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Cowboys’ Prescott Making Great Progress With Ankle Rehab

When Quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle the Dallas Cowboys season went up in smoke. They would lose four consecutive games after his injury and finish a disappointing 6-10.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported on Saturday that Prescott is walking, using an anti-gravity treadmill, and is doing work in a HydroWorx pool which takes the pressure off the ankle.

“Based on the work he’s put in, what they think, he’s going to come back better than ever,” Rapoport said Saturday on NFL GameDay Morning.

Having Prescott back healthy puts the Cowboys right back in the mix in the NFC. However, the biggest issue surrounding the star signal-caller is his contract situation. He played on a franchise tag that paid him $31.4 million in 2020 and will go up to around $37.7 million in 2021 if another tag is applied, which neither Prescott nor the organization wants.

Round three of the negotiating game is upon us, and the hope is that Prescott and the organization find a way to come to a common ground.

What do you think?

Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. If Dak just sees that he can make the money. Getting this franchise to a Super Bowl! He could buy a planet! C- mon Dak; take 35 per on 4yrs. A super Bowl gets you a 5 mil bonus per!

  2. OK so I want ppl to see this , so Gary B asked me about a list of QBs I’d take over Dak , and here they are , now keep in mind this is next year so I’m including rookies who gonna be in the NFL next season and this is just QBs that I’d take ahead of Dak , this list isn’t in order of who I think is the best QBs , so here you go

    Pat Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Tom Brady , Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson , Kyler Murray , T Lawrence, Joe Burrow , Justin Herbert , and Josh Allen,

    To me Dak is no competition to these QBs to me , I’ll take these guys over Dak any day, and there’s 3 QBs who could in my opinion who could go ahead of Dak , Ryan tannehill who’s been Balling out of his mind , and Justin Fields and Trey Lance , but because idk where they going in draft I didn’t do it , the Jets are looking like they gonna stick with Darnold, which means they’ll trade the 2nd pick so it could go to a good team like , the 49ers (or another team I’ll say here later on that could get that pick ) , if the 49ers or another real good team takes him with that pick then I’ll go with Fields over Dak , if the Jets keep their pick and go Sewell, then I think there is a REAL chance he’ll go to the Dolphins at 3 , and with Lance , if he goes to like Atlanta then I will take him over Dak which is really possible

    So IMHO without any bias , I think Dak is at best the 12th best QB , and at worst , he’s the 15th best QB

  3. I hope Dak can bounce back from his injury 100% but I don’t think he’s top 3 or 5 as the money he’s wanting suggests

  4. It’s a complete joke to rank ROOKIE QBs that haven’t taken an NFL snap above a QB that has gone to two pro bowls and went to the playoffs 3 times and won once. Lawrence and Murray are unproven and haven’t accomplished anything yet.

    7A. Hebert

    *the bottom four could be interchangeable but are arguably on par with each other. But Watson/Hebert/Murray/Burrow have never been to the playoffs, and Burrow l/Murray and I believe Watson have never had a winning season.

    Again to project a rookies performance before he’s even taken an NFL snap is impossible and premature. The NFL and college are two completely different things. Also Burrow and Murray show promise but that’s all they have actually shown so far.

    But everybody is entitled to their opinion.

  5. As A Player Dak Has Heart……But to Be Ever Considered as an Elite Quarter Back????I think NOT!!!!!He Can’t Beat ANYBODY w/a Winning record……His Best Ever was his 2016 season when he stepped in for Romo…..Yes He is definitely a competitor……Buuuuuuuuuut……Nah Never a Superbowl Caliber Kinda Guy✌Facts

  6. I agree Gary b…. The only thing I would change in your list is Dak and Watson, I really believe Dak is just a little better than Watson!! But even if he’s not Dak is still a top 10 QB!! And top 10 QBs don’t just grow on trees, no matter what some of these people commenting on here think!! And as you can see some of these people commenting on here aren’t really too smart!! Especially when you have people ranking QBs who have never taken a snap in the NFL higher than Dak, and then you have people on here that put win/loss records on just one player!! Apparently the NFL games are played with just a QB…. Since some of these people don’t realize that it takes a TEAM to win games and it’s NOT all on the QB!! That’s why our team is named the cowboyS not the Cowboy, Cowboys is plural, meaning there’s more than one player on the TEAM!! So there you have it John Edmund Moragas…. Dak wasn’t the reason for our records every year…. It was the TEAM!! So your FACTS are NOT FACTS at all….. They are actually FALSE!! And I really hope our offense stays healthy and our defense gets fixed this off season so you haters can be proven wrong!!

