Dak Prescott’s Agent Todd France Leaves CAA, Impact on Cowboys?

    One of the best-known agents in the NFL is parting ways with his agency. Todd France, who represents QB , has reportedly mutually agreed with CAA to part ways, per Sports Business Journal. The news comes as a surprise with the NFL's regular season about a month away, especially for who read all about Prescott's negotiations in the past few months.

    Although we don't know what will happen, many in have been overreacting in in different ways. By now, you've probably seen both the “Todd France is terrible” takes and the “All of France's clients will follow” takes.

    The truth is not that simple, though. As of right now, we don't know what Prescott's decision will be. With Todd France leaving CAA, the Cowboys' starting has a tough decision to make. Does he stick with the agent or the agency? This is likely a difficult decision to which fans have little to no insight.

    After all, negotiations are complicated. The fact that the Cowboys' and Dak didn't reach an agreement doesn't mean France is a bad agent, as many have suggested on social media. We know the two sides' disagreement stemmed mainly from the contract's duration. How early is it to jump on conclusions about France's work?

    So how does this impact Dak's future in Dallas?

    While many have speculated about Prescott changing his representation, there's little reason to believe the of him remaining a Cowboy will shift either way.

    Whoever is representing him, Dak Prescott will likely be tagged for the second time in 2021. If he is, he'll be still holding all of the cards, with a potential third tag costing the team over $54M.

    By now, Dak has bet on himself twice. Prior to the , Prescott decided to play out his rookie deal in hopes of breaking the bank in 2020. Now, with him set to play under the tag, he'll be hoping to raise his price tag on the field to be paid next season.

    But if by then the front office still refuses to come to grips with the current QB market, Prescott will likely place a bet on himself for a third time, this time guaranteeing himself in 2022.

    Whoever his agent is by then, don't expect the negotiations to change dramatically. Dak will still demand his worth, and if the Cowboys' front office still ignores what the QB market is like (paying top dollar to keep your franchise quarterback around), things will still get ugly.

    Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez
    I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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    Agent was asking too much for a QB that barely cracks the top 10. Lot’s of benefit being Cowboys QB. I would trade him and go after Aaron Rogers.


    Amari Cooper is barely top 10 and yet he was paid top 2 money. He would have been the highest paid if he took the offer from Washington. He was allowed to negotiate with other teams. DLaw is paid number 2 after Aaron Donald. Zeke is top in his position, but was paid early because he has a 5th year option. None of them were asked to take a home town discount.

    If Jerry didn’t want Dak, he could have used the transitional tag and everyone would know what Dak was worth on the open market. Dak wanted a 4 year agreement so he could negotiate again sooner rather than later.

    Let’s use Kirk Cousins. Washington didn’t believe he was worth what he was asking. He didn’t play his first 2 years because they had RG3. So they tag him twice to get 4 years of play. The Jets offered Cousins 30M a year (obviously before drafting Darnold) and Minnesota offered him less money, but a shorter term (3 years) and an all guaranteed contract. They just gave him another extension.. So Kirk Cousins is the highest paid QB for the last few years. Not Aaron Rogers. Not Russell Wilson. Kirk just won his first play off game and many argue that he is not top 10. So would Dak have done as well?

    Drew Brees didn’t have great stats at first and was hurt quite a bit with the Chargers. Peyton Manning had bad stats his first few years and no one said that he wasn’t worth it.

    We had 3 QB’s try and replace Tony Romo in 2015 and they had trouble completing 20 yard passes. Collectively, they won 1 game and one of those guys was a former first round draft pick. We wanted two other QBs in 2016 and we can have those guys now, but we don’t want them.

    Jerry sold a narrative that Dak isn’t worth the money. If that is true, then why ask for a discount from a guy who isn’t worth it? Why ask a guy who isn’t worth it for more years and not less? Why not transition tag a guy who isn’t worth it to let the market show him he is not worth it?

