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Cowboys WR Depth Best They’ve Had in Jason Garrett Era

When the made the for Amari Cooper a week ago, the focus was on what this meant at the top of the , and rightly so. The team got better in the starting lineup with as their WR1. Not only does his addition in the starting lineup make the Dallas Cowboys better on , by pushing and down the depth chart, the Dallas Cowboys got better when they decide to go with four and five . The biggest impact is what it does for the wide receiver depth in general. It's the best group of wide receivers they've had in the era.

When the Cowboys line up to play the next Monday night, this is what the wide receiver group will look like:

Obviously Cooper and Beasley are the headliners for the Dallas Cowboys offense, but Michael Gallup has turned it on over the last couple of games. Gallup led the team in receiving in their loss to the . Allen Hurns has been underwhelming for most of the season, but came on strong with his best game of the season week seven as well.

The trade for Cooper should allow the Dallas Cowboys offensive staff to put Hurns in the slot more moving forward. When Hurns was with the , he did a lot of his best work in the slot and working the middle of the field.

2012 was the last time the Dallas Cowboys had a receiver over 1,000 yards receiving and one wide receiver with more than 900 yards receiving when had his breakout season and finished third on the team in receiving yards. But that wide receiver group was top heavy as was the third most productive receiver on the team that season.

In 2011, they got a big season from , but Mile Austin had a little more than 500 yards receiving and played only 10 games. Jesse Holley had the fourth most receiving yards that season and the Dallas Cowboys didn't have a player eclipse 1,000 yards on the season.

For years, was the first or second best pass catcher on the roster, but the wide receiver group was never as good as it is this season. They've been top-heavy with Dez Bryant, but haven't been as deep as this group has been in 2018.

It's not likely that we'll see two receivers approach 1,000 yard seasons, but the quality of player they have up and down the roster is the best Garrett's ever had.

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Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper, Cole Beasley

Amari Cooper and Allen Hurns have both had 1,000 yards seasons. Cole Beasley is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL. Michael Gallup is one of the best young wide receivers this team has had since Dez Bryant. Deonte Thompson and Tavon Austin provide excellent depth and have come up with big plays of their own this season.

Their depth gives the Cowboys more options with personnel deployment and the staff should be excited to take advantage of it.  and Jason Garrett love to use multiple tight ends as well as 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR). They should use more personnel groupings that get their best pass catchers on the field at the same time, meaning more 10 (1 RB, 0 TE, 4 WR). I like as a , but I don't believe that he's one of the four best pass catchers on the Cowboys roster. Having him or another tight end on the field during obvious passing situations — like they did in the two-minute drill on Sunday — is a crime against offense. I like Shultz and think he could be a serviceable tight end in the NFL, but he shouldn't be on the field in that situation.

As I mentioned when I broke down the two-minute drill against Washington, the Cowboys failure to have packages to get their best four pass catchers on the field in crunch time is inexcusable. Moving forward, the Cowboys have to figure out how to get Cooper, Beasley, Hurns, and Gallup on the field together. Specifically, they should look at putting Cooper and Gallup on the outside with Beasley and Hurns in the slot.

The Dallas Cowboys have the depth at wide receiver to line up this group in some versatile sets. There is no reason that they need to have a tight end on the field in obvious passing situations. As the Cowboys move forward it would be to their benefit

John Williams
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