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Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott Takes the “Next Step” he Mentioned in 2018

QB Dak Prescott follows through on something he mentioned in 2018.

“Uncle Tom”, “Lemonade serving house Negro”, “Coon” are just a few of the hateful names celebrities and well respected members of the African-American/Black community tossed Dak Prescott’s way back in 2018 after he weighed in on his stance on the entire kneeling protest during the national anthem. Fast forward nearly 2 years later, I wonder if they feel the same way after his recent $1 million donation to help improve police training and address systematic racism in America?

Here’s what Dak Prescott had to say back in 2018…

“I’d never protest during the anthem, and I don’t think that’s the time or the venue to do so,” Prescott said. “The game of football has always brought me such peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people.”

If this was the only quote a lot of those previously mentioned haters heard or read when Dak Prescott addressed the media about his stance on kneeling during the national anthem I’d understand why they may have felt betrayed or let down. But, Prescott went on to say he believes it’s time to take the “next step”, although he didn’t know what that was at the time.

“I think this whole kneeling, and all of that, was all about raising awareness, and the fact we are still talking about social injustice years later, I think we’ve got to that point. I think we’ve proved it. We know about social injustice. I’m up for taking the next step, whatever that step might be for action and not just kneeling.”

Well, it took nearly 2 years, but Dak Prescott put his money where his mouth is and took the once unknown “next step” with his recent $1 million donation. I for one commend him for being a man of action and following through on something that could have quite possibly been weighing on him for some time now.

It’s easy to sit back and talk about social justice and systematic racism from the comforts of our homes or through , but taking action in such a big way is commendable in my opinion. I’m just wondering if other professional athletes will follow in his footsteps. After all, money has a way of swaying the masses.

Maybe this will be a start of a new trend. A trend of peaceful action to raise awareness for social justice and systematic racism, something that’s creating a rift right now in our country. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping this leads to something bigger and better. Something we can grab on to and build off of.

Now, I know this is coming from “white guy” who is probably considered more of the problem then part of the solution by many of you, but I promise you you’d be wrong. I may not be a vocal person by nature, instead trying to lead by example, but all I can do is promise to try to do better in the future. BE THE CHANGE!!!

That’s my personal “next step” to help raise awareness and hopefully create a better America for all. What’s yours?

What do you think of Dak Prescott’s “next step” to help raise awareness?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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    • No worries. I knew who you meant. In response to what you said: “since the flag has great symbolic value to many Americans, myself included I won’t apologize when I say I think people are completely within their right take exception to using the flag and our national anthem to trumpet their agenda I say find another way to raise awareness”. That is 100%. But do you also respect the person that doesn’t agree? That’s the problem with we run into. Just because we like or agree with something doesn’t make it right or wrong. But sides should be able to express their sentiments without one side being right or wrong. Both sides are within their rights.

      Could it be done differently? Of course it could. But at this point that was the chosen path. Does it change the fact that a black man died with a knee on his neck or a white kid was shot over a bag of weed? Nope. But do those facts need to be addressed? Yes.

  1. Hey wm68 u sure got a hard edge to u bro been reading back all ur posts and ur style seems to be to attack and accuse rather then just discuss. Seems that most people on here keep it respectful but u seem to have an angry edge that doesn’t exactly promote healthy discussion. U have some good points but they get lost when u spew them with venom. Just saying

    • Let’s discuss then. On topic. Not what the black crime rate is vs white . It’s like what Robert is saying. It should be the right way. People always want to choose sides or be on the opposite. Just because. How many times do the guys have to say it’s not about disrespecting the flag? How many times does a person have to read that and still go back to the same argument? It’s frustrating. That’s why I said a certain segment of the population you’ll never be able to reason with. I stand by that.

      I may be hard but not disrespectful—-I don’t think on purpose. The message always gets distorted and if I was wrong I apologize. The message has always been about social injustice and police brutality. Have some abused that? Of course they have. There will be others that use it for whatever they feel like they can gain from it.

      Sorry if I came off the wrong way and I appreciate you putting me in check. I don’t want to come on the forum being the @ss. Its a tough time in the country right now and it may be time for us all to take a look at our inner selves instead of at people’s outer selves.

      Again, I apologize for coming off disrespectful.

  2. There is a sickness in the world and it is not just Covid-19. It is people out of control; personally and morally. I agree that black lives matter, but so do white lives and native American lives. It should not be the “black way” or the “white way”. It should be the right way. Remember the old religious song “Jesus loves the little children:Red or yellow, black or white, Jesus loves the children of the world”. Religious or not: love is the way out of this mess we have all had a part in creating.