  7. first off Deshaun Watson has done wayyy more with less than what Dak has done with one of the worst O-Lines in the NFL , and an injury prone J.J. Watt as your best player on D and yes he’s been to playoffs with that , he lead the league in passing yards this year without D Hop a team that’s even worse than what he had at the beginning of his career which is saying a lot , Joe Burrow has once again done more in his rookie year than Dak could’ve dreamed of and then he got hurt , and that was with the WORST O-Line in the NFL , one of the worst defenses in the NFL in his Rookie year , BRUH DAK PIMPING IT OUT COMPARED TO THESE GUYS IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR , Dak’s rookie year he got the best RB (not even close back then) in Zeke , the best O-Line in the NFL , and decent receiving corp and our defense was actually pretty good that year , Kyler Murray is just so much more electrifying than Dak and same with Herbert , these guy may not have the stats of a Dak ( though Herbert broke the NFL record for passing yards ,passing TDs and most completions by a rookie) BUT THERE’S NO DOUBT WHO IS THE BETTER QBs ARE CONSIDERING WHERE THESE GUYS ARE AT IN THERE CAREERS WITH NOT EVEN CLOSE TO AS GOOD OF A TEAMS TO START OFF WITH


    And T Lawrence will be better than Dak , for one he’ll be the only QB out of all these that will be in a GREAT situation in the Jags with Urban Meyer (who yes he said no to going to be the coach of JERRY’S TEAM OUR COWBOYS) who i think will be the next ELITE coach , a Team with one of the most cap room (which our team the cowboys DOESN’T HAVE) in the NFL and yet they still got a lot of good players on this team (James Robinson , who finished as a top 5 RB in Fantasy) and D.J. Chark , the other 2 rookies i said depending on where they land , if they end up with a trash team then all bets are off , but i see those guys going to good teams which leads me to this

    WHY COULDN’T THE COWBOYS TRADE UP THE DRAFT WITH JETS AND GET THE 2ND PICK AND GET FIELDS , like i said , the jets are looking like they won’t take a QB , so that means they’ll probably be trading the pick so you can replace Dak with a rookie who with this offense will do just as good as Dak on a rookie deal for 4 years so you then solve your salary cap problems without having to take on dead cap ,and then be able to bring in quality free agents to me it’s a no brainer with these qbs who i think are better , maybe not statistically speaking but they are better and will be better than dak with time and better teams to build around CUZ UNLIKE THEM WE IN SALRY CAP HELL ESPECIALLY IF DAK IS SIGNED 35 to 40 MIL DEAL

  8. sometimes it’s more about eye test than stats when it comes to who will be better than QBs who’ve already established themselves and for me these guys in Herbert ,and Burrow i would take over Dak , think of what those guys would do if they had the best O-Line in the NFL like Dak did have in his Rookie year or the best RB in the NFL like Dak did have in his Rookie year with little to no offseason due to Covid , both thrown into the fire and have shown incredible success already as Rookies

  9. The win loss column doesn’t just fall on Dak , why do you think i have Burrow and Herbert ahead of Dak ? there records are not good , i have them ahead of Dak cuz of when you compare Dak’s rookie year and there’s and you compare what Dak had compared to what Burrow has (Herbert does have a good team around him) then yes i’ll take them over Dak , I mean if you had a REAL NFL FAN who knew a lot of players and that wasn’t a fan of the bengals or cowboys , i can gurantee you they can name at least 1 or more of our O-Lineman where as i bet you guys or anyone other than bengals fans can name a bengals O-Lineman and just watch , Burrow and Herbert will be better with bengals having the 5th pick , if Sewell somehow drops to them then that will help SIGNIFICANTLY and have Tee Higgins who will get better and i believe will be an elite WR sooner or later , and if Herbert can get some help with coaching and special teams , then they’ll be really good as they’re 5-6 in 1 score games which if they could fix that then could’ve been in the mix of getting a playoff spot

  10. And IDK where you OLD PPL have been but QBs are translating to the NFL from college way more now than ever before , Josh Allen who was Talented going into the draft but ppl thought that baker mayfield and Sam Darnold would be better right off , and now he’s potentially an MVP this year with a chance to making and even winning the super bowl , oh yeah BTW Lamar Jackson was the 32nd pick that same draft cuz everyone thought he should’ve been a WR or RB instead of QB , so yeah if John Harbaugh can change is offense from a Joe Flacco system to the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT SAID SYSTEM with Lamar Jackson then any of these teams can change their schemes to better fit their QBs , thus these guys work more than they used to as long as you have the ability with the arm , decent accuracy , and ability to learn and stick with your teams gameplan then you can be an ELITE QB

  11. Well u know what they say about opinions. There are no absolutes in any evaluation of any player. Careful about presenting opinions as facts. U can spin and argument and use stats to further ur argument. But at the end of the day it’s just ur opinion. Doesn’t make u right or wrong.

