Cowboys loss to the Packers is on Mike McCarthy

    Another year, the same result. beats the Cowboys, just like he beats the Bears. The fell victim to the 31-28, and the loss was entirely on .

    The Cowboys dominated the third quarter but couldn't close out the game when it mattered in crunch time. Aaron Rodgers once again made the Cowboys pay. He scored three times in the fourth quarter ending the Cowboys' two-game winning streak. The Cowboys had every chance to close this game out, and just like the in 2014 and 2016, the Packers found a way to win.

    I could sit here and harp on all the ways the Cowboys blew this game, but it came down to overtime.

    In overtime, the Cowboys won the coin toss and got the ball first. The team drove efficiently, but stalled their momentum. They would make it within field-goal range, but the Boys gambled and went for it on fourth down. Mike McCarthy decided to go for it on fourth and three at the Green Bay 35-yard line, and it cost them the game.

    has been GREAT all year, and you roll the dice and don't get it. I'd rather see the team kick it and have a chance the make the Packers score a touchdown there instead of three in that situation.

    Look, I won't sugarcoat it; the Cowboys should have won that game. Prescott gave the a 14-point lead going into the 4th, he wasn’t perfect, but this was in no way his fault in the second half.

    Thank you, coach McCarthy, for once again trying to do too much!

    It's so hard to let this one go.

    One of the best units in football helped them lose the game. The Cowboys struggled to stop the run ALL NIGHT. They gave up over 200 rushing yards on the ground. That is unacceptable. carried the ball 24 times for 138 yards, adding one touchdown. AJ Dillon added 65 rushing yards.

    Wideout had three receptions for 47 yards. Ford had a team-high two interceptions. At the end of the night, we can pin this loss on anyone, but if the Cowboys kick that FG, you never know what will happen.

    I won't lie and say I'm worried because I'm not. This team is just fine, and when Washington beats Philadelphia tonight, we will be in the same spot as last week. I'm not worried about the Giants, they are overrated, and Dallas already beat them once on the road.

    The Dallas Cowboys stay on the road and face the at 3:25 p.m. CT next Sunday in Week 11. They will win that game. Nobody will change my mind; this team will be fine; the Chiefs lost to the Colts. It's the NFL; these things happen.
    Nonetheless, this loss is on the .

    They looked flat after the once again. No reason the Cowboys should have taken an L this week, and if we are going to credit McCarthy for what he did while Prescott was out, let’s keep the same energy after this loss.

    The Cowboys are still OK, and yes… They will make the playoffs when nobody thought they would after week one.

    Shane Taylor
    Shane Taylor
    Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside the Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43


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    I disagree completely. Maher had trouble on every kickoff only going to the 5 or 10 yard line. It’s hard to kick a frozen ball long distance. The referees were determined not to let Green Bay lose. Corruption by referees is nothing new. Anyone who feels otherwise is an ostrich with their head in the sand.
    Dak threw 2 horrible interceptions, then blamed his receivers. That’s a joke.
    The Dallas defense is overrated. They are terrible against the run. Luckily I bet big on Aaron Jones. My son and I were at the game and had a blast despite the referees determination to make Dallas lose. Vegas made a fortune. Dallas can’t stop the run so there’s no chance they make the NFC championship game again. Thanks Dumb and Dumber, Jerry and Stephen


    Man, I agree 100% on the officiating in this game. Blatant pass interference on Green Bay against Cee Dee in overtime. The DB got there early and no flag. The biased officiating is directly on Roger Goodell. He has no problem harshly punishing players for the most minor offenses. These referees should lose money for blown and missed calls. If that happened, they’d get the calls right! If they’re football fans, they have NO BUSINESS officiating games in the NFL.


    And if he booted it and missed which I believe he would have due to the wind,, you’d be parroting the same b.s. that it was ALL on Mc Carthy for the call.


    McCarthy, Moore, Jerry Jones, and Stephen Jones hurt this team more often than not. Jerry and Stephen Jones are not football General Managers! No more than McCarthy is a Head Coach or Kellen Moore us an Offensive Coordinator.


    Shane, I appreciate your positive attitude about the Cowboys. I wish I could agree with you. I think this loss to Green Bay could derail the rest of the season for Dallas. It’s going to be hard to come back next week and be ready to go after this debacle. What this team needs most right know is to be rid of McCarthy and Moore. These two Clowns have continued to hamstring the Cowboys. Jerry and Stephen Jones ought to come to their senses and decide that these two HAVE TO GO!!! I know it probably won’t happen this season, but next season requires a new Head Coach and a new Offensive Coordinator. Further, I think Dan Quinn will interview for and accept a HC job with another team.


