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Cowboys FA moves ensure Micah Parsons stays in Dallas

Prior to the opening of the NFL's frenzy, Cowboys' was not happy. He sounded off about the decision to trade Amari Cooper last year. A sentiment shared by many Dallas fans we might add.

Then came the trade of Jalen Ramsey to Miami for a third-round pick and a throwaway . I'm pretty sure Micah was speaking for all of us with that tweet.

'I'm Hittin' That M-----F---er!': Parsons on His Approach to QB Sacks 1

Although there was never a chance Ramsey would approve a to Dallas.

For those not in the know, Ramsey was not happy that Dallas took with the fourth pick instead of himself. Ramsey went to the Jaguars on the very next pick. A review of that draft seems to support Ramsey.

Had Dallas taken him with their first-round pick, they could have taken in the . Instead they selected , who didn't even play that year and is no longer on the team.

What might have been with Ramey patrolling the defensive backfield and Derrick Henry chewing up yardage on ?

For the better part of a day, it seemed like Dallas was doing everything it could to chase Parsons away when his contract expires.

What a difference a day makes

Suddenly, it seemed like the Cowboys' suddenly discovered that free agency was open. Miraculously, they managed to keep both and Linebacker .

(In the interest of full disclosure I didn't see a pathway for them to pull that off. So, hat tip to the Jones boys where due.)

Both moves drew praise from the team's defensive leader on Twitter, here for LVE (the tweet about Wilson's re- has disappeared).

When Dallas struck a deal with Indianapolis to land defensive back , Parsons had clearly ascended to paradise with his tweet (Warning: He unloads a happy F-bomb) welcoming Gilmore to the team.

Stephon Gilmore

Like the rest of Cowboys' fandom, Parsons is in a much better place regarding the team's with these moves.

Whether Dallas addresses the need for another linebacker or a run-stopper on the via free agency, trade or the draft remains to be seen.

But more importantly, with Parsons' contract ending in 2024, the Cowboys may have made the bigger move: Getting Parsons to re-sign and stay in Dallas. His impact on defense is irreplaceable right now.

His ability to recruit is also a factor that shouldn't be underestimated. Especially since the Cowboys now must turn their attentions toward the offense.

Parsons Plays Recruiter

Parsons has been openly recruiting , . Given this exchange on Twitter, it seems Hopkins is certainly interested.

It remains to be seen if the Cowboys have the pieces, or the desire, to pull the trigger on a deal like this. Personally, I'd rather land Hopkins than OBJ, so like Parsons, I'm all for it but there might be cheaper options out there.

If Hopkins somehow dons the Blue Star helmet this fall, we can only imagine what Parsons' Twitter feed is going to look like.

The good news is, after this week, it'll be all Cowboys for a few years to come.

Richard Paolinelli
Richard Paolinelli
Richard has covered sports at all levels - from local, prep, college, and professional - since 1984. He has been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since 1969. Since retiring as a full-time sports writer in 2013, he has written and published several novels, two dozen short stories and two sports non-fiction books.

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