  12. Also unless ur Nostradamus u can’t predict what if anything these young QBs will achieve down the line. Let’s slow the roll. Maybe have a winning record or get ur team to the playoffs before u predict greatness for all these young guys who haven’t actually accomplished anything yet.

    Mahomes /Rodgers /Wilson /Brady /Allen/ Jackson are all proven at this point. The rest of them are young guys with potential but haven’t had a winning record or been to the playoffs. It’s all projection at this point.

    Yea lets just draft a rookie QB. Okay with what pick? Our #10 pick? We need to spend our first three picks on defense. Remember every other QB drafted in the 1st round is a bust. It’s not that easy. This isn’t madden football, you can’t just wish these scenarios into reality. What QB do you wanna draft and when?

  13. I said the Cowboys could trade up and get Fields , you’re right about opinions but all I’m saying bottom line is that I don’t see special from Dak like I do with these other guys and I think Daks numbers are a bit inflated cuz of the team he has , as much as ppl want to poo poo on this team and put all the blame on the D and ZERO blame on Dak cuz he put up Career high stats , I say this to those ppl , where Dak at when the game starts ? Last time I checked at the start of every game , the score is 0-0 , where is that top 10 QB when we go down 7-0 ? Or 14-0 ? Or 21-0 ? All I’m saying is that Dak now knows how it feels when you don’t have the best O-line like Burrow or Watson or Murray or these other QBs who NEVER HAD THAT LUXURY and just like everyone else they don’t have a good defense either , CRY ME A FREAKING RIVER if you are that guy then you able to put up stats and still can drag a team through it and that’s what Watson did when he dragged Houston to playoffs in the past ,and with better special teams , that’s what Herbert will do , and with a better team put around Burrow , that’s what he’ll do , my projections are based on what I see in games , and Dak looks like a more mobile Kirk Cousins , wins a lot of games when he has a run game , but when the game is on the line , he can’t do it and that’s facts if you look at the 4 full games Dak did play this year , you have Cooper, Ceedee, and Gallup , out of all the QBs I named off , can you name 3 WRs that they have that’s as good or better than those 3 ? I’ll wait cuz they don’t, and yet we gotta have a D that’s gotta be above average and if not then they gonna get the blame not Dak , and a better than average O-line and if not then they’ll get blamed, at some point Dak gonna have to just SUCK IT UP and go and push through cuz RARELY WHEN YOU PAY A QB AND OTHER PLAYERS HIGH MONEY DO YOU SEE ANY SIGNIFICANT HELP COMING , this D won’t get significantly better cuz at the heart of its no good and till they gone it won’t get better , you can add players through draft but ultimately the D won’t be significantly better , same with O-Line, and so with that I say PAY DAK AND YOU GUYS WLL LOOK AT THIS WHEN WE GO 8-8 OR WORSE AGAIN AND REALIZE THAT DAK IS A FAKE

  14. Why do you think Houston is so Effed up RN ? Cuz they paid Watson , cuz they paid J.J. , and many other players they overpaid , that’s what we will turn into if we pay Dak along with these guys

  15. Amazing you would chose those players over Dak. He was leading the NFL in passing yardage up until the time of his injury, TDs the year before and working with an inferior Defense.. So one of us can’t count, evaluate or prognosticate with intellect… Hurry back Dak, you are a true Dallas Cowboy and a star QB! Pay the man!

  16. The cowboys could trade up for Fields, yea and Trump could concede the election lol not gonna happen. You gotta present reasonable and doable scenarios not just ones u would like to see bro.

    If you wanna move on from Dak fine, but with who? You spend alot of time bashing Dak and building up young QBs that are yet to accomplish anything . Play GM and tell me what you would like our QB situation to look like, and no we aren’t trading up for Fields or any other QB. Think it thru though.

