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Cowboys Draft: The Case Against A 1st Round Wide Receiver

For much of the has agreed on one thing: the Cowboys need to draft a , and they need to do so early. This began to change when Dallas signed former wide out to a two year deal, and decided to keep veteran receiver around for at least one more season (so it seems).

Dallas now has a rather crowded wide receiver room, and adding another body to that through the draft seems a bit counter-intuitive. Considering their lack of talent and a few of disposable contracts on the roster, however, drafting a wide out is still the smart move.

The Cowboys have to bring in a young receiver to complete this core. And, based on their 30-visits and appearances, it's clear the Cowboys' agrees with this assessment. While all of this is true, drafting one of these receivers in the would be the wrong move.

First of all, this is a deep receiver class. Ever since 's disappointing combine performance, it seems like everyone has a different “WR1,” and the difference between WR5 and WR12 isn't too stark.

Because of how deep this class of wide outs is, it is very likely the Cowboys can find a difference making receiver in the . And, to be quite honest, finding their receiver with the 81st overall pick wouldn't be too shocking either.

Then there is the issue of what first round receivers tend to be. Below is a list of every wide receiver taken in the first round of the since 2011, and outside of a few names it isn't a very impressive list.

The Case Against A 1st Round Wide Receiver

The moral of the story? If the wide receiver prospect isn't what you would call a “can't miss,” he probably isn't worth a first round pick. Pass catchers are certainly important to an , but similar to running backs, they aren't as important as quarterbacks and line of scrimmage players.

In a draft class such as this one, waiting until the second round to address your wide receiving needs is most likely the smart play. This will allow the Cowboys to fill their more critical or hole in round one, while allowing the board to sort out this crowded bunch of wide receivers.

Then the Cowboys can jump on the wide out they like most, and add a contributor to their receiving room.

After all, there most likely aren't any Odell Beckham or -type players in this class, so taking one in the first round should probably be avoided. Especially after you just added Allen Hurns to your roster.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Reynaldo Laporte

Our receiver corps didn’t hold our team hostage last season. No quality depth at LT, and LB did. We should stay the course and go for our most pressing needs.

Chuck Wright

Keep in mind that you draft in the 1st round to get a 5 year player. Just because the WR room is crowded today, doesn’t mean that is the case next year. Next year Cole is a UFA, so is Thompson. Hopefully Dez and T Will are replaced by either Hurns (who will be in the last year of his deal) or a WR drafted this year.

So having said that, yes there are quality WRs there in rounds 2 and 3. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE, James Washington in the 2nd or Donte Pettis in the 3rd.

Today, 3 biggest needs, 1 Tech, 2 LBs S with a future OG a need as well.

Given the talent pool. . ..12-15 1st round types but 50-60 2nd/3rd round types, I am a big fan of trading back in the 1st and using late round picks to trade up in the 2nd and 3rd.

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