    Shane I sure hope a move is coming before it’s too late! Jerry Jones has a tendency to stay with a losing formula way too long (See Jason Garrett) . Kellen Moore is absolutely horrible at play calling. He seems to be in love with the passing game and the Cowboys excel at running the football. To make matters worse, what took him so long to give Malik Davis some touches? That guy can really help us in the run game. The less Dak Prescott has to throw the football, the better for all concerned.


    I’ve been complaining about stopping the run since 2018 when the rams completely ran over us. What is it with stopping the run and this team? I’ll tell it all boils down to heart and grit. Nothing takes the heart of a defense like having the ball run down your throat. And I’ll tell you what when other teams see this they will expose it until you stop it. We can have our sexy exciting sacks and interceptions but,those guys were laughing and mocking our defense throughout the game. Just ask Aaron Jones about his crotch grabbing end zone celebration. This defense was exposed yet again by Rogers. Somebody has got to be willing to have the discipline and absolute toughness on this squad to get down and dirty and because so far we haven’t seen it.


    Also, blaming the refs is a convenient excuse for giving up a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter. They got the ball run down their throat. Fix this or it’s one and done in the playoffs.


    Anthony, there may not be a playoff game for this team if stopping the run isn’t addressed. Perhaps using 3 Defensive Tackles and 2 Defensive Ends. Then 2 Linebackers (Not Vander Esch Either). And in the secondary Dan Quinn has to do EVERYTHING he can to keep Kelvin Joseph on the sidelines! An absolute STINKER!!! Can’t cover, can’t think, can’t play at the NFL Level. Got overdrafted and that’s on the GENIUS TEAM of Jerry and Stephen Jones. Joseph shouldn’t be allowed to finish his rookie deal. It would be better for the Cowboys to cut him right now and admit you messed up drafting him.


    My take on the coaching is this. We can roll out Bill Parcells of bring back Jimmy Johnson but it still would not work. Simply because Jerry and Baby nuts are still running this promotion show. Coaches and Hall of fame players careers have been wasted by those two.


    I think a coaching charge is long overdue! Never thought McCarthy was the right guy for the Cowboys. To compound the problem, you have that damned idiot Kellen Moore as your play caller. Get rid of those two and this team just got better. Would like to have Sean Payton or Lincoln Riley running the Cowboys Offense. This team is capable of scoring 35 points or more a game if they wasn’t having to listen to Kellen Moore’s stupid ass!!!


    Respectfully disagree. A few of weeks ago some here and elsewhere were praising McCarthy and his “resilience” message, even mentioning “Coach of the Year”. Now with this one play, he takes all the blame for this loss, and some are calling for his head.

    He made a decision. Team didn’t execute. If they went for the FG and Maher missed, he probably would have been criticized for not trusting his offense to make those couple of yards. And maybe he just wanted to seal the win with a TD, and not to give the Packers a chance to win with a TD, as A-Rod was hot. As it turned out, Packers probably could have gotten a TD if they had to, instead of the winning FG.

    So bottom-line, even if they make that FG, it DID NOT assure them from not losing the game. Let see how they look against the Vikings, as IMO, that will be a pivotal game.

    Cowboys fan

    This loss isn’t on Mccarthy, it’s on the defense!! Like you said, they couldn’t stop the run all nite!! That’s not on Mccarthy, that’s on the defense and Dan Quinn!! And another thing is, we would’ve had to of went for it on 4th down if the refs were doin there job…. On 3rd down Dak passed the ball to Ceedee and there was clearly defensive pass interference on Alexander, but the refs overlooked it, like they were doing the whole game!! There should’ve been multiple holding penalties called on Green Bay, but the refs didn’t call them!! So also like you said, there’s plenty of blame to go around, but Mccarthy isn’t one of them to blame!!


    Hello Shane. The Packers loss to the Titans makes McCarthy and Moore look worse than they did last Sunday. I don’t think the Titans are that much better than the Cowboys overall. Where they are better than Dallas is 1. Better Leadership 2. Better Coaching Staff 3. Smarter Players 4. Much Better Play Calling. The Cowboys can get better at those things too, but Jerry Jones has to be honest with himself and know serious CHANGES MUST HAPPEN. That starts with McCarthy and Kellen Moore being moved on from the team sooner rather than later. Non-Contributors regardless of their draft status or tenure have to be waived. I won’t say traded, because nobody is going to want Kelvin Joseph or Leighton Vander Esch. Green Bay is still the same sorry ass team they were before they played Dallas. The exception is THAT EVERYBODY GETS UP FOR THE COWBOYS! Why this Coaching Staff can’t get that communicated to the players is baffling.