Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Non-Exclusive Franchise tag

    Picture this if you will… Dak Prescott strutting his stuff to the song “The Power” by Snap! like Jim Carrey in the movie Bruce Almighty. I honestly can't think of a more fitting image as it applies to contract negotiations between and Dak Prescott as things currently stand.

    The Dallas Cowboys are used to being in the drivers seat when negotiating long-term contracts, but the power dynamic has shifted in Dak Prescott's favor in this particular situation. The Cowboys have no one to blame but themselves. They tried to play hardball with Prescott and his representatives last year and now there's a possibility it could blow up in their face.

    Don't think for a second Dak Prescott doesn't know his value to not only the Dallas Cowboys, but just about any other team around the league. He and his reps have seen firsthand the value of the QB position this year and if they had any doubts of Prescott's market value they probably don't any longer.

    After seeing what the gave up in a to acquire from the , Dak Prescott's value is higher than it has ever been at any point in his career. That's saying something considering he's coming off of a serious season-ending ankle .

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    If the Rams were willing to give up two future first-round picks, a third-round pick this year, and Jared Goeff to land Stafford, what would a team be willing to pay Dak Prescott on the open market? The simple answer is a lot. Probably $40 million+ a season and that's terrible news for the Dallas Cowboys.

    With Prescott holding just about all the power and not a lot of room to work with, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves between a rock and a hard place. him long-term is arguably the best solution for both parties concerned, however, it's not and shouldn't be the only option on the table. The Cowboys need a Plan B in place if things start to turn ugly.

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    Enter the non-exclusive franchise tag.

    You may not be aware of it, but there's actually three different types of franchise tags…the exclusive, non-exclusive, and . In the Dallas Cowboys current situation with Dak Prescott only the exclusive and non-exclusive franchise tags makes sense.

    • On the “exclusive” franchise tag players cannot negotiate with other teams. The players team holds all of the negotiating rights.
    • On the “non-exclusive” franchise tag players can negotiate with other teams, but if the player signs an offer sheet with another team, the original team has the right to match the offer or receive two first-round draft picks as compensation.

    To me, the exclusive franchise tag makes absolutely no sense for the Dallas Cowboys. That means Dak Prescott will once again be playing under a one-year deal for the second season in a row to the tune of $37.7 million. If that happens it's highly unlikely Prescott would even consider any kind of future in Dallas beyond the , leaving Dallas looking for a new QB in 2022.

    That brings us to the non-exclusive franchise tag, the most logical and plausible solution for the Dallas Cowboys in my opinion. If the long-term negotiation contract talks hit a snag or turn ugly, the Cowboys shouldn't hesitate using this franchise tag on Dak Prescott. It's a gamble that runs a chance of losing him, but at least offers some form of compensation if that indeed ends up happening.

    On the non-exclusive franchise tag Prescott and his reps would be free to gauge his market value with other teams around the league. If offered a contract from someone else the Dallas Cowboys would then know his value as well and could choose to match said offer or accept the two first-round picks instead.

    I know it's a gamble, however, the Cowboys inability to sign Dak to a long-term extension in the past indicates these two weren't as close on working things out as we have been led to believe. At least letting someone else set his market value gives them an idea of his worth and the two potential first-round picks could give them the ammunition to find their next starting QB if worst comes to worst.

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    I don't know about you, but if contract talks turn sour between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott this using the non-exclusive franchise tag makes too much sense not to happen. It's either that or let him walk without receiving any kind of compensation this year. Which route would you choose?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Don Howard

    This is the most sensible article I’ve read on the situation with Dak the best idea so far and the only one I can agree with let him find out what he’s worth and if it’s over 35 mil say by get the two firsts and move on

    Bug Cowboy

    Last year when writers such as yourself acquainted us all with the non-exclusive franchise tag I thought it was the obvious solution to our contract struggles with Dak. It’s a beautiful rule and at least in my opinion there’s no downside. It lets Dak receive offers from other teams and we have the right to match or receive two first round picks from the offering team. No more fans and sportswriters throwing money around and pontificating on Dak’s worth. Now we’re talking real money from real NFL teams. I thought they should have done this last year. It was actually reported last year that Jerry didn’t want to do that because he didn’t want Dak to be embarrassed if either no offers or only low offers came in! What?? I thought this was supposed to be a business, in which case you would hope that happens so Dak and his agent would get their heads out of, I’ll be kind and say, the clouds and sign a reasonable deal. If everything falls apart at least you get two first round picks to trade for or draft your QB of the future. If we exclusive tag Dak, he and his agent have ALL the leverage. They can demand $50 M/year and we either pay it or this coming season will be Dak’s last in Dallas and then he walks in free agency and we get no compensation whatsoever.

