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Dak Prescott Asks Cowboys for $45 million for 5th Year of New Contract

Yesterday on 105.3 The Fan Chris Simms of NBC Sports mentioned that Dak Prescott’s representatives have come back to the negotiating table with a new ask. As has been reported for a while now, Dak Prescott and his team have been seeking a four-year deal, which would allow him to reach at age 30. On the flip side, the have been hoping to lock Prescott up for five years in his new deal.

As Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan and Cowboys Maven on Sports Illustrated has reported, the Dallas Cowboys have offered a five-year $175 million contract that would come to $35 million a year. Dak Prescott and his people would prefer a four-year contract at the same average annual salary. Fisher also outlines the ins and outs of the current ask and what it means.

In a four-year deal, Dak Prescott would hit free agency again in the of 2023, just after the NFL and the television networks new deal for the broadcast rights would go into effect. The next T.V. deal is expected to be a huge revenue boon for the NFL, which would escalate the and players’ salaries across the league. Prescott and his representatives want to be able to get a new contract early in the next television deal.

The Dallas Cowboys would like the fifth year of control of their franchise in the hopes of delaying his next mega-deal until 2024 instead of Prescott’s desired 2023.

In order to give up the ability to go into free agency at age 30 instead of age 31, Dak Prescott’s representatives have asked the Cowboys for $45 million as the price for a fifth year on the deal. That would mean, that instead of five years $175 million, it would be five years and $185 million or an average annual value of $37 million a year.

While the $45 million number is a shocking amount to hear, think of it in terms of the average annual value for the life of the contract. That’s just $2 million more a year than the current offer from the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys may not agree to that number, but the gap is narrowing for the Cowboys and Prescott.

As we’ve discussed a lot over the last several months, the biggest sticking point has been the number of years in the new agreement. Now a fifth year looks to be on the table.

Remember, this is all a part of the negotiations. Prescott’s representatives know the Cowboys want five years so they’re going to make the Cowboys pay handsomely for that fifth year. It may not come down to the most latest figures being proposed, but you can bet that Prescott would see a pay raise in year five that would make it worth his while.

In turn, the Cowboys could continue to hold steady at their previous offer of five years $175 million ($35 million a year) and hope that the price for that fifth year comes down a bit more.

In a negotiation, you never start with the number you’re willing to accept. So while Prescott’s representatives have reportedly thrown out $45 million as a year five salary, the reality is they’d probably be willing to take less to have the Cowboys buy a year of Prescott’s future free agency. And that’s what this all really comes down to.

There’s still nearly two months until the NFL’s deadline for players to sign their franchise tags. Plenty of time to get a contract finalized. Now that the Cowboys is back in Frisco and the likelihood that the NFL will begin to hold practices at some point soon, the Cowboys and Prescott will be motivated to get a deal done. That’s all the momentum they’ll need to get a deal.

The Dallas Cowboys want Dak Prescott to be their quarterback. Dak Prescott will be the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Everyone involved in the negotiations wants a deal to happen. When there’s motivation from all parties involved to come to an agreement, an agreement will come.

What do you think?


Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. Pay Prescott 40 million $$! For what?? How many Super Bowls has He won and lead the Cowboys to playoffs?
    He should be luckly he is still be offer contract! ! The Cowboys are in good place to get new quarterback in draft! I would draft a quarterback and trade Prescott!!.

  2. I completely agree with the previous post her on Andy Dalton and that he could win as many games as deck Prescott could and save the organization $25 million it could be used on other very important players. Think about it. Replace deck with many of the other quarterbacks in the NFL and I bet the Cowboys would’ve won more games. When Prescott has to win a game by throwing the football, he is an average quarterback at Best

  3. You should be working for CNN or ABC news because you jumped on this completely false news story before it was ever even confirmed, reporters like you are simply no conscience human beings aka”Zombies” that never have to answer for the pain they cause for people from the lies they write !

    What a complete loser you really are !