    Howard stevens

    Dak lost 30+ million last year. He’s losing at least 3.5 this year. That’s 35 million at minimum. His agent will never make that up. France is an idiot and Dak deserves better. Unfortunately he’s going to screw his career by being selfish


    He is a BAD agent. Left great money on the table, and now put his client in a position to play for another team that is definitely NOT in his client’s best interests…tax income tax, endorsements, etc…Of course the agent couldn’t care as he gets nothing for the aforementioned. Way to ruin a guys professional career, but you got your 3%…LOL


    Great points. Make no mistakes, Todd Frances was fired from CAA. “Parting ways” is an affectionate term used, in a reputational profession. I’m astonished, to hear from people, that believe the Cowboys, should have gave into the high demands of Dak and Todd Frances. The Cowboys are willing to pay anyone their market value, however, they favor contracts, that provide wiggle room. Todd Frances, 3 year re-up plan doesn’t provide that.

    Mr. Football

    Dak will be signed long term in 2015. The Cowboys organization is behind the 8 ball don’t have a choice. Especially with a team that is Super Bowl ready.

    Mr. Football


    Mr. Football

    2021 Senior moment

    Edward Ocampo

    What would stop Dak and the Cowboys from negotiating a reasonable contract, without Dak acquiring new representation and dealing with agent earnings? Couldn’t Dak accept 100% of the proceeds? Or is there some Player’s Association regulation prohibiting it?

    Dennis boggs

    We don’t give a flying shit about France or DAK Prescott anymore. DAK hasn’t won shit , but head thinks he should be one of top 5 paid ! Fuk dak


    damm boggs you hit the nail on the head!!!! took the words right out of my pie hole!!!


    What is the writer talking about when he says the Cowboys are still ignoring what the QB market is. Every report that came out said the Cowboys were offering between 33-35 mil a year which would have made Dak the second or third highest paid quarterback in the league. How much should we give him Mauricio? 40 a year? 45? At the beginning of the article you stated that the reason he didn’t sign long term was the length of the deal(which is correct) and then you stated that the Cowboys are ignoring what the QB market is. It’s a ridiculous statement.


    Great pick up Darren. Many of these writers here seem to run cover for Prescott, giving no equal time for the Cowboys side. Cowboys offered him second highest money, Prescott DECLINED it. And as I stated many times here, HE IS EVEN NOT WORTH that kind of money. Many are putting the problem on the agent, but I think Prescott is as much the problem, if not more. It is his contract after all. He has the final say.

    Gary b

    A Rodgers is signed thru 2023 and will be 40 yrs old then, but yea lets sign him up. Another unrealistic option offered as an alternative to Dak. The avg fan has no idea how incredibly difficult it is to acquire (and keep) a quality QB…. nope not a ridiculous statement as what the author is correctly saying is that eventually the market will dictate (fair or not) that Dak gets much more then 33-35 mil yr and he will likely get it, if not from the cowboys then from another team. The cowboys will eventually have to decide whether to meet his demands or trade him. I wish that Dak would take less to play for us, because (despite what some deluded fans think) he is far better than any other option we have.
    But unfortunately it appears that he’s in it to get every dollar he can. Personally think he is being greedy, but I doubt he cares what I think.


    I’m actually a big Dak fan and I completely agree with you with regards to how difficult it is to find a competent QB, let alone a franchise QB. The problem I have with this article is it states that the front office has no idea what the quarterback market is. What they offered was very fair. It’s more than Goff or Wentz, the 1st 2 picks in the draft, received. The holdup was the length of the deal. If the Cowboys caved in and gave Dak a 4 year deal, my guess is he would have signed. I get the fact that Dak made 4th round money his first 4 years. However, the exposure and endorsements that come with being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys has to mean something. He stuck to his gums and so did the front office, who always tries to sign there players to longer term deals, thus spreading out the cap hit.


    I don’t think he is being greedy simply because he was the most under paid QB in the league for four years. At no time did he stop and demand that Dallasr rip up his rookie contract and ask for a new deal. Go find yourself a young outstanding QB like him. This NFL QB thing is for the best of the best. Funny how people feel you can just draft one or trade for one so easily. He will get what the market demands.


    Put the non exclusive tag on him next year and wait for someone to pick him up and we get some 1st rd picks {I think that’s how that works? }
    Then let the nooch loose on them bitches. Let him take the reigns at QB. Lol just joking. (mostly)

    gary b

    Good post Manuel !