    Big Cowboy

    That’s Big Cowboy!!!

    Gary b

    The cowboys have played this all wrong from the beginning. They could have signed him for a reasonable rate two years ago. As Dak has remained unsigned, other QBs HAVE been signed which drove up the market price.

    The cowboys should have predicted this and understood that paying him sooner would have been cheaper than paying him later. And the longer they wait the more the market price goes up. But Jerry isn’t a legit GM so he was unable to grasp this concept.

    Look we all know it’s not fair and Dak probably isn’t quite worth the money he’s asking for. But that’s not the point and is frankly irrelevant at this juncture. It’s business and the cowboys played it wrong. Now Dak holds all the cards and he’s gonna try to get paid max dollars just like every other player does who is chasing their 1st contract.

    U wanna get mad at someone get mad at our inept GM. He should’ve just given Dak the extra year he wanted. Jerry just can’t seem to make up his mind. Had he had supreme confidence in Dak (as he publicly says he does) he would have just given him that extra year. If he doesn’t have confidence in him then tag and trade him and start a full rebuild. Which would involve our inept GM rebuilding this team from the ground up AND trying to somehow find a franchise QB. Yikes


    What happens if Dak finds out what another Organization is willing to pay and makes an “unofficial” verbal agreement to sign with them in 2022, after he’s collected his 37 million from the Non-Exclusive franchise tag. Would the Cowboys still receive their 2 first round draft picks in this scenario?


    Would a non-exclusive francise tag still default to $37M salary if non other teams offer anything for Dak before the deadline for 2021? In my honest opinion no other teams are going to offer $40M per year on a long term deal for DAK. I think Dak’s agency is getting greedy and asking for a short term contract in hopes of geting a 2nd deal after the TV contract is done.


    I agree with the idea of non-exclusive franchise tag , 2 1st rounders , when do you get those exactly ? Is it the year of that you get both or do you just get one one year and next year you get the other ? Either way that would be a impressive haul , if you get it in one year then that means you got 3 1st rounders in one year which gives you flexibility to trade up in a draft if you like a QB in draft , and not have to trade any of your future valuable picks to get the QB you want

    Another thing is that this will let the market tell you how much Dak is worth , IMO he’s max 40 mill, i don’t why teams look at what’s happened to these guys that are overpaid and say you know what ? This will be different it won’t hurt us in the long run , you look at the teams that did overpay , the Vikings , wasting valuable healthy D Cook years , the Rams , who just got rid of Goff cuz he wouldn’t restructure his deal , Carson Wentz , benched for Hurts , I can keep going about these overpaid QBs, why are the Cowboys going to be any different than these teams ? We already overpaying guys rn and overpaying another isn’t gonna fix the issue , it’s gonna make it worse , I like Dak , and I want Dak to be the QB for our team but for 45-48 mill ? SORRY , BUT NO THANK YOU

    Big Cowboy

    I think the date is March 9 for the Cowboys to decide on which franchise tag to place on Dak. If the Cowboys go the exclusive tag route then Dak will be free to begin openly negotiating with anyone and everyone at the conclusion of this coming season. If the Cowboys place the non-exclusive tag on Dak then he can begin immediately negotiating with other teams. He doesn’t have to do anything unofficial. I think the non-exclusive tag is a wonderful option for all parties involved. If Dak is so mercenary that all he cares about is money and doesn’t care who it comes from, then he is free to pursue the moon and the stars. I think the reality is that while it’s true he wants absolute top dollar, he just wants it from the Cowboys. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. As that famous old English poet and scholar Mick Jagger once said, you can’t always get what you want.

    Chuck Wright

    Outstanding. This is EXACTLY what Da Boys should do. If someone else is willing to over pay, sit tight at #10, see if Lance or Wilson falls to you and if not, trade back and pick up Mac Jones, who like Dak is another Senior Bowl darling. Sign Teddy Bridgewater to a 2-3 year deal.