  17. OK so hear me out on what they could trade to get that pick and tell me that it’s unreasonable or no way that the Cowboys could do this deal ,

    Cowboys trade Amari (He’s become more a cap space problem and isn’t a NEED like he was when we traded for him , now since we have Gallup and Ceedee) 10th overall pick , and a 2nd round pick 2022 , and a 5th round pick in 2021 is that unreasonable ?

    And another thing I’ll point is other than the Chiefs who paid Mahomes 50 mil, name one team rn that is good with what they paid there qb that’s been paid at leat 30 mil ? NONE OF THEM

    Even the Seahawks and Russell Wilson as they’re are reports that a trade for Wilson is possible, same with Deshaun Watson looks like he will get traded , Carson Wentz beched , Jared Goff which looks like they’ll try and move off him , you go down the list each and every team regrets paying their QB that kind of money cuz now they don’t have much cap space and or the QB isn’t happy and wants shipped out , how is Dak gonna be an exception ? HE’S NO MAHOMES so how are the Cowboys not going to regret signing him to that kind of deal ?

    And the final thing that I’ll use to put this whole argument to bed is Dak worth being paid top 5 QB money , name one of the 4 teams left in the playoffs that has an above average O-Line, an Above average D , and 3 Wr1s ? Their isn’t , not even a single playoff team has that , but that’s what the Cowboys need in order to win with Dak , STOP PLAYING , he’s not top 10 if has to have all that to win , he’s just a MORE MOBILE KIRK COUSINS

  18. In actuality, I don’t think you would even have to deal that much to get 2nd pick , we traded 2 1st Rd picks for cooper so I think he’d be worth at least a 1st rd pick , so him , the 10th pick and the 5th pick in 2021 and you fix your cap space problems a lot better with having a QB on Rookie Deal and get rid of one of the many bad contracts the Cowboys have made over the past couple of years

  19. AGAIN u can’t just wish a trade into happening. That convoluted trade with Cooper u presented isn’t gonna happen. You can’t just throw out scenarios u think might work. That’s not how the real world of football works .

    All top QBs will eventually get paid, that’s the reality of it. The other reality is u can’t win with an average QB. Like many who want to move on from Dak, you have no concrete plan or suggestions. Just throwing out convoluted scenarios that will never happen. You can’t say we’ll move on from Dak but not have a plan beyond that. I’ve yet to hear anything reasonable.

  20. Uh trades do happen as long as you are willing to give up a little more than what you are wanting and you have team that wants to trade like the Jets , and the trade may seem “CONVOLUTED” to you, but i’m pretty sure if you present this trade to the Jets WELL IN ADVANCE i think they’ve got enough smart ppl in there to figure out if it’s a good deal or not , and if you don’t think trades don’t ever happen then here’s another idea to go to at QB ,

    MR. Biscuit himself , Mitchell Trubisky , i looked up the projected salary for him and it compared other players who was at the same age as him who have comparable stats to him who signed contracts , and the highest one was 15 mil , you would save 15 or 20 mil on a 24 yr. old which could help once again fix your cap space problems


  21. And yet Gary b i’ve yet to here you answer my question about how many teams in the playoffs still or were in the playoffs , how many has 3 WR1s , an average to above average O-Line ,and a average to above average D ? I’ll keep waiting til you can present somebody but i don’t think there is one

  22. And it looks like there maybe another possible replacement for Dak,

    The Jets are the favorite to get DeShaun Watson in trade , so that means that the Cowboys could get Sam Darnold who I like better than Trubisky and he should be about same price tag as Trubisky

  23. There will be NO trade up for a QB it’s not gonna happen period. You need to put that possibility out of your mind and explore other scenarios if you choose.

    So that’s where we are? reaching for Darnold who the Jets have already given up on? How much talent do you think a Darnold type QB will require? The cowboys are a loooong way from having the talent to absorb 2nd rate talent at the most important position on the team.

    You keep fooling ur self into thinking it will be so easy to replace Dak. Sam Darnold lol

  24. You may not think much of Darnold , but i very much do , tell me how many players have gotten better when they leave Adam Gase ? You know what i’ll tell you , Ryan Tannehill who when he was in miami with Gase looked at best a backup , he gets a shot with the Titans and he’s a top 15 QB now at least , Devante Parker looked like a bust when Gase was the coach in miami , he had 309 yards and 1 TD ,Parker came back the year after Gase was fired with not much QB help and he put up 1200 yards and 9 TDs , Kenyan Drake looked like he was just a rotation back , now he looks really good there in Arizona , Le’veon Bell played there with Jets and was pretty much never heard from again , the point is


