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Cowboys Uniforms Might Have a Fun Twist in 2020 Season

The Dallas uniforms are as classic as the New York Yankees’ pinstripes. The team has made no major changes to them since 1964 when the team opted for a simpler uniform and never looked back. Since then, just like , the Cowboys’ uniforms have been an icon in the world of football. As we head into the , the uniforms might be carrying something unique, though.

As you may very well know, the Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960, which means the team will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. What better way of honoring the team’s than with a patch on the team’s jerseys?

That seems to be the plan, at least judging by a picture that’s going viral on Cowboys . The patch depicts the image the team has been promoting the anniversary with, which is the white helmet with the original Star on it and the “Est. 1960” legend below it.

While this has not been confirmed by any reporter or legit source yet, things sure add up. is the player portrayed in the picture causing the rumors. Wearing #31 (Yikes, are you over already?), the Cowboys’ 2020 second-round pick uploaded a different picture to his stories in which he’s in a photo shoot.

I believe in coincides, but yeah, this looks like the real thing.

The has seen many NFL teams change uniforms. To be specific, seven teams will be rocking new looks when the season kicks off. Although the Cowboys will not be changing their uniforms, them wearing a patch will be a fun twist.

It would’ve been the perfect season to bring back the throwback uniforms, but the NFL rules still don’t allow teams to use multiple helmets. Earlier this year rumors emerged on the league getting rid of the rule in the next couple of years.

In the meantime, the Cowboys seemingly will be wearing a patch to celebrate the anniversary.

I’m intrigued by what else the Jones family is planning to honor the team’s rich history asides from the patches, though. With restrictions keeping fan attendance limited, some plans might need to be adjusted, but I’d be surprised if the Cowboys don’t find a way to give the a show.

Of course, will be wishing they celebrate it by bringing the sixth Lombardi Trophy to The Star in Frisco.

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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  1. Chill, Reg. We’re talking about football uniforms, not melting icecaps. Besides, you’re wrong on several counts. The numbers on the white jerseys have always been royal blue. What have the helmets historically matched? Not the pants, there has always been the silver, metallic blue clash since silver was introduced to the uniform. I’d like to see them much but whatever. I agree the blue jersey have become quite ugly buI don’t recall the numbers ever being silver. I can’t speak to Tex Schramm turning over.

  2. While I agree the Cowboys’ uniform is iconic, it is not the equal of the Yankees’. Also, there have been numerous changes to the uniform since 1964. In ’64, the sleeve had three stripes; that was later changed to two. The blue jersey has been given an entirely new sleeve stripe with a star upon it.The original silver helmet had a blue star with a white border; a second border, this one blue, was added a couple years later. The TV numbers have been have moved from the sleeve to the shoulder. In 1976, one of the blue stripes on the helmet was changed to red to commemorate the USA bicentennial. In the 80’s they put players’ number on the hips of the pants. The color of the pants has been tweaked several times, including a stretch where they had a greenish hue because it read more like metallic blue on television than did actual metallic blue. They have had satin on the front of the pants and not. They have worn a huge star on the shoulder with blue sleeves (and a reverse scheme on the blue). The blue jersey numbers have one from solid white to white with a double border. They have worn striped stirrups and solid stirrups. They added a logo to the front of the blue jersey. They have worn white pants, silver pants, and metallic blue pants. There’s more, including color rush and throwback unit. I’ll grant that the basic idea of the white jersey uniform has been consistent and you might consider none of the changes mentioned here to be major, in which case, your point stands.

  3. The Cowboys Uniforms are UGLY, PERIOD. They SHOULDN’T have NEVER Changed NOR Tinkered with ANYthing. WHY Mess with the Color of n on the Helmets…???!!! The Home White Jerseys are Suppose to Traditionally be Navy Blue Names & Numbers – NOT Royal Blue. The Home Trousers are THEE WORST in Cowboys History AND Out of ALL Team’s Trouser Colors, PERIOD. WHERE does GREEN go with ANYthing on the Cowboys Uniforms…??? WHEN has the Cowboys EVER had GREEN ANYwhere AND in ANYthing “Dallas Cowboys” in HISTORY…??? TRADITIONALLY & HISTORICALLY, the Cowboys Helmets have ALWAYS MATCHED. AND, WhatEVER Happened to the 3-Striped Socks that Matched the Stripes in the Middle of the Helmets & Down the Side of the Trousers – with the Second WHITE Pair of Socks over them, but under the 3-Stripes…????????? The Road Blue Jerseys with the White Names & Numbers are UGLY, TOO. VERY BLAND & WEAK N TO BE DARK WITH THOSE THE NAMES & NUMBERS IN WHITE. The Blue is Suppose to be Darker AND the Names & Numbers in Dark Metallic Silver Grey WITH that SAME Color (Dark Silver Metallic Grey) in the Trousers. And, the Socks Double Socks Matching the 3-Stripes on the Side of the Trousers. I HATE the Present Cowboys Uniforms. They’re DISGUSTING. I CAN’T stand the Turquoise/Green in the Home Trousers. THAT Reason for Adding Green to look Different than the Detroit Lions Uniforms was n is NONSENSE. The Cowboys are More to Blame for MESSING UP their Uniforms as Much as Nike and Reebok before them. Tex Schramm is Turning Over in his Grave at those UGLY Uniforms and his Tradition RUINED.

  4. Looks like they changed the color of the pants this year. More blue and less silver/metallic. I prefer the pant colors they had during the ‘90s. Cowboys silver blue. A better match with the helmets.

  5. The pants they wear with the white jersey is called Cowboys Blue. They wear a silver color pants with the navy blue jersey. Personally, I like their uniforms although I agree with the post that suggested they wear a completely navy blue uni. I also think that would look much cooler than the all white Color Rush uniforms they wear. That looks so bland, it’s terrible.

  6. Remember, those white helmets can make it easier for Dak to spot recievers downfield, unless playing against a team who also has white helmets.
    I think I should go back to the darker silver pants of old rather than the lighter colored silver or white they’re using now. Those lighter-colored silver pants is not Dallas Cowboys color to me.
    If they use the white helmets with white pants, there won’t be enough (if any) silver on their uniform anymore! Using those darker silver pants with a white helmet makes a lot of sense to me. Gotta keep that third color in play.

  7. I cant stand those home white jerseys. I want us to go back to the 90s jerseys where that star is on the shoulders! They are so much crisper & look killer. Like our all white color rush uniforms or our blue jersey with white pants white helmet with blue star!
    Get rid of these boring ass white jerseys. I believ that those white home jerseys are a curse. Whenver we play in other uniforms we play a hell of alot better!

  8. Why not consider changing the color of the face mask from gray to metallic blue matching the star?! I have a Cowboys helmet in which I painted it Blue and it looks absolutely fantastic!!!

  9. I would like to thr team sport a All Navy Blue uniform. Blue jersey and pants. I think that would sharp as a all solid color option. Just like some teams do with there solid color of there uniforms. #Dalls Cowboy Fan for Life.

  10. I wish they would incorporate a third alternative uniform. Alot of teams have tradition as well, but still find the time to include their newer fan base with more updated sheik uniforms.
    Far as this helmet rule, I believe the franchise are using it as an excuse, not to incorporate their throwback or alternative uniforms. We have seen, the L.A. Rams wear different uniforms and helmets, within a season. Blue with white horns and blue with yellow horns. So, I dont know where this farce is coming from.

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