    No player, including QB, is irreplaceable, and that goes for, of course, Prescott. If Joe Montana can be replaced, than any one can. And Prescott is no Joe Montana. Not even close. That is not debatable.


    “Prescott decided to play out his rookie deal in hopes of breaking the bank in 2020”.

    What he may be doing is breaking the cap, and hence breaking the team.


    Cowboys should have traded Dak this year while he’s still tradable and way overrated by most people. Cincinnati would’ve likely taken him for the #1 overall pick. Now, its too late, and we’re stuck with Dak “lose the big ones” Prescott. 2020 will be no different.

    Dallas’ final opportunity to shed this greedy cancer will be next year’s offseason. Package Dak with one of the other overrated, overpaid , under-performing, greedy veterans like DLaw, or Zeke (or all 3 of them) to trade for the #1 overall pick and select Trevor Lawrence. Enjoy cap-heaven and a decade or two of competing for Super Bowls – while some other team’s really stupid GM gets fired for bringing in a $50million qb who barely gets you to 8-8.


    I trust in Dalton better than someone who we already know he cannot take the cowboys to playoffs and he believe with more money he is going to do it and I really don’t think so so bye bye Prescott welcome to Dalton I have good feeling about him


    They need to trade him for draft picks . They say he’s a team player ,I don’t see he’s a a top ten quarterback that’s it so what the Cowboys offered was plenty for a guy that’s yet to make it to the championship game. The Cowboys were ever to get A Rogers lookout they would rule the conference . Dak needs to wake up and smell the coffee . , if the Cowboys were to trade him to a team like let’s say Jacksonville I would like to what he would get for stats there , The Cowboys offense make him look good

    gary b

    Intelligent well thought out post Darren ! Instead of focusing on market value and the fairness of the contract offer, maybe just simply see it as when Dak becomes FA in 1-2 yrs, there will be many teams offering him much more money then the cowboys are. Since Goff and Wentz both signed the customary 4 yr contracts it could be argued that the cowboys are the unreasonable ones in that regard for insisting on 5 yrs. I agree that playing for the Cowboys comes with many perks and from our perspective should be a big factor. I mean who wouldn’t wanna play QB for the Dallas Cowboys right? But again that is from a fans perspective. I think the authors shade toward Dak perspective more cuz they too realize how important it is to have a quality QB, because without one ur going nowhere. I DO NOT think the cowboys should break the bank to sign Dak as the way this team is currently constructed, they already have many big contracts on the books. My main point thru all this has been (and VAM and I go round and round about this) If not Dak then who? QBs don’t grow on trees and the list of QB FAs in 2021/2022 is weak. Maybe D Watson (If he doesn’t resign with Texans) but then u have to outbid several other teams and break the bank for him. Drafting a QB is always a crapshoot and unless u pick in the top 5-10 ur chance of getting a franchise one is not good. Best bet is to trade him after next yr get as much draft capital as u can and try to position urself in the top 5 of the draft. Or tag Dak again next yr and give urself a 2 yr window. At any rate when Dak leaves we won’t be good again until we hit on another QB.

    gary b

    I’m NOT saying we should resign him but he’s Replaceable huh? With who exactly? I never heard anyone comparing him to Montana and Montana’s predecessor Steve Young ain’t walking thru that door. And if one more person says the over the hill Dalton I’m gonna puke. He sucked his last few yrs as a Bengal and will be 2 yrs older next season. He isn’t the long term (or even short term answer). Further we aren’t getting Rodgers or the #1 pick OMG c’mon guys how about a reasonable option. So busy hating on Dak but never have an option. The same people that want Dez back LOL By the way why wouldn’t the Cowboys resign him to a 4 yr contact (like every other QB gets) rather then insisting on 5 yrs. why aren’t they getting any criticism for this unreasonable request, that no other team asks for?

    Jesse Lopez

    his worth – haha. Again, decided by a bias, know it all writer. Dak is paid well beyond his worth this coming year. If he weren’t drafted by the cowboys, he would be back home on the couch. No one would have given him backup status beyond 3rd string. He is greedy and should be sent to the bench so that Dalton can come in and show that the OL and skill positions carry this team, in spite of avg QB play.