    And proof of that is the fact that the Jets were gonna go with Darnold and still might if they can’t get D Watson in a trade , with that bad play they should without any doubt go with fields at 2nd overall but that shows how much even they think of Gase ,HE SUCKS

  25. Andy Dalton , who played after Dak got hurt is an older , not as big of an arm , not as mobile QB as Darnold , he’s an upgrade FOR SURE , and I DON’T THINK DAK IS ANY GOOD

    It’s pretty hilarious how you can’t expand your mind to a possible trade and the only thing you can say to combat a trade is cuz it would be too complicated , DAK IS NOT GONNA WIN A SUPER BOWL AND THAT’S THE GOAL so why pay someone that kind of money to be just good ? I’d rather take Darnold or Trubisky and suck for one year and get a top pick than be just good with Dak for another 6 years , LOOK AT THE AFC

    The AFC has ALWAYS been the lesser conference for the last 10 or more years , these teams get high picks and get young QBs and look at them now , the AFC has , Josh Allen , Pat Mahomes , Lamar Jackson , Baker Mayfield , Justin Herbert , Joe Burrow , and the Jags are gonna get T Lawrence . YOU ARE A MORON IF YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN GET A QB THROUGH DRAFT ESPECIALLY IF YOU GOT TOP PICK

    As i said before this is the new NFL , QBs work WAY more than before cuz of the offenses becoming more college style offenses than in the past , you’re seeing a lot more gun formation than you are I formation or even singleback , and teams are changing their offenses to make it easier on there young QBs , with less reads , plays from the gun , and just running plays these guys are comfortable with , Cowboys get a top pick and you got a real shot of at least being like the Browns are rn , in the playoffs , good in every position , and that’s if the QB you select there is a bust , if he turns out good then you got a shot to make it back to NFC championship game and be a Super Bowl contender for years to come , I don’t get your argument for Dak with as bad as this team’s been how they gonna get so significantly better with all these BAD contracts to the point where the cowboys at least get to a NFC championship game and Super Bowl ? I’M ALL EARS ON HOW THAT WILL HAPPEN , AND YET YOU THINK THAT WILL HAPPEN AND NOT A TRADE , WHO’S THE ONE FOOLING THEIR SELF NOW ?

  26. And you think 2nd and 3rd rounders or later is gonna fix this D and is more likely than getting a high end QB through a draft ? SMH

  27. YOU GUYS STILL HAVE YET TO GIVE ME AN ANSWER ABOUT WHICH TEAMS HAVE 3WR1s , A BETTER THAN AVERAGE O-LINE , AND BETTER THAN AVERAGE D , the closest team with that would be the Packers , who i’m the most certain out of the 4 teams left are going to the Super Bowl with Adams , Jones and that great O-Line , the defense could be better but they’re good enough , and the Chiefs who are the other team who i believe in the most besides the packers with Mahomes, Ty Hill , Kelce , and Watkins or Hardman , there O-Line is Ok , and there defense is not good , and yet this is the expectation that’s placed on the cowboys to get for Dak , every other team in the playoffs doesn’t have that kind of talent , YOU GUYS ARE INSANE if you think we can do that all the while taking on Dak’s BAD contract , Zeke’s BAD contract , and D-Law BAD contract , and J Smith BAD contract and if LVE has one decent year where he doesn’t get hurt then we’ll sign him to a BAD contract too cuz that’s the COWBOY WAY APPARENTLY , OVERPAY FOR AVERAGE PLAYERS

  28. I can tell you play madden. You have all these scenarios that aren’t gonna happen. 99% chance Jerry resigns Dak. Might wanna come to terms with that and decide if ur gonna roll with him as our QB and root for his success which means success for our team. Because that’s what’s important right?

  29. I will no matter what , but I mean do you see a super bowl with Dak ? That’s my point I don’t want the Cowboys to just be good and just get to playoffs and fall short , we need to do what’s gonna get us to a super bowl and as bad of contracts we already have and then Dak taking more than what he’s worth (Tom Brady never got his big payday like he could’ve with the Pats so that they could always be in a position to win ) ,we’re not winning a super bowl and that’s the goal , we can be good with Dak , but we ain’t winning it all with him and that’s why I’m ready to move on now then to wait 4-6 more years of mediocrity till everyone figures that out

  30. I hope I’m wrong which I could be cuz it seems every prediction I make it goes the opposite of what I say , so low key I’m trying to reverse jinx the Cowboys XD

  31. Brady cashed in on a couple of max contracts before he started giving the Patriots a discount. This is Daks 1st (and maybe last) chance to cash in. An athlete never knows when they might have a career ending injury. That said ok u can say he’s being greedy, but it is what it is.

