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Cowboys Need Jaylon Smith to Stay Hot as Kyler Murray Comes to Town

finally looked like a again in the Cowboys' victory over the . But with the G-Men easily being one of the league's worst teams so far in 2020, the question remains what Jaylon can do against some real competition. An opportunity to quell the criticism is coming in the form of and the on .

It's not that Arizona is an NFL juggernaut or anything, being only 3-2 on the year and having bad losses to the Lions and Panthers. But it's Murray's dynamic running ability from the position that puts a spotlight on Jaylon, who will no doubt be a key figure in helping contain Kyler and trying to slow down the Cardinals .

Stopping a dual-threat QB requires good reads and reactions, which were a struggle for Smith for the first four weeks of 2020. He seemed consistently lagging or lost on plays and nothing close to the impact player we've enjoyed the last two seasons.

Last week gave us a different and much-improved Jaylon Smith. He was all over the field and finally in the right places, leading the team with 14 tackles and three of those for losses.

But isn't going to burn you with his legs, which gives linebackers a little more freedom to get aggressive in their attacking the other players on offense. Given the Giants' obvious struggles right now offensively without , it was a perfect situation for Smith to loosen up and play with more confidence.

Meanwhile, Kyler Murray's legs are on fire right now. After five weeks he leads all NFL quarterbacks in rushing yards (296) and touchdowns (5),

The Cowboys are going to need Jaylon to be even better this week for their beleaguered to have a shot at keeping Murray in check.

3 Reasons Why Jaylon Smith Will be Even Better in 2018 1
LB Jaylon Smith

Another interesting factor for the Cowboys is how the team responds to losing . It could cause doubt and despair for some but light a fire under others.

Jaylon Smith has always seemed like a guy who responds to low-hanging motivational fruit. Prescott's is an easy rallying cry for the entire team, and especially those players who are already looked to as the leaders.

Smith no doubt already felt that pressure with and missing, being the only linebacker of notable consequence currently playing. And he's been a workhorse this season as he hasn't missed a single defensive snap so far in all five games.

But there were times in Weeks 1-4 when Jaylon's play was clearly a liability for the Cowboys. If he allows the challenge of stopping Kyler Murray to get in his head, that same hesitance and poor decision making could be a recipe for disaster this Monday night.

The hope is that Smith's early-season struggles were mostly due to adjusting to a new scheme under new . Jaylon was vocal a few weeks ago that the defensive changes were too complex and making it harder to execute on the field.

The Cowboys had the luxury of keeping things simpler last week against a bad Giants offense. The Cardinals won't make things so easy, and especially with the dangerous wrinkle of Murray's running skills.

Dallas has been waiting for their defense to step up all year and need it more than ever now that Prescott is gone. may be able to get some good things done but he's not going to produce at the same volumes that Dak did.

That puts the onus on Jaylon Smith and few other key defensive players to take their game to another level. If they don't, then Kyler Murray and the Cardinals could embarrass this team badly in prime time.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Cowboy Fan Ed

News Flash: The Cowboys need more than JS showing up to play the Cardinals! I would be pleased if the defense could give us just five three and outs!


Murray is a hard QB to contain. It will be a challenge for our D, especially with the recent injuries. Smith did indeed play better again Giants, which is a good sign. But Giants, WITHOUT Barkley, should not have been the struggle it was, especially at HOME. Very surprising. IMO, we should run the ball more, use ball/clock control, keep D off the field until key players return. Now we do have some D players coming back off injuries soon, so that should help quite a bit. Have seen story that LVE may be back for this Monday game, so would be pretty big. And keep Dalton upright! If we can win this game and get to .500, that may produce a good foundation to build on.

Gary b

Well I do like ur optimism VAM. But for obvious reasons we honestly can’t use the Giants game as a barometer of anything at all to be honest.

We can speculate all we want, but the only thing that will matter is can Andy manufacture pts for us. We know DP could to the tune of 30+ pts a game, which is really the only thing that gave us a chance to win every game. Can Andy provide that needed firepower for us? And by the way no excuses if he can’t.. He’s playing with the same bad team DP did, so either he can or he can’t score pts for us.

On the injury front does anyone really expect LVE or S Lee to remain injury free for the rest of the season? No me either. Who knows what Gregory can give us and Awuzie doesn’t excite anyone.

We’re just playing for draft positioning right now.

Mr. Football

Expect the Cowboys defense to play lights out on Monday Night football against the Cardinals. The win for Dak movement has begun.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Sure hope your right Mr. Football!

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