Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft Mulligan

    The 2019 NFL regular season is officially in the books. In more ways than one it was a disappointing one for the . Not only did they squash our dreams of 2019 being a good one, but they also got next to nothing out of their rookie draft class this season. The latter of which I would like to try and remedy today by giving the Cowboys a draft Mulligan.

    If you're not familiar with the term Mulligan, it's a golf term used in reference to a shot that doesn't count towards the scoreboard… basically a do over. For the fun of it, I thought we'd use a few mulligans and do a redraft of sorts for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2019 . Let's begin…

    Round 2, Pick 58

    Cowboys Pick: , DT, UCF

    Mulligan: Same

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    I know I'm going to receive a lot of flak for not using a Mulligan to draft a safety here like a lot of Cowboys Nation wanted, but I was on board with the Trysten Hill selection from the get-go. He may not have had the impact in his rookie season the Dallas Cowboys were hoping, but I still believe he has a real shot at becoming a starter in 2020.

    If we're being completely honest with ourselves, Hill was put in a no-win situation from the beginning. He was drafted with the eye on the future, not an immediate starter. There is no way he was going to crack the starting lineup ahead of Maliek Collins or Antwuan Woods, so he would've been a rotational player at best. That's not even mentioning the fact nearly everyone wanted a safety here, not a . Regardless though, I still think he's the right pick.

    Round 3, Pick 90

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    Cowboys Pick: , OG, Penn State

    Mulligan: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S, Florida (No. 105, New Orleans Saints)

    The selection of Connor McGovern in the third-round by the Dallas Cowboys was an odd one. They already had their starting five all but set and also had pretty solid depth behind them. To make matters worse, McGovern did next to nothing as a rookie due to an early injury and knowing where he will fit in 2020 is just as unclear.

    I personally wanted the Cowboys to draft Chauncey Gardner-Johnson here originally and that's how I used their Mulligan this time around. We all know they need to upgrade the safety position and failed to do so in the second-round. Since I stuck with Trysten Hill earlier, I decided to rectify the failure/mistake. Gardner-Johnson has had a solid rookie season with the Saints and could have been the future at the position next to in Dallas.

    Round 4, Pick 128

    Cowboys Pick: , RB, Memphis

    Mulligan: Same

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    I was skeptical of the Dallas Cowboys decision to take Tony Pollard in the fourth-round in the initially based on the way he was used at Memphis, but I'm glad I was wrong. When I watched his college tape I saw mostly a “gimmick” player and didn't really know where he would fit with the Cowboys. But, I wouldn't use a Mulligan here to draft anyone else.

    Tony Pollard proved to not only be an upgrade at the RB2 position behind , but also that he can be a versatile playmaker in the league. An argument could be made he should've been utilized even more, but that's neither here nor there now. He took advantage of every opportunity received and opened a lot of eyes doing so. He was without a doubt the right pick at the time.

    Round 5, Pick 158

    Cowboys Pick: Michael Jackson, CB, Miami

    Mulligan: , , Texas (No. 161, )

    The Dallas Cowboys tried to add more depth to the position when they selected Michael Jackson out of Miami initially. At 6'1″, 210, he fit the preferred parameters Kris Richard prefers in his defensive backs, but that's about it. He failed to make the final roster out of and later was poached off the by the Detroit Lions. This mistake/failure led me to use a Mulligan on Charles Omenihu out of Texas.

    Omenihu at one point was considered a fringe first-round player in the 2019 NFL Draft, but unfortunately saw his draft stock fall and eventually landed with Houston Texans in the fifth-round. He had a pretty solid rookie season with the Texans as a rotational player and could have done the same with the Cowboys. He might've even done enough to earn a starting role in 2020 opposite DeMarcus Lawrence.

    Round 5, Pick 165

    Cowboys Pick: , EDGE, Miami

    Mulligan: David Edwards, OL, Wisconsin (No. 169, )

    After taking an EDGE player with the first of the Dallas Cowboys two fifth-round draft picks I didn't think it necessary to double down. Instead, I decided to make up for passing up on Connor McGovern earlier in the draft and replace him with David Edwards.

    Edwards was an coming out of college, but wasn't going to crack the starting lineup with the Rams with (LT) and Rob Havenstein (RT) locked in as their bookends. But thanks to cross training in the he found his home at LG after Joe Noteboom went down with a season-ending injury. Edwards' versatility to play across the OL would have made him a valuable chess piece with the Cowboys.

    Round 6, Pick 213

    Cowboys Pick: , S, Texas A&M

    Mulligan: Same

    I personally didn't see any reason the Dallas Cowboys wouldn't redraft Donovan Wilson in the sixth-round. He showed flashes in he can be a starting caliber player in the NFL, which is surprising considering he didn't see much playing time as a rookie. Instead, they chose to stick with , who was injured quite a bit of the year, and use as I fill in. Regardless though, even after taking Chauncey Gardner-Johnson earlier, safety is still a need due to the lack of depth at the position heading into next year. With Gardner-Johnson, Wilson, and Xavier Woods, the Cowboys would've had a young, talented group of safeties heading into 2020.

    Round 7, Pick 218

    Cowboys Pick: Mike Weber, RB, Ohio State

    Mulligan: Jimmy Moreland, CB, James Madison (No. 227, )

    The Dallas Cowboys initially tried to add depth at the cornerback position with their original selection of Michael Jackson out of Miami in the fifth-round. Sadly, he ended up not being good enough to make the 2019 active roster. He found his way onto the practice squad though, but was later poached by the Detroit Lions. To make up for that loss/failure, I selected CB Jimmy Moreland.

