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Cowboys Draft: Ranking 5 Options To Replace La’el Collins

The moved on from long-time starting offensive this week. While is now inheriting the starting role at , it does beg the question if needs to draft a tackle this year. The obvious answer is yes, especially when you consider how deep this upcoming draft class is with offensive linemen.

Steele is being heralded for his development in Year 2, and while that may be true, drafting another prospect to sit behind Steele would be smart. So much more so if the prospect is versatile and can be moved around, a trending characteristic with many prospects this year. The Cowboys still need help at safety, , and . Be that as it may, a smart play would be to begin targeting a tackle prospect in the and beyond.

With that being said, there are definitely some options to be had for Jones if adding a potential future starter is a priority in this year's draft.

Ranking five tackle prospects for the Cowboys this year

No. 1 Daniel Falaale, Minnesota

If the Cowboys feel that picking up a tackle prospect merits a second-round choice, Daniel Falaale could be that pick. Currently ranked as Pro Football Network's 87th overall prospect, the Minnesota product would be a monstruous pick up by the Cowboys, literally. Standing at six-foot-nine and quite possibly 400 pounds one day (he was 384 at the ), Falaale could certainly fill Collins' shoes one day.

Due to his remarkable size and also possessing noteworthy length with 35-inch arms, Falaale simply shuts down incoming pass rushers. On top of that, rushers, even speedy ones, will have trouble going around him. His vast frame also makes that an arduous task for defenders.

No. 2 Matt Waletzko, North Dakota

The Cowboys can make use of their third-round pick, 88th overall, to pick up from North Dakota. He's PFN's 101st ranked prospect on their board right now. He had a decent outing at the combine, running a 5.03 in his 40-yard dash along with a 30-inch vertical. Already having noteworthy length and a notable frame, Waletzko can add mass once he gets to the NFL level.

Waletzko has modest quickness and has superb movement for a player his size (six-foot-eight, 312 pounds) and will be beneficial in the run game. That's due to his tackling ability, which allows him to get to the second level with ease, largely due to his excellent hand usage.

No. 3 Darian Kinnard, Kentucky

Darian Kinnard, who is ranked slightly below Waletzko at 110, could be another feasible selection if Waletzko is gone by then. Much like Waletzko and Falaale, Kinnard's size is striking at six-foot-five and 322 pounds with 35-inch arms.

As a third-round prospect, Kinnard offers an intriguing package featuring his size, crushing power, and noticeable quickness that the Cowboys would certainly benefit from developing. He'd also be a perfect candidate to develop behind Steele in case the latter proves unable to hold onto the starting job. A true physical specimen who plays with an aggressive, almost bullyish, demeanor, happens to have some of the best hands of any prospect. Kinnard is certainly worthy of a look by the Cowboys.

No. 4 Rasheed Walker, Penn State

Rasheed Walker from Penn State would be an intriguing option in the fourth round if available. Walker, the 139th prospect according to PFN, has more than enough size to be an NFL tackle, standing six-foot-six and weighing 320 pounds.

Akin to Kinnard, Walker also possesses an exceptional foundation with his frame, thick build, and excellent length. His strength is also phenomenal, as incoming defenders rarely beat him as he shows off his ability as an anchor on the line. If he's indeed competing for a starting job either as a tackle or inside, Walker's biggest contribution will lie in the run game.

No. 5 Dare Rosenthal, Kentucky

Just below Walker in PFN's is Dare Rosenthal, who could also present himself as an option for the Cowboys in the fourth round, possibly the third. He, too, can contribute in the run game, as he had a 79.0 run blocking grade last season, according to Pro Football Focus.

Even though he's been trending upward, Rosenthal is still a work in progress. If he could be had in the third round, it would be an absolute steal for the Cowboys. The tackle prospect from Kentucky is an outstanding athlete and possesses both explosiveness and exquisite raw power. He won't be winning the job from Steele in his rookie year, but by Year 2, he'd be a viable option and would certainly give Steele a run for his money.

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gary b

Doubtful you find a plug and play O-Linemen in the 3rd round, who will help the team in their first year, unless you get real lucky. Not to say you shouldn’t draft one there, but at that pick, they usually take a year or two to develop.

Kinnard from Kentucky is a stud, so doubtful he will be available at our pick in the 3rd round. But if he is, would sprint to the podium.

gary b

For sure. We need to build this OL back to being a strength. Out success moving forward is dependent on that.

Hopefully Ball develops into a swing tackle, with the potential to start down the line.


Rebuilding the Offensive Line sured be top-priorty for the Cowboys thru upcoming draft!!
The Offensive Line opens Running Lanes and protect your big investment at quarterback too!!


The foundation of this team has been the O-line. Don’t care if they put one of these tackles at guard and let him mash anything in his path. This team has gotten soft on the line for whatever reason. I’d be happy if they went 0-line with the first two picks. Everything starts up front.

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