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Cowboys’ Lawrence Speaks on Mike Nolan’s Scheme

When the Dallas Cowboys hired Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan last January, the thought was that his hybrid scheme with multiple three and four-man fronts would keep opposing offenses off-balance.

The defense as a whole struggled for most of the 2020 season. They finished 28th in points allowed, 31st against the run, and 23rd in overall defense. The best player on the Cowboys defensive unit, DeMarcus Lawrence, talked on Monday about how injuries and playing young players were a big part of the struggles on defense in Dallas.

“We went through some tough battles at the beginning of the season,” Lawrence said, via the team’s website. “Not me personally with Coach, but I’m just saying, in general, as a defense we went through tough battles. When you’re playing with young guys on defense you have to take into consideration that some things that are easy for me won’t be easy for the next person.”

The Cowboys ended the season on a high note going 3-1 over their last four games, mainly due to an improved defensive unit. They only allowed 20 points per game over that span which was almost 10 points lower than their average for the season (29.9). Also, they forced 12 turnovers, which was more than they had in the first 12 games (11).

Lawrence mentioned that Nolan made adjustments to his scheme to get better results on the field, which included more snaps for guys like Randy Gregory and second-year safety Donovan Wilson.

“I respect Mike as a man because he looked himself in the mirror and he changed some things to make us play faster and helped us play better,” Lawrence said. “I mean, it was later in the season, but we started to see improvements, and I think it really shined a light on the type of players we are.”

Despite playing on a defense that was one of the league’s worst from an overall standpoint, Lawrence was his usual dominant self. He finished third in run stops and forced fumbles (4) for all edge rushers according to Pro Football Focus who also named him a second-team All-Pro for 2020.

The game of football is the ultimate team sport, though, and Lawrence vows to have the Cowboys defense ready for next season.

“I’ll make sure we’re ready,” Lawrence said. “That’s all there is to it. You can expect us to give our all, make sure we come out there and dominate each and every play and make sure we show you the type of men we have in this locker room.”

The 2021 NFL Draft is a little under four months away. Possessing the 10th overall pick, if the Cowboys are smart, defense will be a huge priority.

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Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. 3rd in run stops ? And yet we finished 32 in the league against the run
    You know what ain’t easy for D-Law ? Getting sacks with only 6 lol

  2. Lawrence says it took Nolan 12 games to finally make adjustments. That is hardly praise worthy. Even the adjustment was run over by the Giants.
    Nolan actually played a 2-4-5 defense much of the time which was just run over by everyone.

  3. I don’t understand how Lawrence blamed it on young players. His effort was not there until players started to get jettisoned. Getting gashed through the middle is about technique, leverage and effort. How did Tomsula come out unscathed in all of this? How did Linquist and Harris come out unscathed? Nolan’s position coaches did him no favors. How do cornerbacks show press coverage at the line of scrimmage, but don’t lay a single finger on the receivers, leaving free releases? This franchise will never have a dominant defense because the GM doesn’t understand the significance of certain positions.

  4. D Lawrence blowing smoke up his on butt who you think believe that you are trying to save nolan job because mike nolan dont challenge you to do better that defense been the same the past 11 years hands down ! An if nolan remain an Dallas it will be the same 32 in the run last an defence total ..its all about the money with you dude.

  5. You forget D-Law was dealing with an injury himself for the first 5 games or so. Once he was completely healthy he looked like a different, much-better player. Honestly, fans and coaches like to gush over players who play through injuries, but the vast majority of them should not do it! It makes them play very poorly and prevents them from healing faster.

  6. The defense was atrocious, DeMarcus should have been focused on getting sacks, the last time he got 10 or more on a year was before he signed his big contract.

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