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Cowboys leaning towards CJ Stroud for draft pick

It appears that the drafting team is at it again, now stating that they are interested in 's ,

Stroud is a quarterback who has been talked about quite a bit in recent drafting news. With his much success at Ohio State under Ryan Day, there is a good chance he has a lot of potential for NFL play.

What are the chances of Stroud being drafted by the Cowboys?

At the moment the Dallas Cowboys will have the 26th pick in the . That kind of placement is not good if you are asking to draft a quarterback that's highly requested.

Stroud will most likely be gone by the time our pick rolls around, however, there is always the opportunity to with another team to get a higher pick.

If the Cowboys are concerned about their quarterback position so much, then perhaps trading up for more picks is the correct option.

If the Cowboys were to trade for a better spot, would CJ Stroud be the best option?

2023 Heisman Finalist Candidates

While Quarterback Caleb Williams isn't eligible for the 2023 , , Stetson Bennett, and Bryce Young are all other available quarterbacks who are up for grabs this year.

Let us also not forget that Owner also stated a few weeks ago that Max Duggan stood out during last season and that he seemed interested in his career.

So many twists and turns have developed for the Cowboys' upcoming draft schedule, and it hasn't even started yet!

Out of all the quarterbacks, it's tough to tell which one would have the brightest future and biggest impact on the Dallas Cowboys' future.

Back to CJ Stroud though. Stroud always seemed to outperform in all his games as a Buckeye. Ohio State was #2 in “Points per game” last season with 44.2, just 0.3 under the #1 spot.

Stroud seems to be good at what he does, and with a better , the Buckeyes could have won the National Championship last year.

Come to think of it, it seems that the Cowboys always gather up players from Ohio State University. Their star , came for that college, not to mention three other players.

Is the Cowboys' drafting team trying to confuse the league as to who they are drafting? I mean, I've never seen a team keep shouting out names of players that they are interested in so much. Usually, you'd want that to be more of a secret.

Perhaps the Cowboys are playing chess rather than checkers, and confusing other teams into thinking strange thoughts? I am not sure, but it's rather strange how they keep switching on their upcoming draft picks.

More importantly, CJ Stroud is a talented player who would contribute loads to the team.

If the Cowboys decide to draft him, then there's a good chance the team will look better overall, with or without him as the starter.

I am very interested to see if the Cowboys' staff decides to acquire a quarterback for their first pick, or another position. No matter what, I am sure the Cowboys' drafting team will make the right choice in April.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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