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Dallas Cowboys 2020 3-Round Mock Draft: Christmas Edition

Way too early Dallas Cowboys 2020 3-round mock draft prediction.

Merry Christmas Cowboys Nation! I know we may not be happy with America’s Team right now, but I hope your holiday isn’t tarnished in any way because of it. We all may be a little down right now with the loss to the Eagles still fresh in our minds, but I thought it was as good a time as any to hopefully brighten your day with another Dallas Cowboys 2020 mock draft.

The loss to the Eagles brings a lot of changes for the Dallas Cowboys. Not only do they no longer hold their playoff destiny in their hands, but they’ve also seen their draft slot in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft change as well. A new draft slot brings a different pool of players to select from, hence the reasoning behind yet another way-too-early mock draft.

My last Dallas Cowboys 2020 mock draft had them selecting at No. 21, but the loss to the Eagles changed that and now have them No. 15. Improving their draft slot by six spots doesn’t seem like that much, but it could be the difference in coming away with a Pro Bowl caliber player and not. Maybe there’s a silver lining to losing last week after all.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at who I selected in this Dallas Cowboys 2020 mock draft, the Christmas edition. To keep it as realistic as possible I used Draft Network’s mock draft simulator.

Round 1, Pick 15

Henry Ruggs III
Alabama WR Henry Ruggs III

WR Henry Ruggs III, Alabama

I know I’m probably going to receive a lot of heat for drafting an offensive player at No. 15 for the Dallas Cowboys, but it would’ve been a reach in my opinion to select any defensive player. At safety both Grant Delpit and Xavier McKinney went off the board back to back at 11 and 12, and the next best defensive players remaining were Cornerback Trevon Diggs or Defensive Tackle Javon Kinlaw. If that is indeed the way things go, I don’t think thb Cowboys would hesitate drafting a wide receiver.

I had my choice of Henry Ruggs III or Tee Higgins, but I decided to go with the former rather than the latter for the Cowboys. They don’t have a true “speed” threat and Ruggs would definitely provide that. He not only has world-class speed, but he has also outstanding in contested catch situations despite being only 6’0″, 190. Receiver may not seem like a “need” for Dallas, but it is if you take into consideration Michael Gallup will be the only proven WR under contract after the season. This guy is a playmaker and will help open up the entire offense.

Round 2, Pick 47

Jeff Gladney
TCU CB Jeff Gladney

CB Jeff Gladney, TCU

If you happened to look at my only other Dallas Cowboys 2020 mock draft then you probably noticed TCU Cornerback Jeff Gladney is the only holdover I had from then till now. I personally believe he is a first-round caliber player and will get drafted much earlier, but if he’s available at No. 47 for the Cowboys it would be an absolute steal. I think he’s not only going to be a Day 1 starter as a rookie, but will also end up being one of the best CBs in the 2020 draft class.

With both Byron Jones and Anthony Brown set to become free agents after the completion of the 2019 season, CB is definitely becomes a big need. Jeff Gladney is flying under the radar right now, but once the draft process gets further underway I believe he will emerge as one of the top players at the position. He possesses all the tools to become one of the best defensive backs in the league, which is good news considering Dallas’ secondary could be losing a Pro Bowl talent in No. 31.

Round 3, Pick 79

Leki Fotu
Utah DT Leki Fotu

DT Leki Fotu, Utah

In the third round of this Dallas Cowboys 2020 mock draft I was torn between drafting Defensive Tackle Leki Fotu out of Utah or Safety Brandon Jones out of Texas. I really like Brandon Jones and believe he will be a good player at the next level, but I’ve been screaming for years for the Cowboys to take a big, space eating DT. That’s why I went with Fotu, because at 6’5″, 335 he definitely fits the bill. Plus, interior defensive line is one of those “need” positions for Dallas.

Like at cornerback, the Dallas Cowboys could be losing two of their DT starters (Antwuan Woods, Maliek Collins) to free agency. Leki Fotu could fill the void for one of those two and last year’s second-round pick, Trysten Hill, could fill the other even though he didn’t have the best rookie season. Pairing Fotu with Hill (6’3″, 308) would give the Cowboys to the biggest interior defensive lineman they’ve had in the last decade. It would be a big change from the preferred smaller/quicker DTs Rod Marinelli liked.

What do you think of this Dallas Cowboys 3-round 2020 mock draft?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    • Don’t hold your breath on them drafting a QB. Dak Prescott isn’t going anywhere Whether we like it or not. And as far as LB is concerned, I believe it is definitely an underrated “need”.