  4. Dak best yr was when o line and E Elliot were best in league (no longer the case) Type of QB who needs elite talent and stars to line up around him to excel and certainly not QB that can carry a team, yet wants to be highest paid QB in league. Aside from putting up gaudy numbers ( think T. Romo) what has he won? Shows what a important commodity QB is in NFL when we reward mediocrity to this degree

  5. I am all for a person asking for whatever they want, you are worth whatever a person is willing to pay you. Not a penny more or a penny less. What Dak’s agents are not taking into account is that the US economy has been staggered by COVID-19 and NFL revenues may temporarily go down not up. Certainly not the 50% increase over the next 5 years as predicted. Dak is my favorite player on the team but the last 4 years have shown that Dak is a very very good quarterback not a great or elite quarterback. Dak’s best asset is Dak. He is truly one of the best leaders in the NFL but as history has shown he needs to be surrounded by good players for him to succeed.

  6. It has been probably cliche that almost all professional sports players are overpaid but during this pandemic it just seems a lot worse when you have over 30 million Americans unemployed and most of them work.paycheck to paycheck. I know he has been under paid because he was drafted in the fourth round but I am getting really disgusted of the greed of the concept of.professional sports when we have frontline workers like doctors, nurses, nursing home staff, and people on the front lines who keep this country running by endangering themselves and their families during this pandemic. I have been a cowboys fan for almost my entire life but I am tired of millionaires (the players) and billionaires (the owners) squabbling over hoards of cash.

  7. This is all about greed. But it starts with the owners charging ridiculous prices just to sit in nosebleed sections. A typical family of four can’t afford to even go to a game anymore. This is what’s so sad about the sport all sports as a matter fact. Hopefully the fans will wake up and quit buying tickets. And now for the Dak situation. If I were in his shoes I would accept 30 million a year. Cash in on the endorsements for the next 4-5 years. 30 million a year you could set your whole family up for life and generations down the road. At this point in his career Dak is not an elite quarterback he is a middle of the road quarterback who benefited from running up stats against bad teams. I do believe Andy Dalton could lead this team just as well as Dak could at this point in time. Please don’t get me wrong I like Dak Prescott and I want to see him excel. I don’t believe he hit his ceiling yet. I think with McCarthy as the coach he will get the best Dak. Dak should also realize by taking just a little less it would allow the team to sign better players and possibly go win some championships. Something that is long overdue in Dallas. These players arguing over 30 million or 40 million really need to have a reality check. I know they are taking a chance of getting injured and that’s why they need to make sure they have a good injury clause in their contract. At the end of the day it all comes down to greed from the top down. Come on Jerry / Dak do what’s right for your team and your fans. Imagine if you did that.

  8. Play Dak on the exclusive franchise tag this year, then place the non-exclusive tag on him the next year. That allows other teams to make offers. If Dak receives one he likes, we can either match it or let him go and, by league rule, collect 2 #1 picks from that team. Those 2 picks ought to net us a pretty good QB in next year’s draft, maybe even Lawrence, and be done with Dak.

  9. I am officially beginning to lose respect for Dak. Greed is taking over and it’s getting intolerable. I’m a Spurs fan and this is feeling like Kawhi Leonard’s stupidity. I agree the Cowboys mishandled this situation, but Dak is going to blow this with fans if he doesn’t meet halfway. ESPECIALLY if the Cowboys bend to this stupidity and he has an average year.

  10. The question to ask might be … by the time that 5th year comes around, what will the cost of the QB Franchise tag be? It could very well be at least $45 million, but if you project it to be lower, I would decline.

    Prescott is a nice QB, regardless of what the haters and lovers say … he’s a fine NFL starter who can either get you to a Super Bowl or at least be part of a team that can get to a Super Bowl (depending on which side of that fence you are on), but he is not a hinderance for a contender to have.

    That being said, Prescott’s game and skills do not necessarily equate to his stats. His stats suggest he is elite … his skills do not. The only thing about Prescott that’s elite is his intangibles and he’s starting to put those in jeopardy.

  11. Relax everyone

    There is a middle ground between most of the these comments posted.

    First: If ya think Dalton sucks as a QB? Lol
    He diesn’t and ge has the tools. So I can see him being successful with Dallas.

    Second: $45 million for 5th year is ridiculous
    Around $40 million ok
    Dak should get around $180 ish for 5 years

  12. Prescott thinks he is a so called “market setting” QB, and by projecting out what the market will be at the end of a 5 year contract, he wants $45 million. The problem is, HIS MIXED PERFORMANCE and the FACT that he has NOT WON ANYTHING YET, it totally belies his fantasy theory. IT IS INSANE!

