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Cowboys Should Draft Jermaine Johnson To Replace Randy Gregory

Earlier this week, the appeared to have signed Randy Gregory to a multi-year contract, but at the last minute, things took a turn. Instead, the pass rusher opted to take his services up north to the . As a result of this strange turn of events, Dallas now has a gaping hole at rusher. Maybe pulling some strings to draft Jermaine Johnson would alleviate that loss.

By pulling strings, I'm insinuating that might have to work some magic to move up in April's . According to Pro Football Network's mock simulator, the possibility exists that Johnson falls into the Cowboys' lap with the 24th selection. However, this means Dallas would essentially be throwing up a prayer and hoping this comes to fruition. Or Jones can accept that his needs a vaunted pass rusher like Johnson and makes a move.

What would it take for the Cowboys to land Jermaine Johnson?

Hoping Johnson falls isn't exactly a strategy but looking to move up in the draft certainly is. If you look at national mocks, specifically those from CBS Sports, Johnson is slated to fall between the 12th and 15th selections, with either the or drafting the much-heralded .

The question then becomes if Jones is willing to part with this year's second or choices in a package to move up. The other option would involve next year's picks. Jones has proven to be aggressive in the past, but the team has several holes that need to be addressed, from the to to and .

Johnson immediately upgrades the Cowboys' pass rush

Whether Johnson is in play come April will depend on how the aforementioned needs line up on Dallas's . If Johnson is indeed available at 24, the Cowboys must pounce on the former Florida State Seminole. Using a stop-gap solution such as or even won't cut it in the long run, and it'll simply be a case of putting a band-aid on a bigger issue.

Regardless, Johnson is one of the most versatile defensive prospects that'll be available in April. As the league continues to use adaptable defensive linemen, Johnson would be a complete package, able to play in coverage defending the pass, in the middle with his hands in the dirt, and, of course, run circles around offensive tackles.

Johnson would come into the NFL with a polished game and he wouldn't solely be a pass rusher; he plays with a mean streak in the run game. Pro Football Focus grades him 79.2 in that department. He consistently beat double teams in college and, with that high motor of his, was still able to get to the .

Essentially, could line up Johnson anywhere and he'd find a way to make a play. It definitely sounds like someone worth making a move over.

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Jeff Tuggle

If comparable talent is available then Johnson would be foolish. DT has been neglected except for later rounds for too long except for Hilll who was a horrible reach, similar to the reach for Nashon Wright. And Gallimore has history of injuries and is not a dominant force or run stuffer that’s needed. And all the holes on O-Line. And a bona-fide corner. Johnson is a luxury

Chuck Wright

I”d love him but I seriously doubt he’s still there.

Further, biggest need is upgrading the OL and I’d love to see Tron’s replacement in this draft.

gary b

I think the question is which do we need more…. a Guard to slide into CW old slot, assuming CM is not the answer there, or an edge rusher? The other wild card is whether the cowboys would pull the trigger on Linderbaum if he’s available?

Obviously the way the draft board falls will determine our selections as well.

gary b

Even though it’s a big need, not sure there is a DT worthy of our 1st round pick, outside of J Davis. Big drop off between him and the others.

Dusty Paschall

To me Gregory’s departure allows Micah Parsons to play right end where he should have been all along . When Gregory and D Law were out and Parsons had to play end is when he was the most dominant. Get Bobby Wagner in here to QB the defense and rebuild the interior O Line in the draft . Dak can’t throw if the pocket is getting pushed into his lap every play ala the 49er’s game. I would love to see, Green, Linderbaum or Johnson in the first and whoever Will McClay thinks we need later on to plug the middle.


Cool!!.. thought I was the only one thinking this about JJ.

Austin Ross

They won’t have draft capital to move that far for Johnson. He’s legit but we see what happens when teams blow their future picks. Dallas has always been good at finding quality players with their own picks. Randy Gregory loss hurts a top 3 pass rush but I say sign the former gator pass rusher Fowler now! And sign the CB from Oakland to solidify what will be a top 10 defense. Draft a receiver, offensive line guy, release zeke( even tho I love the man) & draft Damien pierce or Malik Davis to split time with pollard(they’re draft steals. Trade jarwin & shuktz for Pitts then you don’t need another receiver since lamb is sold & gallup, if healthy, has hall of fame potential as pass catcher & deep threat is

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