    Cowboys fan

    I’ve been saying all along that Dak needs to fire his agent!! His agent isn’t looking out for Daks best interests, all he’s doing is looking out for himself!! And in case nobody else has noticed, Dak isn’t the only player represented by Todd France that didn’t get a long term contract this season!! And all of them are playing this season on the franchise tag just because France couldn’t get a long term deal done!! To me that sounds like it’s the agent that can’t get these deals done!! And seeing that the CAA let France go that makes it look more like he’s the problem!! If Dak is smart he’ll leave Todd France and stay with the company!! If he stays with France he’ll end up with a different team and this other team won’t be near as good as the Cowboys are!!

    Big Cowboy

    I tend to put most of the blame on Todd France, although Dak is not totally blameless here. I know it was France’s job to get the most money for his client, but I think he was looking out for his own best interests rather than Dak’s. Where the problem lies is in the fact that the more money he could get for Dak also meant the more for him, so it didn’t matter to France which team it came from. If he knew it was a high priority of Dak’s to remain a Cowboy, and to strictly get the biggest contract he could get from the Cowboys, then he failed miserably. They should have signed the VERY lucrative deal Jerry offered. France has only succeeded in putting Dak on the fast track out of Dallas. We’ll soon find out where Dak stands on all this. If he sticks with France we’ll know Dak is mercenary and strictly wants every dollar he can get and has no loyalty to the Cowboys. I suspect he wants to remain a Cowboy, he just wants top dollar too. The old “wants his cake but wants to eat it too” conundrum. I don’t think he’ll get both. He has a decision to make.

    Gary b

    It pains me to think Dak could have resigned a mutually agreeable contract with the cowboys, had it not been for his agents influence. Though Dak is a big boy and ultimately decides his own course of action. So many moving parts here none of us really know wat happened behind the scenes. We are all just speculating. What confuses me is why did the cowboys make the deal breaker that he had to sign a 5 yr contract? I understand spreading the money over time benefits the cowboys. But given the fact that most QBs sign for 4 yrs (Wentz and Goff being the most recent) what makes the cowboys think they could break the precedent that has been set, then make Dak out to be the one who was responsible for the deal not getting done. Am I missing something here?


    Joe Montana had Steve Young nipping at his heals just waiting to become the next MVP. How soon we forget. I don’t see anyone resembling Steve Young on The Cowboys roster. And if anyone says Andy Dalton is the answer. Well…. This is the NFL. The market is not going to suddenly change for us fans. His worth is what the market demands.

    Gary b

    Ok did some research and 5 yr contracts aren’t uncommon for a starting QB though 4 yrs Is a little more common. I wonder how many times in history a QB failed to sign with a team due to not agreeing on the length of a contract. I hear that Dak wants a 4 yr so he can become FA sooner and cash in on another big contract. (While he is still relatively young) Guess that’s his right, but damn how much money does one person need? Plus with no state income tax and the added endorsement opportunities he gets with us. There are more important things then getting every dollar u can. He could end up playing for a crappy team and being miserable. I thought Dak had said he was a Cowboys fan growing up. Damn if I had the chance to be the STARTING QB FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS nothing would stand in my way. But I know not every player feels that way.

    Gary b

    Can’t help but think there is connection between France leaving CAA and most of his clients being tagged. Too much of a coincidence there. Also an agent like him quickly gets a reputation as being greedy for his 3 % and not wanting to work with teams to reach a mutual agreement. This could back fire, and subsequently teams could be less likely to show interest in one of his clients. I wonder if Dak would take a do over with another agent if he could.


    You wouldn’t understand because you have never been an NFL QB. and you’ll never be one. These men put their bodies on the line when they step onto the field and now with COVID-19 they will now put their lives on the line. How can we determine how much a mans life is worth to play football one of the most brutal sports ever. I never once have been so presumptuous as to determine what to pay any athlete. Sorry about you not getting to play QB in the NFL bud. That’s your issue not the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. The market determines a players worth. Nothing else.