    People forget, the Rams already have a great D. . . Dallas has a crap D, time to rebuild the D + add a LT and WR (later round pick) as Gallup is likely to price himself out of the Dallas plan.

    Gary b

    What are the actual chances that another team signs Dak to a huge contract AND gives us two 1st rd picks.? Many in our fan base are balking at signing Dak to a big contract, much less surrendering two 1st rd picks to boot. I don’t see it happening, though if a team offered us say two high 1st rd picks it would be worth considering.

    All option’s should be on the table. But we gotta be smart about it.


    To me applying the non exclusive tag on Dak is a chess move while everyone plays Checkers. Let other teams duke it out for him. If the offer is too high, don’t match. Draft a young QB and sign a bridge guy like Dalton or Fitzpatrick back. Then you can save that money to tool up our defense


    Should have deployed this strategy last year. At worst Dallas would have also saved (approximately 5 million last year and 7 this year) million in cap space.

    How could 12 million have been used? Let us ponder 🙁


    @Gary b if a team takes Dak then we do get 2 compensatory 1st rd picks , right ? If i read that right we WILL get 2 1st rd picks if someone does take Dak , idk how that exactly works but from what was said on this article that’s what it’s saying

    Now to who would go and take him , i believe the Colts would be a team that would be willing to do that , 49ers if they plan on getting rid of Jimmy G , Saints is another possibility depending on if they have the cap room to do that , there’s plenty of teams who’d be interested cuz like the Rams , they’re desperate to WIN NOW , they’ll reach for a guy as long as that’s what they believe can put them over the top or right at it , cuz like the Rams , they got good players they got to pay , and will probably not be able to pay every one of their good players

    As far as benefits go , it would benefit the team in contention to get him and it would benefit us , Detroit got 2 firsts and a 3 in trade and Goff who will be 27 mill cap hit in 2021 (if his deal isn’t restructured ) and 25 mill in 2022 so yeah this was good for Detroit and depending on the results the Rams get , it was good trade for them too

    Same would be with cowboys and whoever would take Dak , we’ll get picks so we can fix up D , and be able to trade up in a draft and get a QB we like without giving away draft capital we already have (Or use it to go get D Watson) , and this will help SIGNIFICANTLY on our cap room problems meanwhile the team who takes Dak will be the one who has to worry about what their cap will look like, it’s a WIN – WIN

    Big Cowboy

    A lot of teams either don’t have a QB or are very unhappy with theirs. Look at what the Rams just did, gave up Goff and a haul of picks for someone to take him off their hands. We are in a different boat altogether. I don’t think Cowboy fans are truly, truly all that unhappy with Prescott, just with the price he’s asking. We don’t want him at that price. The talent just isn’t commensurate with the price. However, he is fairly highly regarded in the league. He is a competent NFL QB and as such is an asset we can parlay into two first round picks. I think Jacksonville might be interested in our #10 spot plus those two first rounders. Hello Trevor Lawrence on a rookie deal. Even if it was Justin Fields on a rookie deal, that’d work! I know it would take a little while to acclimate to the NFL, but I think both of them have a higher ceiling than Dak, and I’m really really not trying to disparage Dak. He is experienced and seasoned and ready to go, it’s just unhealthy for our club to pay him $40+ M/yr with so many other needs. Jerry, can you imagine the T. Lawrence jersey sales! Defense contractors would have to stop building tanks and jets and start printing jerseys to handle the demand!!


    And my thing is @Big Cowboys is that I mean even if the guy we get is a bust I mean look at what the Browns did this year , they a testament to the power of a rookie contract , i think we can agree on a certain level , Baker a bust at 1st overall and compared to other QBs who in his same draft class , they went and used there picks and went and paid a bunch of free agents and they got a good team now , so even if our guy that we get isn’t as good as Dak , we still can be a real good team , I will say i disagree with trading up in this draft , ZERO CHANCE Jags trading their pick , and as far as trading in this year’s draft , I don’t want to trade for Fields or go up in draft , the unknown for one and the fact we need this year’s picks to fix D , i think we should fix D with pick , bring back Dalton/Fitzpatrick with the prospect to show what they can do as starters for this next season , then in 2022 draft , we go do what he can to go get a QB we like in draft ,

    Big Cowboy

    If you don’t have to pay Dak $40+ M you can rebuild your D.


