve got Adam’s as the safety even with Diggs and Robinson still developing, you’ve got a better backfield than you do now. And the first commenter is exactly right. We can afford him if they get the Dak deal done. Pretty easily in fact. Since we’ll also be getting a 3rd round compensatory pick for losing Byron, it’s basically giving a 1st round pick for Adam’s and a 6th round who is a proven pro bowler, not an unproven prospect. I think it’s a no brainer to be honest. Get him now!


Actually, I am not uninformed. If they restructure the deal with Dak, it will take a lower hit than the full 31 on this year’s cap space. We can probably save about 7 million there. another 7 million to go for Frederick’s salary. Cutting Tyrone Crawford would be foolish until we see what Randy Gregory (who hasn’t played in 2 years or Aldon Smith (who hasn’t played for 5) does. I can see letting him go next year when the two gain some playing time and experience back in the thick of NFL action (which no practice can prepare you for). That leaves about 19 million. Yes. They would be able to make that contract work for less than this (Probably going to take 16-18 a year) unless he is nicer to us than the Jets. Defensively we have two players that we moved from the Panthers whose run defense was attrocious. We have Tyrone Crawford as potentially our best edge rusher, which will take no pressure off of Tank. We are well subpar in the cornerbacks group (despite my excitement for what our 2nd round pick will be able to do in the future). We could use an edge rusher, a corner upgrade, and a Jamal to make our defense stand out. 43 million in cap space goes a very long way toward making this happen, and doesn’t lock us into salary cap hell for 4 years with a slightly above average NFL starting quarterback.


Being better than 30th ranked backfield is not what I am talking about. I am talking about being able to work toward a top 10 defense. With a pass rush that takes pressure off the backfield and a backfield that can handle pressure when it comes. I love our linebacking core, but our defensive line (even with Tank) is average at best, which is better than our backfield. Dak is better than Andy…. but the difference is not a 25 million dollar difference. Andy is good enough to excel with this team and if our defense, which is by far the weakness on this team….. was significantly stronger, I believe our ability to win at the next level would be greatly enhanced…..


just get dakkie duck to get his head out of his ass and sign this great deal he has in front of his nose, cut this homie crawford already and BAMM we gots the cheddar to sign adams !!!!

Matthew B Werlhof

IF the Cowboys want him..and they would be fools not to, then, Yes they could easily afford him. Give the Jets a 1st and give them OT Tyron Smith and DE Tyrone Crawford… Both older players, may as well get something now instead of nothing later. Both get hurt and miss games now with frequency. And both have large cap hits. And that’s where they can come up with the cap space for Adams…

Gino Tomaselli

The draft capital is too high IMO. Safety is a devalued position, Cowboys have a history of being unwilling to invest draft capital or $$ at that position. Cowboys have a poor track record of extended players (which must be done with Adams). No guarantee the Cowboys will contend this year…If they start hot, then I’m ok with a Minkah Fitzpatrick type offer. Jets have limited leverage and I believe the asking price will continue to go down.

Cowboys fan

Some people are just out of their minds!! You have got to be if you think giving up a 1st and a 3rd round pick plus a lucrative contract for one player is worth it!! It is NOT worth it…. Jamal Adams is good, but he’s not worth that much draft capital and all that money!! We’ll be better off signing an Eric Reid to a one year contract and saving our draft capital for the 2021 draft and drafting our own safety!! With 2 top draft picks we could draft 2 starting caliber players instead of wasting them on just one player!! And there’s gonna be quite a few really good safeties coming out in the next draft!! Plus we’ll be losing Clinton Dix and Xavier Woods next year, not to mention Jourdan Lewis and Chidobe Awuzie!! That’s 4 starters right there we’ll need to replace so we’ll need a much draft capital as we can get to replace them!! And we won’t be able to do that if we trade away our top draft picks for just one player!! So use your heads…. Jamal Adams mite be a good player but he’s not worth losing all that draft capital!!

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