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Cowboys Nation Mailbag: Rico Gathers Future, Bigger Veteran Addition?

Heading into , the will have a lot of difficult questions to answer regarding their . In a good way. They have so much depth on this squad that players that the team thinks highly of may not find themselves on the opening week 53-man roster come week one.

Through the draft and some solid acquisitions, the Cowboys have one of the better teams in the NFL, on paper, and should contend for the East and be a threat to make it to the .

I repeat. Should. 

It's hard not to be optimistic about this squad because of the talent and depth they have on both sides of the football. Though they have difficult questions to answer, it's one of those good problems to have.

Let's answer some mailbag questions.

Unfortunately, I think time is running out on the project. He's a very intriguing prospect and has had some really good moments in the . Heading into 2019, I think he gets squeezed by the depth that the Dallas Cowboys have at other positions like the , , and .

's return might have sealed the deal for Gathers in 2019. Had Witten not come out of , there's a strong possibility that the Dallas Cowboys head into 2019 with , , and Rico Gathers as their group. With the draft being strong at the position, however, it's also possible that the Cowboys added a tight end, which would have made it increasingly difficult for the Cowboys to carry Rico into the regular season.

The one thing that he's got going for him, is the . Now, I know what you're thinking, how does a suspension help Rico make the roster? It means the Cowboys don't have to make a decision on him until week two of the regular season. An at the tight end position, or at another position where the Cowboys are planning to carry more than usual, like the defensive line, could provide Rico with an outside shot to make the roster.

Rico has some skills that could still translate to professional football. He still has some things to work on. If Rico Gathers ever makes an impact on an NFL roster, it'll probably be somewhere else.

This is such a great question and I'm really excited to see both of these guys with a star on their helmet this fall. Both Randall Cobb and Robert Quinn will have significant impacts to the Dallas Cowboys on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. The bigger impact will be made by Robert Quinn.

No disrespect to Randall Cobb, but Quinn is a former All-Pro who once had a 19 sack season in the NFL. He's one of the more respected pass rushers in the league and his presence immediately makes everyone on the defensive line that much better.

Not only does he have a positive impact on the rest of the guys on the , but he also benefits from a player like on the other side of the line for the first time in his career. No longer will Quinn be the focal point of opposing offensive gameplans. Instead, he'll get far more one-on-one blocks than he ever has. When teams decide to send extra help his way, Quinn will open things up for the rest of the guys on the defensive line.

Randall Cobb will have a tremendous impact on the , but he benefits mostly from and . will benefit from Cobb's ability to make plays after the catch, but his impact won't be near as significant as that of Robert Quinn's.

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John Williams
John Williams
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