    Justin, totally agree. Let other teams deal with this mercenary. Its apparently ALL ABOUT THE MONEY with this guy. His love of money overtook his “love” for the game and team mates. Hope we don’t match an offer. Get the two picks and move on with a promising young QB to groom under a bridge QB, maybe Dalton.

    FACT, he was given MULTIPLE good offers, HE refused them all.

    Agree with Sam, this should have been done LAST YEAR. I commented last year about somehow trading this guy for picks. This type of tag kind of does that.

    That “imminent” deal that fell thru last minute, last year, may have been the last straw with JJ.

    Big Cowboy

    Do you remember the first “imminent” deal that fell through was early in the 2019 season. Jerry reported that a tentative deal had been reached and all they had to do was dot the ”i”s” and cross the “t’s”. Then we started the season 3-0 against I think the giants, redskins, and dolphins. In other words, three BAD teams! It was reported Dak’s agent crawfished on the deal after the 3-0 start and wanted more. Jerry was ballistic and deservedly so. Jerry is an old school deal maker where your word is your bond. It’s unlikely they reach any kind of an agreement.

    Gary b

    Again this is all dependent on another team signing Dak to a huge contract AND giving us the required two first round picks. What team or fan base will opt for that? Some of our fans don’t even wanna resign Dak much less give up two 1st rd picks. Just don’t see that happening. I know alot people would like to see it happen, but we have to be realistic about the probability.

    If we tag him and DON’T trade him then we are left with only a 3rd rd comp pick in 2022 to show for our efforts. In other words no extra picks and no QB.

    Big Cowboy

    If you exclusive franchise tag Dak, you still can’t trade him until he signs the tag. He’s not dumb, he doesn’t have to sign it until 10 minutes before opening kickoff, essentially too late to trade him and bring someone else in. He plays the season for $37 M then walks as a free agent at season’s end leaving us totally uncompensated, unless of course we outbid all bidders and sign him to a blockbuster deal at that point. He has this team totally over a barrel on the exclusive tag. The non-exclusive tag is the ONLY way to go.


    What exactly do y’all see in Dak ??? Pay him big money to go 7-9 or worse. Dak cannot beat winning teams period!!! Dak will never get Dallas to a super bowl!!!

    Big Cowboy

    We could do worse. Still, that’s not much of a sales pitch for a guy that wants 40 or 45 million is it?!?!?! LOL!!


    One QB who I like as a possible day 2 sleeper is Kellen Mond. Dude balled out at the Senior Bowl and has throughout his college career. He has similar measureables to Dak. Could he be a potential dark horse QB for us that no one had mentioned. Let Dak walk and get those picks and draft him to groom behind Dalton.


    This tyoe of tag was the first I thought of last year, but in trying to negotiate a longer deal, the Cowboys didin’t want to “hurt” Dak’s feelings and it bit them. This year they need to do this unless they decide to sign and trade. In any business, you need to know the true market value, if they want them they can match, if they let him walk get great picks. I have a feeling that after really taking a hard look at his stats/W-L record, teams will not be offering his perceived value.


    Big Cowboy, it’s good to see someone is paying attention. DP DID reneged on that “IMMINENT” deal, and JJ was pissed, and with good reason.

    BTW, after beating those 3 slug teams, DP went 5-8. Scores 9 points, 0 TDs, in game for the division vs eagles.

    Cowboys fan

    To say it again to you people that don’t know football like you think you do…. The win/loss record is a TEAM record, not a QB stat!! And Dak didn’t play good against the eagles for the division cause he had a injured shoulder, on his throwing arm at that!! He shouldn’t have even played that game cause his shoulder was that messed up!! But he tried anyways!! You people need to pay more attention and learn a little more about the game of football before you come on these sites making these stupid comments cause it really makes you look stupid!!

    Big Cowboy

    I said all last year that if the Cowboys had put the non-exclusive tag on Dak, he and his agent might have been shocked at the lack of offers or low-ball offers that came in to secure his services, at which point we would have been able to sign him to a reasonable deal. BTW Cowboys Fan, make your point here without name calling.


