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Cowboys Need Both Sides of Offense Tonight vs Eagles

The Cowboys' first two games have each featured one side of their ; pass-heavy against the Bucs and run-focused against the Chargers. But based on what we know about tonight's opponent and other factors, Dallas will likely need the entire offense clicking to defeat the .

Week 1 belonged to , , and the receivers in general. The Cowboys put up 403 yards and three touchdowns through the air against Tampa Bay. Outside of an interception that bounced off 's hands, it was a near-perfect performance for the .

The run game was quiet with only 60 yards on 18 carries. Strategy had a lot to do with this; 's absence and the up-front talent for the Bucs made it wiser to keep the ball in the air. Thankfully, Dak's efficiency kept the chains moving where and weren't in a position to help.

The script flipped in Week 2 against Los Angeles. Zeke and Pollard went off for 180 combined rushing yards and a touchdown each. The shift led to a slow day for Prescott; just 237 passing yards and an interception with no scores.

Both approaches have led to positive days; a nail-biting victory over the Chargers and the narrowest of losses to the defending champion Buccaneers. But if the Cowboys want to get to 2-1 in tonight's  meeting with the Eagles, can they lean on just one part of the offense again?

Philadelphia showed big-play ability in their Week 1 victory over the Falcons and scored 32 points in a blowout. Granted, Atlanta is looking like one of the NFL's worst teams so far in 2021 but that's no reason for the Cowboys to get cocky.

Cowboys will be without DE , LB , and probably S in Week 3.

Dallas will be missing a lot of defensive talent tonight, highlighted by DeMarcus Lawrence but including , , Keanu Neal, and probably Donovan Wilson. This group is better than Atlanta's when healthy, but how many absences can they suffer before they get pulled to the same level?

If and the Eagles offense get back to Week 1 form then this game could quickly turn into a shootout. They will put the onus on Dak Prescott to keep pace.

One way to prevent this, though, is the ball control offered by a dominant run game. Dallas basically split time-of-possession with Los Angeles and needed every second of it to put together a win. With Philly giving up around 120 rushing yards in each of their first two games, there's good potential for Elliott and Pollard to have another big week.

However, last week's game between the Cowboys and Chargers showed that even a great day on the ground didn't leave much room for error. Dallas needs more drives to finish with seven points to avoid another stressful conclusion.

Could the Cowboys beat the Eagles with a one-sided offense? Possibly; we've seen that either side is capable of putting up huge numbers when everything's working. But with our defensive and the potential for a big game from Philadelphia's offense, Dallas can't afford for anyone to take a night off.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Been preaching a balanced attack for a long time. We should have enough to beat Philly tonite, even with the short handed D line.

Off topic, why the hell did L Collins bribe the damn drug tester. He would be playing tonite with just the two game suspension. Fans, including me, thought 5 game suspension was harsh. Now we know WHY. As FS would say, “you big dummy”. Hope Steele continues to play well, and makes it a competition.

Fletcher C Brown

The boys have one of the most talented teams in the NFL. When they execute and play up to their potential, not their opponents, they are difficult to beat. Coaches coach and players play. When both are doing their jobs respectively, they will win this division. It is all about execution of the game plan and employing and never letting up on the opponent, pour on the points. Don’t stop, keep playing hard and physical, and give each team a physical beat down. Don’t allow the eagles to stay in the game late, the boys are mistake prone and can easily lose this game. The boys can win this game easily even with a bad defensive line, linebackers will need to fill gaps in the line and punish the running backs win they make 5 yard gain. Hit them hard in the hole, they will remember not to run in that hole,, they will change their direction. Hit them hard when they change direction as well. Then you wonder why backs will bounce a play outside, instead of going with the designed play. Boys win this game with some tough hits and let them know what it takes to beat the boys, like the t-shirt the coach was wearing.

gary b

Despite all the injuries i still feel that we are the better team. If we can minimize our turnovers and avoid boneheaded mental mistakes, we should win this game. I see the Eagles turning the ball over a few times. Just think Hurts is too raw to carry them to a victory.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Yep Gary b I think Hurts is a good back up QB but just don’t think he can take the Eagles to far in this league but with that said he will probably come out tonight and throw for 400 yards! Ha . I sure hope not! I hope RG is primed to get after him and hope they don’t expose the middle of our defensive front! Hey Vam it makes a person wonder if the Organization doesn’t have people to guide these guys on these types of issues!

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