  3. Amen to you Ms. Woolfolk! I think Dak has hit on at least one (and i repeat 1 of the possible solutions) and that is police training. Many people believe that Norway has one of the best police forces in the world. There the trainees go to school for 3 years before they become officers. By the very nature of time they would at least have to learn more. But I think more importantly, in that longer time frame, instructors could get a better “read” on the candidates and potentially weed out those that are not suitable to be officers. Anyway, thank you Dak for your commitment .

  4. wmgates68 since the flag has great symbolic value to many Americans, myself included I won’t apologize when I say I think people are completely within their right take exception to using the flag and our national anthem to trumpet their agenda I say find another way to raise awareness. As for Brees have followed his career since his Austin Westlake days and have heard nothing but great things about him. Ku klux clan? poor choice of words. If his teammates who know him as well as anybody had balls they would have asked him personally to clarify his comments before they publicly humiliated him. And as I previously stated racists come in many colors.

  5. Dak is the ultimate example of a “Class Act” He is an amazing young man. Yes I’m a Cowboys fan so you may think I’m biased but way to go Dak!! God Bless you!

  6. We all have to begin doing what’s right it starts at home. Whatever is learned will be exercised no matter what profession or platform. Looting and rioting is definitely not a solution. The solution in my opinion is for this nation to open our bibles and actually live what’s in it. The Bible…The Lord’s Decrees…Application of his Principles… End of Discussion…

  7. Yep some of D Brees own teammates couldn’t wait to pile on. Just because ur black doesn’t mean u have to support and perpetuate every attack on every benign perceived slight made by white people. Not all white people are racist and not all black people hate white people( though many do) Consider the source first, Brees teammates of all people know what a quality person he is. Made me sick to hear him groveling for forgiveness simply because he doesn’t believe in denigrating the flag. KNOW THY ENEMY GUYS

  8. Also think many people are reluctant to express an honest opinion in fear that they will be labeled a racist which seems to be happening alot lately. If u arent in 100% agreement with current narrative guess ur just suppose keep ur mouth closed. We all need to be aware of how powerful our words are but honest conversation will not happen if hate mongers jump on every misconstrued word people speak. D Brees doesn’t agree with disrespecting the flag so now he’s a racist . Gimme a break by all accounts Brees is a kind decent god fearing family man who simply made an advised comment at the wrong time…. but boy people couldn’t wait to crucify him. Let’s direct our anger towards the true racists of which there are many. Also though this may be unpopular but racism comes in many colors hate is hate.

    • GREAT POST, Gary b. I agree with you 100%. Brees is a great guy. He and his wife recently donated $5 million to Louisiana for Virus relief, and that’s just the latest donation he has made over the years. IMHO, his comments were more about RESPECTING OUR FLAG, than anything else, and he apologized twice. More than enough!

      Did you see how Jets Safety Jamal Adams reacted to Bree’s and Fromm’s APOLOGIES? “You and Drew aren’t really sorrow. Save the bulls–t ass apologies. The truth just came out, and you two aren’t the only ones.” I commented on an earlier article about a possible Adams trade to Cowboys, and said he would be an another problem child. Would never want a troubled player like him on our team, potential dividing the locker room.

      BTW, I was not reluctant to show, in a post above, how FACTS dispel this FALSE NARRATIVE being propagated by the liberal MSM, et al., about systematic racism. These incidents are EXTREMELY RARE, but if you listen to some athletes, Hollywood types, and charlatans like Al Sharpton, it is open season on Blacks.

    • Who said Brees was racist? The point that people were making about him, just as they’ve been doing since the beginning, is that kneeling “during the anthem” wasn’t about disrespecting the flag or police. You guys continue to ignore that every time this subject comes up. Kneeling has always been about raising awareness and getting attention for a cause. It was agreed upon exactly for that reason to NOT show disrespect. You know that but continue to perpetuate the false narrative.

      You have no idea who Brees is and what he does other than what’s reported but then the media isn’t lying or reporting fake news when it’s something you agree with. He could donate to the Klan as far as you know. No one crucified Brees and all the people that KNOW him, and were disappointed by his statement, accepted his apology because they know the person he is. YOU do not. He doesn’t kneel and that’s ok. I don’t kneel and I’m retired USAF. But anyone that wants to that’s THEIR right to do so. Just like it’s your right to disagree. Can people understand that rights aren’t just what you believe in?

      • Great wmgate68, you start by saying “Who said Brees was racist”, then later you say, “He could donate to the Klan as far as you know”. Love the innuendo!

        “All the people that KNOW him”, jumped all over him, on Twitter and elsewhere.

