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Dak Prescott and Much of the First-Team Offense Working Out in Miami

's story Saturday featured himself, , , newly acquired rookie And much of the first-team putting some work in at one of the University of Miami facilities.

Let’s not forget that not too long ago fans were upset because Prescott and others weren’t spending every waking moment on the practice field. By the looks of that photo, every single person looks INCREDIBLE.

Training camp begins on July 27 and will include 13 practices that are open to the public. The camp concludes on August 10, after which the Cowboys will have joint practices on the road.

Dallas will open their against the on August 13 before facing the on August 20.

You can tell they have been putting in work all . What I love the most about this photo is Tolbert. He is going to shine bright for Dallas and will have a nice roll his rookie season so I’m glad he is getting work in with them before training camp kicks off.

This is something that I am sure they have been doing behind the world of for the last handful of months. Prescott just posted this to let us all know it’s game on.

This also gives me hope Schultz will be hanging around long-term. We know he was in and out this off-season with the contract talk, but it is GREAT he is still with these guys getting work in. Regardless if they come to a deal within the next week or so. Nonetheless, he looks like he is committed to Dallas.

I am so ready for September, ready for the offense to get to work with the who will be stellar. I know these guys have been working all off-season, but some just want to pay attention when guys aren’t on the football field living a normal life like you and me.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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P Wil

What’s the hurry? Enjoy the low key present where you can imagine fairy tales. Once the real season begins it’s back to the depressing return of “they can’t win big games against good teams”.
Every source says this is a mediocre team. Last year we had a superior team! Didn’t matter, embarrassment.


You must be that DUMB to actually think that.

Ruben Trevino

Rebuid the Offensive Line Again!! They protect your Quarterback and open your running lanes for your Backs!!!


Looks Like this Team is gonna be SHARP when the Season Comes Around! The Only Two Real Concerns are the OL and the Kicking Game.


Roger and Drew Pearson would ALWAYS put in extra practice together and look at the results!!! Hopefully this workout will help, especially for the rookies.

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