  1. Personally, would double down on rec. in 2nd round with Claypool, then, wait for it, Dak’s replacement, QB COLE MCDONALD in the 3rd!!… P. S., ‘Boys HAVE TO be a bigger player in free agency next year, Armstead, maybe??……

    • The Cowboys are definitely going to be big players in free agency, but probably not the way you’re thinking. They are going to lock up their own and then bargain shop to fill holes. And honestly, I wouldn’t hold my breath hoping for a QB replacement for Dak Prescott.

    • Unreal. McDonald as a QB would be steal. Good bye Cooper Rush; any 3rd Round LT worth drafting as a back up fir Tyrone Smith? Connor McGovern pure C/C

      • I think finding Tyron Smith’s eventual replacement would be a good idea. His play has been slipping and he’s always going to have health issues that prevent him from playing a full season.

    • I personally like Ruggs more than Higgins because he could provide that speed element to the Cowboys offense, but that’s just my opinion. The way this mock draft fell both first-round safeties were already off the board and it would’ve been a bit of reach to take the next CB. I simply stuck to the “best player available” strategy and wouldn’t be too upset if this was the way things turned out.

  2. Marinelli might be a nice and funny personality but he’s been horrible for several years. No turnovers and minimal sacks from this team. Taco and Hill two picks he wanted both stunk here but Taco is doing better in Miami, no coincidence. Thus, we need to get run stuffing DT and safety but only if they are best available. If your WR is the best available then I’m good with it but DB and DT still the biggest needs.

    • I agree that CB and DT are arguably the Cowboys biggest “needs” heading into the offseason. I simply took what I believed to be the best player available. It just so happened to be a WR. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see if there is any change in draft philosophy under a new coaching staff.

  3. Brian kudos to you. Even though We all know way to early mock draft, its well done writing with intro and everything. Then scrolled down to your bio and saw yor a level C2 quad. Oof. I am a recent paraplegic with random rare auto immune. Luckily i was just below that. I know quads and thats so hard. so glad you are finding way to be productive. Have no idea how you do it logistically, but keep on writing♿️

    • Robert, I think you’ve made my day. I sure glad you took the time to leave a comment. May God bless you on your recent paraplegia and help you overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. It’s definitely not an easy journey, but a positive attitude and strong will to overcome can make a big difference.

  4. The minute u said it was a machine that picked it I stopped reading, your opinion matters, you might try it sometime unless you really have no idea

    • The players I drafted for the Cowboys where my picks. I simply used draft network’s mock draft simulator to make it as realistic as possible.

  5. Drafting talent is nice but they need to fix the front office!Jerry needs to look around and understand that the last time he let the coach have control of the team they won 3 Super Bowls.Jim harbaugh urban even the great jimmy Johnson are coaches that like to run the ship!Jerry please just let the next coach do his job and watch the magic happen!

    • I don’t really think the front office is as big of a problem as most do. I think Jerry Jones pretty much let Jason Garrett do as he pleased and will do the same with the next head coach. That’s just my opinion though. I could be completely wrong.

  6. Agree with wr just not with a 1st pick. They have enough cap room to address this. Time to grab a top free agent instead of spending on a bunch of roster fillers. A wr would allow them to move cooper in to the slot where he would be a killer also as a run option if they would just run the right offense for Prescott also. Hope the new coaching staff can figure that out
    The first 3 picks need to be spent on defense. Witten and Lee to be coaches if the new coach desires
    Jerry needs to butt out if he wants to see a SB before he’s a corpse.

    • I think this needs to be a defense heavy draft for the Cowboys, but I don’t necessarily think they need to go that direction with all of their first three picks. They need to come away with starting caliber players who can play as rookies with those selections, whether it’s on offense or defense.

  7. Cowboys have some serious issues to address, which we thought they had last off season, and/or would have allowed us being a real contender in 2019. I so hope we don’t waste a Nickel resigning Byron Jones! He’s so over rated beyond belief!! We need knockdown coverage and a playmaker and he’s surely not either. We need a REAL safety. Prescott will be our QB but I’m so 50-50 on him as he hasn’t shown he’s worthy of a top QB contract!!!

    • Personally, I don’t think Byron Jones is overrated at all. I could care less about his INT totals. He pretty much shuts down his side of the field. But you’re right, the Cowboys have a lot of work to do this offseason.

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