    Incidentally you don’t KNOW we can’t win a SB with Dak. You may think that, but u don’t actually know that. Believe me we could do much worse at QB. I’m not positive Dak is the answer, but I’m hopeful. Why not start working under the assumption Dak is our QB and use ur knowledge to talk about what we can do to continue to improve our team with that in mind.

  32. I agree a lot with X88 about DP. I was hoping in LAST year’s draft we would of somehow trade him and moved up to snag Herbert. I commented about that LAST YEAR.

    Lets look at this year before his injury. In the five games he played in, lost 3 games to what most people would consider better teams; Rams, Seahawks, Browns. He beat the lowly Falcons by way of a minor miracle, that onside kick debacle, that cost that team’s HC his job. Then he was struggling with the lowly Giants, till he got injured. Then Dalton came in to throw two great passes to Gallup, who made two great catches, to set up the winning FG. So basically, he beat one team, Falcons, on a minor miracle. 1-5, barely. These are facts, not opinion.

    This year I will contend, his glossy stats before injury, that DP lovers tout, were the product of being way down early and opponents going in to prevent defense. When a team is up by 30+ points late in 3rd or 4th quarters, this is normal. Like X88 said, where was this top ten QB at 0-7, 0-14, 0-21.

    Last year, he started by winning three straight, beating up on bad teams, NYG, WAS, MIA, and that apparently swelled his head, and he then reneged on the “imminent” contract deal that was on the table. Then he went 5-8 the rest of the way, to finish 8-8. He even lost to the Jets.

    My OPINION is if we have a chance to somehow trade him for picks, we should do it. Draft a promising young QB, and load up on defense. This never ending contract drama is all on DP. This “PAY THE MAN” BS is silly. Cowboys have try REPEATEDLY to sign him. Going into his 6th year now, STILL with that ONE postseason win. IMO, he will not win us a SUPER BOWL. Hate to say that because I’m a long time fan, but I have big doubts that this guy has what it take, especially looking at the last two years.

  33. LOOK, if we are able to, thru the upcoming draft and FA, get our defense to a decent level, AND we sign DP, then we will see how good or not good this guy is. Should be no more excuses. There should be no reason, with this potent offense, why we should not at LEAST win this WEAK division and maybe win a playoff game. Going into his 6th year now, it’s time to deliver.

    Gary b, I have commented about what we can do to improve the team, along with keeping DP. But X88 has made some good points, and it’s hard to assume DP will be our QB because HE has consistently REFUSED all the GENEROUS offers put on the table.

    I want to see us win a SUPER BOWL with or without DP. I want what is best for the TEAM, and if we go with a rookie, fine.

  34. Well as I previously stated whatever direction we go with our QB situation comes with risks. We could sign Dak and maybe he doesn’t perform well enuf or we could draft a QB that is a bust. I’m just not sure when and where we would sign that rookie QB. We need to address our horrific D early in the draft, and if u take one out of the 1st round the bust rate really goes up. No easy answers.

  35. Totally agree Gary b, no easy answers. The draft picks before our 1st will determine a lot of what our team will look like moving forward. In any case, I don’t see why we can’t win this very weak division. Frankly, if DP is a good QB as many think, I don’t understand how we could not win this putrid division every year. Look at the division foes with their chaotic QB situations?

  36. Well do you think the Cowboys will franchise tag him then ? I feel that maybe the best option now since I think about it , you fix the D with draft picks this offense is already one of the best in the league as far as talent with these WRs, Adequate TEs and Zeke and pollard, plus O-Line should be better next year as well , like you said VAM , if the Cowboys can do all that then there’s no excuse that the Cowboys shouldn’t runaway with this division, the Eagles are a mess , the Redskins are looking for answers at QB , the Giants are too dependant on Barkley, if he gets hurt again they won’t be good again , the Cowboys are by far be the team to beat in the NFC East , if Dak under performs , then I’d go and see what we could do to get up in next year’s draft and get QB

  37. I’m not a racist btw guys i just forgot that washington changed to WFT,

    It would help if they would give themselves a Damn name instead of just “Football Team” XD

  38. Dang I just scrolled down and didn’t read much of the comments but was really impressed with how much X88 wrote! What are you a sports writer or you just set behind a desk with nothing else to do but comet on the Cowboys? Ha Anyway I couldn’t write that much in a week!

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