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Cowboys mock draft roundup 2.0: Defensive line upgrade time, but a tight end is enticing

We're back with another edition of a Cowboys roundup. The last time we checked a collection of mock drafts three weeks ago, the common theme we found was that the team's pick was a toss-up between and defense.

Fast-forward three weeks later, things have changed as the team has made several moves through , in-house re-signings, and via .

Those moves included re-signing key defenders Leighton Vander Esch and Safety Donovan Wilson; franchise-tagging — while adding depth behind him by re-signing RB and adding through free agency; trading for and ; and lastly, letting Dalton Schultz leave in free agency to the .

These all matter because three weeks ago, people were mocking either CB, LB, or WR for the team in the first round. And now, the common theme seems to be upgrading their , with a little twist. That twist being the team selecting a TE, which they haven't done since 1997.

Shout out to LSU TE David LaFleur. I don't remember you playing since I was only one year old, and I only worried about sleeping, po*oping, and eating.

So with all that info digested, check out which players analysts selected for the team at Pick 26.

yahoo sports: Wisconsin dt keeanu Benton

We start with Yahoo Sports NFL Writer Charles McDonalds' NFL Mock Draft. At Pick 26, Mcdonald has the team drafting Wisconsin DT , whose a massive human being that could fill a need along their defensive line.

Benton has been getting mocked from the first to the , so it's hard to gauge where he wounds up. However, a massive body that can not only cause havoc along the line, but pass rush wouldn't be too bad.

NFL's daniel jeremiah: Michigan dt mazi smith

Switching to, we look at NFL media analyst Daniel Jeremiahs' mock draft. With the 26th pick, Jeremiah has the team snagging another defensive tackle — Michigan's .

In his quick synopsis for the pick, Jeremiah says Smith has gotten a lot of “buzz” for his athleticism and power, and he would fit a need for the Boys.

Smith is another player that could be a part of the solution to fix one of their hugest weaknesses, and it's always a bonus that he has freakish athleticism.

I know Michigan players in the first round scare some fans (hint-hint, on line one), but Smiths' tape shows he's not another Taco-like pick.

CBS Sports: Clemson Dt Bryan Bresee

Onto our third mock draft, the idea of upgrading the team's defensive line was copied by writer Tom Fornelli. In Fornellis' mock draft, he has the team selecting Clemson DT , a former highly-rated recruit.

In his description of the pick, Fornelli reiterates that he's a player who can eat up space for the team's defensive line and free-up linebackers. However, he noted that Bresee missed significant time due to in college — which may scare some fans since we always hear the same narrative from the front office.

“We drafted x-player because of the potential and feel our training staff can help them get past their injury .” (Not a verbatim quote, but you get the point.)

Despite those red flags, the former number-one player in the country could be a great addition if he reverts to his old self. And if there was one guy in the NFL who could help him with that, it's DC .

The ringer & Nfl's reuter: Utah te dalton Kincaid

Now let's get to the fun part of this op-ed.

After seeing defensive line upgrades from other , the infamous TE pick was found in The Ringers' story written by Danny Kelly and in NFL Draft analyst Chad Reuters' mock draft.

Both wound up selecting Utah Tight End — who they collectively agree would be a nice compliment to the team's passing corps. While most fans see Jake Ferguson and as the tight ends of the future, that didn't stop them from picking Kincaid — who's arguably among the best tight ends in this draft.

Adding a player like Kincaid would create a three-headed monster for the team's future, and if I had to make a bold prediction — there would be no drop-off in production from Schultz to the potential of this trio.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ferguson and Hendershot as the 1-2 punch for the foreseeable future. However, they still need to add depth to those two.

If you don't want to waste a first-round pick on a TE, you can likely grab one in later rounds. But Kincaid is special, and you need all the weapons you can have on the field in an offensive-driven league.

While people may not like the tight-end pick, expect a rollercoaster of emotions as the team has the luxury of going with BPA (best player available). Whether it's TE, DL, OL, CB, or WR — prepare yourself for anxiousness leading up to the draft.

But c'mon, a TE would be a fun pick. Let QB air it out and have a field day.

Oh, wait, he can't throw, according to some fans. Maybe they should draft an RB instead at 26. That would be ideal, right?

It takes the ball out of Prescott's hands, and we can watch a Pollard- or Pollard-Jahmyr Gibbs duo.

Oh, the endless possibilities. I love draft season.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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