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Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant “Pick Up Where We Left Off”

Just as the fervor from fans and speculation from the media of a potential return of the Dallas Cowboys all-time leader in touchdown receptions began to wane with free agency a couple of weeks old, the buzz grew to a fever pitch yesterday when Dez Bryant announced that he and Dak Prescott had a practice session yesterday.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

@dak and myself just finished a great workout session.. picked up where we left off

Though it’s unknown whether the Cowboys are interested in a Dez Bryant reunion under new Head Coach Mike McCarthy, there’s potential for a fit with the Cowboys. With Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup at the head of the wide receiver depth chart, that group lacks a legitimate third option or someone that could work from the slot.

Though it has been assumed that the Cowboys would go into the draft looking to fortify their wide receiver corp, Dez Bryant still makes sense as a veteran depth option for the Dallas Cowboys. He and Stephen Jones have spoken and Bryant remains interested in a return to the only team he’s ever played a game for.

This play serves as a reminder that it wasn’t all bad when Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant played together.

The front office with a new coaching staff to collaborate with has begun taking chances on veteran free agents that are 30 or older. Under Jason Garrett, the Cowboys rarely chased older players in free agency, opting to keep their team young and hope to develop draft picks. While it was great to have a young team, that youth didn’t take the Cowboys where they were hoping to go. Though things didn’t work out under Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan, a fresh start is possible with Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore.

Because of Amari Cooper’s versatility to be able to play in the slot and on the outside, the Cowboys can find a way to make a reunion work with Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant could back up both Cooper and Michael Gallup while offering some work in the slot as well. He’s not a slot wide receiver like we often think of in the Cole Beasley or Julian Edelman mold, but his size and physicality can help him win in the middle of the field against corners and his athleticism can help him win against linebackers.

Much like the signings of Gerald McCoy, Dontari Poe, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and Aldon Smith, bringing Dez Bryant back wouldn’t keep the Dallas Cowboys from investing in a wide receiver in the draft, but it means they won’t feel forced to do so.

While players like Devin Smith, Noah Brown, and Cedrick Wilson offer some intrigue on the wide receiver depth chart, there’s nothing to their games that indicates they can step into 70% of the offensive snaps left available in the wake of the Randal Cobb’s departure.

Dez Bryant may not be the player he was in his prime, but he still has a lot to offer as a depth player in the Cowboys offense. Getting work in with the Cowboys franchise quarterback is certainly an interesting development in the possibility of Bryant’s return.

Bryant has always been vocal about his belief in Dak Prescott as a quarterback. Though at times during their time together it seemed they might not have been on the same page, it never affected their relationship on or off the field.

An offense with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Blake Jarwin, the Cowboys offensive line, and a healthy and reinvigorated Dez Bryant will be nearly unstoppable if the Dallas Cowboys decide to pull the trigger on a reunion with their former Pro Bowl wide receiver.

In the 29 games Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant played together, Bryant averaged four receptions on 7.86 targets for 56 yards, and half a touchdown a game. Those aren’t eye-popping numbers, but if you have Bryant, who was dealing with injuries for much of those two seasons, as your number three receiver he provides you really solid depth as the Cowboys hope to make a run in 2020.

They may not bring Dez back to the Cowboys, but it’s definitely an option that is worth exploring by the front office and the coaching staff.

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

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  1. Not sure bringing back Dez makes sense. I liked Dez and his energy, but why did they let him go in the first place? From what I remember, it was because he was not a good enough route runner? for Dak, and he was becoming a distraction. So what will change NOW. They have younger WRs on the roster right now, Devin Smith in particular, that have the upside to fill the slot role. Why bring back a guy that was said to be a problem.

    PLUS, the upcoming draft is very good and deep with WRs. Go get a Reagor or Hamler on possibly day three for the slot. Or possibly a Jeudy in the first round, or a Higgins in 2nd rd. There are so many other good possibilities.

    • The reason he was cut is cause he wasn’t performing the way a number 1 receiver should have been!! But now Dez knows we have our number 1 receiver and if he comes back he won’t be that guy anymore!! But he’s definitely worth bringing back!! Having him Gallup and Cooper on the field at the same time would be almost impossible to stop!! There would be at least one of them open on every pass play, especially if Cooper is coming out of the slot!!

      And even if we do bring Dez back, that doesn’t mean we still can’t draft another receiver in the draft!! It would be stupid to draft one earlier than the 3rd or 4th round with all the help we need on defense, but either way we can still draft another receiver in the draft even if we did bring Dez back!! Having him and Gallup on the outside and having Cooper in the slot would make our offense almost impossible to stop…. Especially if we have Cooper coming out of the slot matched up with a lesser slot corner or a LB or a safety!! It’s hard to stop Cooper on the outside, it would be even harder if he was coming out of the slot…. But that’s just my opinion!!

  2. The reason he was cut is because he was set to make upwards of 12 million per year and was not performing statistically on par with the league’s top WRs. At the time that was top dollar for a WR, believe it or not. The route running, while mostly true, was used as an excuse. If he were close to physically the same player he would be a very good value on a cheap deal. Dez excelled with Romo at QB throwing him high point, 50/50, fades and jump balls. Dak never really could do that with Dez which led to his statistical decline, leading to some Dez griping and ultimately his inability to justify his 75 million dollar deal that was hitting the high end of the annual cap hit. The main thing that changed for Dez was the QB. They know this.

  3. I think bringing Dez back would be a good idea…. Cooper can play in the slot, so we can have Dez and Gallup on the outside and and put Cooper in the slot…. How will any defense be able to stop all 3 of them…. Especially if we have Cooper coming out of the slot!! Idk if it’ll be too good of an idea to put Dez in the slot cause he’s always been an outside receiver!! But Dez is worth bringing back…. It was stupid to let him go in the first place, but we can’t change the past, all we can do is look to the future and having Dez back on the team would be good for the team in the future!! But that’s just my opinion!!

  4. If Dez is in shape and can still execute ON field, no doubt he could help the team.
    But IMO that isn’t at ALL where the concerns lay with bringing back Dez, it’s the sideline and OFF field antics that TBH haven’t we had enough of from NFL prima donna’s?

  5. Hey Guy’s (Cowboys Management) give Dez a chance, we all make mistakes in life, perhaps by now he has learned his lessons. I for one would like to see him in a Cowboys shirt again.

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