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Dak Prescott Makes History w/ 400-Yard Game in Week 1

Dak Presott threw for over 400 yards in Thursday night's season-opening contest between the Cowboys and . This is actually becoming a regular occurrence for Dallas' franchise , and in fact Prescott set a record in with his most recent performance.

Going back to Week 2 of the , Dak has thrown for 400 yards or more in four of his last five games. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Prescott is the first NFL passer to achieve this.

As you likely remember, Dak was on a record-setting pace with his passing yardage in 2020. Totaling 1,690 yards in his first four games, Prescott was in line to smash the 5,477 single-season record by and perhaps even reach 6,000 yards for the year.

Unfortunately, Dak's well-known from Week 5 ended that campaign. But if Week 1 was any indication, Prescott's returned and picked right back up where he started.

2021 presents an unprecedented opportunity for records to be broken. With a 17th regular-season game for the first time in NFL , per-game production can go down a little but still allow for single-season records to be surpassed.

The Cowboys' this year is clear designed for Prescott to succeed. We saw the “pick your poison” strategy on full display against Tampa; Dak got the ball to , , and with ease depending on the Bucs' coverage.

Plenty can happen in the NFL as we were painfully reminded of last year. But barring , 's potential to shatter the passing yards record in 2021 is impossible to deny. Hopefully, unlike on Thursday night, his individual success will lead to lots of wins for the Cowboys this year.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Alfonso Nava

Soy vaquero desde 1977 y me a tocado ver desde Staubach Dorsett , Aikman, Emmit etc. Que gran privilegio y grandes estrellas de los vaqueros como ahora, si y vaquero de corazón


Stats and yards are nice. Wins are much more important. He came close again. Maybe next week the Boys will have a win. That is much more important to us Dallas fans. Winston had less than 150 yards, he also had 5 TDs and walked away with a HUGH win over the Packers.


I have been a Dallas fan since ’71, I even named my son after the Great Randy White. I would like to see more wins and less individual stats.


DP had a very good game vs Bucs. That said, the quandary is…

For all his “individual success”, we still lost the game, and IMO, that’s all that matters. Going back to last year, the team is, unfortunately, 2-4 with him at the helm, and those two wins against “inferior” teams were not good, solid wins.

With creating four TOs, dominating TOP, along with Bucs penalties and Bucs dropped passes, we should have taken full advantage and won the game. One should ask if we didn’t have all that going our way, would the score have been more lopsided?

I don’t think putting the team on DP’s back, and expecting him to get us across to he finish line first, is a particularly good strategy. I understand Bucs have a good front seven, but we supposedly have a top five RB. Abandoning the run was a mistake IMO. You have to keep the defense honest, or they just let the dogs loose with impunity.

Question for anyone here; is EE still a top RB?

gary b

VAM- I think it’s quite obvious that EE is maybe not even a top ten RB. He can’t make anyone miss in the open field and he is shockingly easy to get to the ground now. He used to carry guys for five yards on his back. Now he goes down way too easy. How many guys look great in training camp then it doesn’t translate to the regular season.

The opposite was true for Dak. He was non existent in the off season but hit the ground running. By any measure of metric Dak had a great game. He was the best cowboy on the field and the game would not have been competitive had he not had the game he did. He put the team in a great position to win but they couldn’t close the deal for a couple of reasons. #1 the kicker left four points on the field. #2 A Brown is terrible and #3 and most importantly they left 1:26 and a TO for the GOAT to get in FG range. Game over.

Agree they need a balanced attack but if Zeke is washed up that isn’t happening unless they give Pollard more touches.


gary b, sadly I have to agree with your critique of EE. I say sadly because he was THE best RB in his heyday, but the decline happened fairly quickly.


Same thing i saw last, tons of stats, bad in redzone, little to no wins, Dak can put up the stats, but he’s gotta put up W’s if he wants to justify the contract he got, it was great for coming off injury, but I gotta start seeing results sooner or later

Now with Zeke, I’m pissed off at him even more cuz I got him on one of my fantasy teams, should’ve known better lol. The guy is not top 10, not sure that he should be starting in a year or 2, yet GM GURU JERRY JONES RESTRUCTURED HIS DAMN CONTRACT SO THAT HE’LL BE A BIGGER CAP HIT DOWN THE LINE OF HIS CONTRACT

Good job Jerry


As far as Dak, I’ll clarify that it was a great and promising performance as far as us being able to win with him, he did his job, kicker just missed field goal and extra point, but from here on he’s gotta keep doing that, or else his contract wasn’t worth it, we’ll ultimately see what he can do this season

marlon hearne

Cowboys did good but gotta win it dak dud good but get Elliot more into the g as me instead of passing thats y he got that 400yrd well see next game against diego

Jeffrey Sones

Dak would trade yards for wins any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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