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Cowboys Should be Even Better After Bye Week

The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the NFL's hottest teams to start the . They're riding a five-game winning streak into their bye and have accomplished this with several missing starters and key roleplayers. At least a few of them are expected back after the off week, meaning this already-strong team should be even better next time we see them.

The biggest absences so far in 2021 have been DE , WR Michael Gallup, and OT La'el Collins. While Tank is expected to be out for at least a few more weeks with his foot fracture, the two offensive starters are expected back when the Cowboys travel to play the Vikings in Week 8.

While has been very good as the third receiver in his absence, Gallup takes things to another level for Dallas' . He's their best “jump ball” receiver and a guy that has proven confidence in to make contested catches. Michael's been the security blanket in the passing for a few years now.

Teams already have enough trouble trying to shut down all of the Cowboys' offensive weapons. Getting Gallup back out there will only further exasperate and demoralize opposing defenses

Speaking of security, getting La'el Collins back is another huge boon. While deserves high praise for his play and improvement from 2020, he's not one of the best right tackles in football.

Collins had emerged as a top-graded player and snub by 2019. But a hip condition forced him to miss all of 2020 and then a took him out for the last five games. Week 8 will be only the second game that La'el has played so far for .

Cowboys WR Michael Gallup, OT La'el Collins, and CB Kelvin Joseph

The Cowboys have done a good job so far of helping Steele and the rest of the offense line with scheme and playing style. They've had one of the fastest snap-to- times so far in the NFL; calling plays to help their pass protection not have to hold up too long.


Collins' return should allow for longer times in the pocket, which means more time for receivers to get open and get further down the field. The big-play potential will be higher with La'el back up front.

Getting Collins back should also help with some of the short-yardage problems we've seen. While the Cowboys have gotten hosed on two QB sneaks this year, we've also seen them struggle at times to pick up those few yards needed to move the chains or even get into the endzone. La'el should provide more push in those critical moments.

The could also get a lift from 2nd-Round rookie Kelvin Joseph. It may not come immediately as Joseph has yet to play in his first regular-season game, but he could be an eventual improvement later in the year over or in pass defense.

Dallas has already gotten nice early returns from defensive rookies , , and . Joseph, who was drafted well before the two defensive linemen, will hopefully be able to make a similar immediate impact.

This is only the of potential booster shots for the roster. DeMarcus Lawrence's return will be huge whenever it happens, not to mention getting , , and back in the d-line rotation with him.

And while the offense doesn't seem like it could get anymore potent, backup TE is an athletic receiver who just might make defenses pay for focusing too much on his better-known teammates. He's also expected to rejoin the active roster in Week 8, though his actual playing time is yet to be determined.

Of course, we may lose some guys as others return. That's the nature of football.

But right now, with the Cowboys putting together a potentially special season, all of this missing talent makes it even more remarkable. What this group is capable of when it's at full strength remains to be seen, and that should be a scary thought for 31 other teams.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. There is no Conrad Williams on the roster. Perhaps you meant Connor Williams? It is silly for Cowboys fans to keep repeating the incorrect narrative that CW is struggling. He’s graded fairly highly by PFF as a guard in run blocking, and is performing much better than the start of the season. Same for Tyler Biadiaz.

  2. A bonus with Ced on the field is the trick plays they can dial up since he’s decent throwing the ball. They’ve already used it once this season for a nice 22 yard gain. Just one more wrinkle for opposing defenses to worry about with him on the field vs. Gallup.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a 4 WR set. Ced, Gallup and Lamb bunched left, Coop out wide on the right. Fake like it’s a bubble screen and let Ced rip it to Coop 1-on-1 with no help over the top.

  3. CF Ed, agree CW is making plays right now, and that’s great. My take is MG and CW both have good chemistry with DP. Speed wise they are very close, at the Combine, MG was 4.51, and CW was 4.55. Probably a good problem to have. Great depth or go three wide with one in the slot, etc.

  4. All I can say is that we have a big problem but in a good way!! Idk, flip a coin both of those guys are really good!! CW is a DOG he gets it man that dude is easily a #1 on some other team MG as well….

  5. I know that MG doesn’t do anything but help our offense but the chemistry that we have right now with Dak and CW is something in my option that we don’t need to mess up!! CW is making plays and helping this team as much if not more than MG! They both are the same size basically but who is faster of the two? If I’m wrong somebody set me straight!

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