    Not only would Jimmy Moreland be an upgrade over Michael Jackson, but it would also keep the Washington Redskins from getting their hands on him. He ended up having a solid rookie season in Washington, accumulating 41 tackles in five starts so far. He doesn't fit the size mold Kris Richard prefers at only 5'11”, 182, but neither did Jourdan Lewis and look what happened when he finally made his way to the field.

    Round 7, Pick 241

    Cowboys Pick: , EDGE, Oregon

    Mulligan: Olabisi Johnson, WR, Colorado State (No. 247, )

    Like Joe Jackson, Jalen Jelks showed flashes in the offseason of becoming a solid EDGE player in the NFL, but an unfortunate injury landed him on . After using one of the Dallas Cowboys mulligans on Charles Omenihu, I decided to go a different direction here once again and selected Olabisi Johnson out of Colorado State to reunite him with his former teammate, .

    Johnson ended up having a pretty good rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings. He received an opportunity to show what he can do when Adam Thielen missed some time due to an injury and he ended up playing pretty well. He's caught 31 passes for 294 yards and three touchdowns in six starts as a fill in with Minnesota this year. With the Cowboys he would've provided some much-needed depth heading into 2020 and quite possibly been able to take over for .

    How would you use the Dallas Cowboys 2019 draft mulligans?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Hope you’re right about Hill, but doubt it. They went out and got Micheal Bennett which I think says something about their evaluation of Hill once they had him in house. Maybe he’s just not ready as you say but if they had a chance to re-do their second pick I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be Hill.
    If you look at the last 3 D-line picks in rounds one and two, Hill, Charleton, Gregory, all swing and misses.
    Could really use those picks as Mulligans.
    Happy New Year!


    The acquisition of Michael Bennett was very, very apparently about replacing Tyrone Crawford, who had been lost for the year due to injury. Just as those who thought the LVE pick was a sign that Dallas had given up on Jaylon Smith (and boy, was that 1000% wrong), Bennett had absolutely nothing to do with Hill. Gregory also wasn’t a swing-and-a-miss…Dallas actually got below average value from him for pick 60, but still decent value. Fans just have MUCH higher expectations for pick 60 than reality says that they should. Dallas took the shot at Gregory because the bust rate for pick 60 even for safe prospects is VERY high (about 1/3), so the team figured it might as well take a guy who was virtually guaranteed to succeed on the field and hope he stayed clean off it. The gamble was completely worth it – you’re using massive hindsight to mulligan that one, but even then you’re giving up okay value that the team still got.


    Hill was a complete whiff. Saying he was in a no-win situation because he couldn’t crack the starting lineup ignores the fact that he couldn’t even earn the right to suit up for most games. He couldn’t even crack the starting lineup for his mid-major college team! He’ll be off the roster within a year…2 max.


    You might want to do your research and see how rare it is for a non-elite (as in, first round) DT prospect to enter the league at 21 years old. That extra year or two of development physically is extremely key, but Hill was stuck in a situation in which his coaches weren’t using him in the right role (he was being used to tie up blockers even though he is a clear gap attacker), he couldn’t transfer, and thus he couldn’t wait to develop more. Doesn’t mean he will develop, but the better-informed author of this piece understands that Dallas knew Hill might be a redshirt type of guy. Fans had their expectations too high, which happens all the time with draft picks.


    I also thought that Hill would be solid up front, but I sure do hope that he has the soph jump like Gallup did! Maybe he can shake the early bust sign and gain muscle and agility throughout this offseason and at least be a rotational piece! We sure have missed out on the Early round Def-Line picks and having Hill come thru would help ease the pain of losing Collins and Woods both!

    peter f shelley

    wtf are you smokin…..Hill is trash..another taco redux….who picks a 2nd round who can’t even dress for most games. collins and woods what does that make sleepy hill…he is the final nail for marinelli lett and richards.. they all suck ass


    Playing devil’s advocate… Was Taco a whiff or is it the Cowboys coaching staff? Why did he end up with 5 sacks after he left the Cowboys. Having said that, I’ll admit, I was fine with him leaving because think he has motivation\attitude problems, but although he was a reach where he was picked (just like Trysten Hill) in the draft, think could’ve fit in as a productive rotational player (like a Greg Ellis) if he just played up to his physical\athletic potential.

    I also think the narrative that “all the Cowboys need is a playmaking Safety” are nonsense. Most teams don’t have a crazy good Safety. I would always put higher draft capital on the D-Line, CB, (or even LB) over Safety.


    Day two draft picks often need a year of aging and physical development before they “dress” much, so to answer your question: every team, once in a while. I’m pretty sure his not-surprising redshirt year (this IS the team that took Jaylon Smith not that long ago, after all) has nothing to do with why Marinelli and Richard (why are you blaming a DB coach?) have their jobs on the line. You also shouldn’t throw rocks from a glass house, FYI.


    2019 was one of the worst drafts in recent memory and unfortunately, you don’t get mulligans in the NFL. What you get is a completely cleaned out coaching staff, another missed opportunity to progress in the playoffs and another year of futility for the fan base. What I absolutely do not understand is why Will McClay still has a job with the Dallas Cowboys. It’s been a number of very bad drafts, bad free agent decisions, and declining productivity from the team across the roster. He’s failing badly in his task of replenishing this roster through the draft and should be fired.