        If they “know the person he is” why did they give JUDGE him so quickly.

        There is a “false narrative” out there. And that false NARRATIVE is being disseminated by the LIBERAL MSM at el on the American people, that it’s OPEN SEASON on Blacks by White Police Officers. Totally FALSE. As I showed in an earlier post, here are the FACTS, once again:

        In 2019, more UNARMED WHITES were shot and killed than UNARMED BLACKS. WHITES – 19. BLACKS – 9. In fact, studies show Police are more RELUCTANT to shoot BLACKS.

        One of the biggest problems (among others) in the BLACK community is BLACK ON BLACK CRIME. Homicide-victimization rates for BLACK men were 3.9 times the national average and that 52% of all known homicide victims were BLACK (2017 Data). The perpetrators of these crimes were overwhelmingly BLACK. In 2018, where the homicide victim was BLACK, the suspected killer also was BLACK, 88% of the time. From 1976 to 2005, 94% of BLACK victims were killed by other BLACKS.

        These are the sad FACTS, like them or not. Pushing the FALSE NARRATIVE I mentioned above, will not change this. There is an agenda being pushed and GULLIBLE Americans are being DUPED. So sad that the real problems of the BLACK community, and their underlying causes, are NOT at the forefront, first and foremost.

      • My point was that YOU don’t know him. But anyways, there’s a certain segment of the population that won’t/can’t accept reason and there’s no need to even try to get them to understand. In my opinion, you are probably one of those people. Therefore, I won’t continue to waste my time, nor yours. Have a good day.

    • You hit the nail on the head! Racism begins at home !! If it’s a white home or a black home! Remember what Christ taught ? A house divided against itself cannot stand!!

  9. ☆ We have all rooted for Dak since he became our quarterback. I was very sad to hear that he lost his brother. I lost two brothers that were young, so I can relate to his pain and anxiety. No one should criticize his opinions or his choices. He is a young man with a large presence. As long as he keeps his activism off the field on game days I don’t think his fans will mind. And as long as he keeps making good choices and seeks the counsel of wise men, then he will be supported. He has always shown great leadership skills. I don’t believe he will be a polarizing figure like Kaepernick. At least, that is my hope. Peace out to you as you begin this next step of your journey Dak. Remember all the things your mother taught you. Hold fast to your faith, choose your words carefully, and never forget you are the quarterback of The Dallas Cowboys. It’s a big brand and a big job and you are blessed to be where you are .☆

  10. “Systematic racism”. Wow, that is a very strong accusation. I know that term is being used by the liberal MSM and charlatans like Al Sharpton to gin up the gullible masses, because they have their covert agendas. But perhaps people do not really know the meaning of the word “systematic”. Well its, “done according to a CAREFUL PLAN and in a thorough way.” Think about that for a moment. So the Police in our Country are being RACIST according to some CAREFUL PLAN and in a THOROUGH WAY. Police stand between us and chaos. Look at what happened in Minneapolis and elsewhere when the police were emasculated. Violence and destruction.

    People can have their own opinions, but NOT their own FACTS. For a change, some real FACTS: In 2019, statistics show that more UNARMED WHITE people were shot and killed by Police than UNARMED BLACK people. How many unarmed Blacks- 9. How many unarmed Whites – 19. In fact, there have been studies showing Police are more reluctant to shoot Blacks. More Police Officers are killed every year.

    There are bad apples in all occupations, but the overwhelming majority of Police are decent and professional. Using this false narrative to loot and riot, burn and destroy, and KILL (David Dorn, at el) is repulsive.

    • I absolutely agree and I commend Prescott for his donation. I’m sure people like Al Sharpton could easily put up two or even three times the amount Prescott did but they would rather sit their and bitch and moan when something like this happens. But I think his donation could have been more utilized if it would have been given to organizations like the United Way and Boys and Girls Club.

      • And in there lies the issue. “But I think his donation could have been more utilized if it would have been given to organizations like the United Way and Boys and Girls Club”,

        Why can’t he donate his money wherever he like without you judging? It’s all about controlling people. Why should he have to donate to a cause of your choosing? Maybe he already does. Stop making assumptions. You donate to those causes if you like and let him donate to those that he likes.

  11. I was proud of Dak back in 2018 when he stood up and honored the flag along with the whole Cowboys team! The bottom line is if NFL players don’t stop protesting while in the workplace I’m afraid that little by little people will get so tired of all the noise and stop supporting professional football! I personally know guys that used to be diehard fans that have stopped watching the NFL! It’s fine to protest but there is a time and place to do it!

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