    Mini-camps have already started. Tom Brady is already working out with his WRs. Probably other QBs have started working out with their WRs.

    Tom Brady signed a TWO YEAR DEAL for $50 million with Tampa Bay Bucs. Lets seeeeeee, that comes out to, DING DING DING, $25 million per year. Just let that sink in. This man who has PLAYED IN NINE SUPER BOWLS and has SIX SUPER BOWL RINGS. Jones should have made a real run at Brady and he would most likely, have another SUPER BOWL RING this coming year.

    LASTLY, GREEDY, SELF CENTERED Prescott IS ALREADY HURTING THE TEAM. With this distraction and the time wasted, it is UNDENIABLE, especially with the compressed time frame due to the virus. And to all the Prescott lovers, if you don’t think this won’t have an affect on the success of the TEAM, think again. While other QBs are ALREADY working out with their respective WRs, getting their timing down, where the hell is PRESCOTT? Probably home, counting his endorsement money.

  13. He needs to start making plays in the red zone and come back when down a little. I know a lot of that was due to head coach but still he has not shown enough to be whing for top dollar above better QB’s.


  14. $45 mill is not bad. That means in the contract it would be year 1 $25 mill, year 2 $35 mill, year 3 $35 mill, year 4 $35 mill and year 5 $45 mill. This isn’t bad thing at all especially next year the QB market will already be $40+ mill. That means he wants the back end loaded and not take up big cap hit early on. This is a good thing since the cap goes up every year. So he wants to average $35 mill a year on 5 years. Not a bad thing at all. The way cap goes up he would rank the around the 20th highest paid QB in the last year. He’s not asking for $45 mill. a year. Some people don’t understand contracts and are Dak haters so bad it’s unbelievable. To think Andy can win more then 5 games in a season is just ignorant as hell to Dak. At best we only winning 2-5 games with Dalton a season and Rush would’ve maybe gotten us 1 win. For only $900k more then Rush Dalton is better but not even close to Dak talent.

    • INCORRECT! He wants $37 million a year, that’s what it would average with the $45 million he wants for fifth year. Please get your figures straight before losing credibility, and calling other people ignorant. Where do you get the $25 million for first year???

      “At best we are winning 2-5 games with Dalton”. Dalton can EASILY win more than 2-5 GAMES. Let me be kind to you, and just say, that is just an outrageous statement.

    • Apparently you don’t know much about Andy Dalton!! You think he can only get us 2-5 wins in a season….. Now that’s just ignorant!! Andy Dalton has taken a poor Cincinnati team to the playoffs 4 or 5 seasons in a row…. And has an average of 10 wins a season with a Cincinnati team that wasn’t even half as good as we are!! Put him at the helm of an offense that’s as good as ours and he’ll get us to the playoffs for sure…. And more than likely get us further into the playoffs than Dak ever has!! So before you try calling somebody else ignorant try doing a little research cause your statement just made you sound ignorant!!

  15. Prescott is at best a mid range Qb. Yes he threw for a lot of yards last year, he is not accurate with a lot of his throws and without a lot of fantastic catches by his receivers those yards would have dropped off dramatically. A lot of those yards came against some of the worst defenses in the league. Didn’t win a single game when trailing at half time despite having a great running back and one of the best offensive lines in the nfl. He left the defense on the field to long for too many times. Yes he deserves a pay raise from his rookie contract, needs to show a lot of improvement over what he’s done so far before getting the money he thinks he deserves now. Other teams made stupid mistakes in paying their Qb’s so much. But all of them have made it to the SB. If he wants the kind of money he is asking for, get the team to the SB, then we can talk.

  16. Dak is unbelievable $45 million a year? For what? He hasn’t earned a SB ring. Now I know that isn’t all his fault, but come on, can we say he is being just a bit greedy. I have always like Dak, but this contract issue has turned into a soap opera. He acts like Dallas has no other option than him. One thing Dak needs to keep in mind is that while Andy Dalton might not have a SB ring either, he also didn’t have the players around him that are on this team. If Dak decides to hold out, Dalton just might step in and win for the Cowboys. You never now Dak will screw around and find himself expendable if Dalton is forced to start and produces success.

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