    Cowboy fan, yeah that’s the “go to” excuse for DP lovers in that game, his shoulder was messed up? Tell me, what are the excuses for the other SEVEN losses???

    QBs get the credit for WINS, so they should also take hit for loss. Give me a QB that throws for 200 yds and WINS, you can keep the the flashy, fantasy guy that throws for 350, including a lot of garbage yds, and losses.

    Our great RB Emmitt Smith had a SEPARATED SHOULDER and ran for 168 yards vs Giants in 1994.

    Stop making excuses for DP and save the name calling.


    Agreed VAM ,it’s like debating with a Tom Brady fan , they’ll give ALL the praise to Brady when they WIN but when they LOSE , IT’S EVERYONE ELSE’S FAULT ,

    @CowboysFan and the rest of you ppl who think the same way ,idc what you guys think , you guys are about as reliable as asking a “Doctor” on Twitter about Covid , BLINDED by your BIAS so much that you can’t look at this with a clear picture ,

    you want to blame it all on the D but the minute i mention the Rams game at the start of this last season , you ppl shut up and don’t say anything , cuz you know that Dak and the O lost that game , if you look at the game summary , Rams only scored 1 TD FOR THE ENTIRE 2ND HALF , WHAT ELSE DO EXPECT FROM THE COWBOYS D IN THAT GAME ? WHERE AS DAK THIS TOP 5 QB YOU PPL KEEP TELLING ME ABOUT WITH ALL THESE WEAPONS ONLY SCORED A FIELD GOAL FOR THE ENTIRE 2ND HALF , WHO’S FAULT IS THAT ? IF YOU SAID THE D THEN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DOESN’T KNOW FOOTBALL



    I agree with your points Gary b too , Jerry unleashed pandora’s box when he continually put off Dak’s contract to the last minute and paid the these other guys like Zeke , Cooper , D-Law , and J Smith , but as i sighted before , he’s making 50 mill off just endorsements , and that’s the power of being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys , look at Romo , if he played for anyone else , he probably wouldn’t have gotten his shot to be the main NFL commentator alongside Jim Nantz for CBS , so i mean with every other player i get why you get what you can on first contract but with Dak , I mean you can’t take 8 mill off ? Say what you want but Dak is being Greedy

    Gary b

    Not to beat a dead horse but the chances of Dak being tagged and traded are not good. Can’t imagine a team signing him to a huge contract AND giving us two 1st rd picks. So we’re left with tagging him then losing him without compensation and not having a QB or signing him long term. Am I missing something here? I understand how people feel and ur feelings and points are legit, but it comes down to realities and what will likely happen, not what we think SHOULD happen.


    To all the fans saying Jerrah should have given Dak the extra year he wanted, you have it backwards. Dak wanted the shorter contract so he could cash in again sooner. Please do your research and be informed before commenting.


    Let signs Dak Prescott and trade him during his value still good. He want the big money like a top QB. The cowboys had stuck up to negotiation with him…. He just averages the Quarter Back, not excellent to bring Cowboy win superball. He is sucker…get rid of it.

    James Morrisett

    Trade him for 2 first and a 2nd rounder

    Gary b

    Dan- that was me that misspoke and asked the question why didn’t Jerry just give Dak the extra year. I usually do my research but I got that one backwards.

    Franklin Paul Orick

    I believe he is worth more than 2-1st round draft picks, The Rams gave the lions Several 1st rd draft picks and Goff for Stafford…


    Trade Dak for the best offer. Then draft a quarterback in this quarterback heavy draft- Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, Jones.
    Bottom line it’s now or never.
    Dak has not proven to be worth what he demands having only 2 playoff wins in over 4 years of being the quarterback.
    With the saved money from drafting a quarterback to team friendly rookie contract could get best available free agent cornerback and maybe even another good offensive lineman and then build through the draft, hopefully drafting wisely, which Cowboys have not done in recent years.
    Cowboys need more than a quarterback.
    Time for Jerry Jones to move.
    Not fair to Dak or the fans to continue this purgatory situation.

    James A. Howerton II

    What ticks me off is that it never had to come to this. Stephen Jones needs to admit he’s gone the extreme other way from his dad. I think Stephen wants to prove to Jerry that HE can bring the Lombardi Trophy home but he’s clueless handling personnel negotiations because he’s f***ing cheap!!!
    If we lose Dak and don’t get high Draft Picks AND they DON’T trade him OUT OF THE NFC, I will be pissed!!!

