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Cowboys now 6-1 against teams with winning records after victory Saturday

The improved to 11-4 on the season, and with the win over the Saturday, Dallas is now 6-1 against teams with winning records.

As someone who is battled tested, only witnessing three playoff wins in my 26 years as a fan, it is nice to see the Cowboys winning games against “good” teams this season.

Those six wins came against four teams that, if the ended today, would be playing a playoff game.

It started in week two against the Bengals. 's first start this season ended with a game-winning field goal. The Cowboys won that game 20-17.

They then went on the road the following week and beat the at MetLife Stadium 23-16.

They followed that with a victory over the 25-10.

The Cowboys then hit a part of the schedule that saw them match up with some teams not meeting expectations this year. They walked into U.S Bank Stadium in week 11 and dominated the No. 2 seed in the , the , 40-3.

They took care of the Giants on afternoon 28-20, and the victory over the Eagles 40-34 on Christmas eve pushed their record to 6-1 on the season.

The lone loss came on the road against Philly, a game they dropped 26-17 but kept close for much of the second half.

We can all agree that, at times, the Cowboys have played to the level of their competition this season. They once again handled the this season, which would include all four teams if the playoffs ended today.

On the same token, the Cowboys are winning games that they usually lose.

Yes, they had two games this season against the and in which they had a two-score lead and lost, but the wins over teams with winning records make me wonder if this team could be a little different.

I understand they have to win in the playoffs, and they will beat whomever they play in the .

I agree with Rob Phillips. Despite some injuries and other question marks throughout the season, they have found ways to win 11 games thus far — six of which being against teams with winning records that are likely to play in the postseason.

I have been a part of the negative talk myself, but has done a decent job of getting this team to the playoffs in back-to-back seasons.

Heading into , the Cowboys have yet to lose two games in a row.

Let that sink in for a bit.

We always want to focus on the negative, but it's Christmas, the team didn't ruin it, and they are 11-4!

We saw today that if the game is not perfect on the ground or on the defensive side of the ball, can still get it done with his arm.

This is the Prescott the Cowboys will need come playoff time.

I hope all the fans out there have a great day with family and a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the three football games today, and let's be happy the Cowboys didn't spoil our day and hope for more wins to come!

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Good article Shane, and Merry Christmas.

As far as the game yesterday, a win is a win, which is obviously very good. That said, a lot to like, but also things not to like.

The good: great game by CeeDee, Bland a hidden gem, Wilson been good all year, Dak stat line, Kearse INT, Wright lot of Ts, big pass and catch on 3rd and 30 (DP to TY).

The bad: yes, DP had a good stat line but another pick six and a fumble that was fortunately recovered, can’t sustain that in the PS. Pass defense was kind of shredded and back up Minshew looked like a starter.

The ugly: the fumbling Philly Eagles cooperated with four big TOs yet were actually in position to win the game in the end with their QB2 under center.

But credit to the defense in last seconds of the game to prevent the loss.

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