    Donald G. Skipper

    Dak has proven that he is Tony Romo 2.0 A low draft pick scenario who became a slightly above average QB that everybody in the media likes and who wants elite $ but cannot earn the elite money by elevating his team to win playoff games or championships. Lots of stats, lots of wasted money on his 2019 & future contracts, very few playoff wins & no championships.

    Dak has won one playoff game in 4 full years with a top 5 OL and decent defenses. He has failed on 8 of his last 9 4th quarter comeback chances and the one win required a fluke onside kick to beat a bad team in 2020.

    The Cowboys were 8-8 in 2019. The losses to NO, NE, Chicago, Buffalo, Eagles & Jets were not the fault of the defense! Dak failed to lead 4th quarter win opportunities in all those games.

    The Cowboys were very close to a 0-5 start in 2020 with Dak at $31.4 mm and unable to resign their best CB and edge rusher of 2019 or sign top free agents to help the defense.

    DAK IS NOT AN ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP QB!!! He is a slightly above average NFL QB who has become a master at creating the illusion that he is elite by mesmerizing the fanboy media with his personality and by racking up empty stats against bad teams or against good teams in garbage time after the game is out of reach.

    Signing Dak to $40+MM per year will end any real hope of the Cowboys creating a team that can win a Super Bowl with a front office that could not win anything when they were paying Dak less than $2MM a year.

    It is way past time to accept that Dak is a good guy but not “The Guy” and move on to find the QB than can actually elevate the Cowboys to championships.

    Yes, it is not easy to find great QBs but overpaying average QBs is not the path to winning the Super Bowl. Fortunately. Lawrence, Fields, Wilson and Lance are all within reach in the 2021 draft & the cost to move up would be well worth the draft picks if the Cowboys can skillfully choose the best option.

    The savings on Dak & the picks for trading him would far more than offset the cost to move up and the chances of winning a championship would improve. If Dak is the great QB you claim him to be, the Cowboys should be able to get a great package from a contender for him.

    The non exclusive tag is unlikely to work because Dak does not have to negotiate with other teams or sign the franchise tag until just before the 2021 season after teams are likely to have their QBs set for 2021.

    The Cowboys best option is to work out a trade to a desperate contender that Dak is willing to approve and use the draft picks and money saved to build a defense and OL like Tampa around Fields, Wilson, Lance, Jones in the draft or signing one of the many other experienced QBs that are available at low rates or both.

    There is probably no team that will trade for Dak & pay him huge money until he proves his ankle is ok in many game situations. Any setback with the ankle would be a disaster for anyone who signs him. In truth, the Cowboys are probably the only team dumb enough to bet on Dak’s ankle and him becoming and elite QB.

    Tampa won in part because they only paid their GOAT elite QB $25 million. How can the Cowboys compete with that by paying their average QB $40+MM and counting on their inept front office to create miracles of talent around him???

    Dak must go because he is not an elite caliber championship QB and his likely championship net present value to the Cowboys is much less than a $200+MM contract that would cripple their cap situation.

    If Dak will not play ball on a sign and trade, the Cowboys may be in a scenario where they have to let Dak go for nothing but a comp pick to avoid a much bigger disaster of signing him long term with a permanent ankle issue that could appear at any moment or a Goff, Wentz, Garrapalo or Roethlisberger, etc. overpay scenario.

    Nothing for Dak is not ideal but it may be the best option and they are in a good position acquire a QB with elite potential in this draft and let Dak & his agent go chase a foolish team that will risk a catastrophe by betting on his ankle and far over paying him.

    Charles W Ingram Jr

    The question is not “can he lead us to a Super Bowl. but can he carry BOTH the offense and defense on his back to get there. This is still a team sport. It takes more than one guy, even more than 22 guys. Without a defense this team will not make a deep run even with Dak. Not his fault. I blame Jerry/Stephen for getting totally out foxed by their smartalec greed and questionable dealmaking.


    Donald G Skipper,. You touched all the bases. Great summing up of this greedy, drama king DP. If Cowboys cave, we are in for another long stretch of mediocrity.