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Dallas Cowboys 7-round Mock Draft: Post Free Agency Week 1 Edition

Week 1 of free agency might have changed the Dallas Cowboys draft strategy.

With the first week of in the books, I thought it would be a good time to do another Dallas seven-round mock draft. Things certainly changed around the NFL and it will surely have an impact on the upcoming 2020 in April.

For the Dallas Cowboys, they’ve had a pretty solid Week 1 of free agency. You of course may disagree after seeing , , and depart, but overall Dallas has filled several of the holes to their . Even if they don’t make any more moves the rest can be addressed via the draft.

With that in mind, I decided to turn to Draft Network’s mock draft simulator to see what I could do to help improve the roster.

Let’s take a look…

Round 1, Pick 23 – Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU

TRADE: Dallas Cowboys send 17 to New England Patriots for 23 and 100

Hello Randall Cobb replacement! With the board pretty much wiped out at 17, I decided to back and draft Jalen Reagor. He is someone you want to manufacture touches for due to his game breaking ability. He can be used out of the slot, as a gadget player, and as a return man as well. He should fit in perfectly with and .

Round 2, Pick 51 – A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

The Dallas Cowboys lost Byron Jones, re-signed and CJ Goodwin, and signed Maurice Canaday in free agency last week. Add and to the mix, and it looks like a pretty solid group sans Jones. I think they still need to draft a CB, which is where A.J. Terrell comes in. He has good size/length and should compete to be a Day 1 starter as a .

Round 3, Pick 82 – Darrell Taylor, EDGE, Tennessee

Like the loss of Byron Jones, Robert Quinn’s departure via free agency leaves the Dallas Cowboys with a hole to fill. is expected return, but it would be unwise to count on him being anything more than a bonus right now. With Darrell Taylor the Cowboys get not only an insurance plan, but someone who is as physically gifted as just about any rusher in the draft.

Round 3, Pick 100 – Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri

The addition of in the first week of free agency was a pretty big upgrade to the Dallas Cowboys , but they shouldn’t stop there. They need more DT depth and Jordan Elliott would provide just that. He was moved up and down the defensive line during his time at Missouri and can do the same with the Cowboys. He would be a great rotational piece as a rookie.

Round 4, Pick 123 – Antonio Gibson, RB/WR, Memphis

Antonio Gibson is a bit of luxury pick here, but he was the highest rated player still on the board at this point in the draft. He is a versatile weapon on due to his ability to play or and can help on as a return man as well. The Dallas Cowboys could use depth in all of those areas. His value is his versatility.

Round 5, Pick 164 – Reggie Robinson II, CB, Tulsa

I decided to double dip at CB even though the Cowboys have five under contract right now, six if you want to count my first-round selection of A.J. Terrell. Reggie Robinson is a value pick at this point in the draft. His combination of size, length, and speed are worth developing. He would provide much-needed depth and be a core special-teams player as a rookie.

Round 5, Pick 179 – Dalton Keene, TE, Virginia Tech

The Dallas Cowboys may have signed to an extension, but in no way should they feel comfortable about their TE depth. has yet to prove much of anything, which is why I selected Dalton Keene here. He has Swiss Army Knife versatility and played in-line, in the slot, wingback, , and as a personal pass protector.

Round 7, Pick 231 – Davion Taylor, LB, Colorado

The Dallas Cowboys got the band back together by bringing back , , and , but that shouldn’t exclude them from drafting another . Davion Taylor is one of the more athletically gifted LBs in this year’s draft class, but he’s extremely raw. He has traits worth developing, but in the meantime he will make his bones on special teams.

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. draft is ok – lots of depth that might develop. But that 1st pick is a big no. Should be many defensive backs right there for the taking. I like Terrell in the 2nd also but a CB/DT combination seems to fall nicely after the trade fallout in the 1st. I predict many. If we can trade back and get more top 100 picks, it would be ideal. Reagor would not be at the top of the list for 1st round WR though.

  2. Do yourself a favor and look up Green Bay’s 1st round picks under Mike McCarthy. Zero offensive skill position players. 75% defense, the only offensive players selected were lineman. 2 safety’s in round 1 back to back. If he has any say in the draft, I doubt we are selecting a wide receiver in round 1.

  3. Fist round slot WR is great I think Justin Jefferson / or Judy if they are there. But AJ Terrell and Antonio Gibson addition would be huge.

    Terrell is a stud as well as Gibson. Gibson and his farmer teammate Tony pollard give us more flexibility in the slot WR/ RB /KR and PR positions.
    This make them immediately impact players

    • I hate to break it to you, but Prescott is going to be the Cowboys QB for the next several years. Might as well start getting used to the idea.

    • I don’t think so. The Cowboys can just insert either Joe Looney or Connor McGovern at center. They don’t have to necessary draft is replacement this year.

  4. Did a mock on TDN early today and came up with this:
    Tua QB
    Reagor WR
    Troy Pride CB
    T Moss TE
    Benito Jones DT
    G Stone S
    L Hill CB

    Tua was there for Cowboys at 17. Would you take him, Brian?

  5. Just cant see the Cowboys passing up on a OL at some point 2/4… DB and Wr seems obvious and at some point too many DLineman is a waste. TEnds is not a must as the young ones will finally get a true shot. Once again I would bet we taken OLineman with the 3rd or 4th pick

    • I really tried to add a offensive tackle in this mock draft, but the board never fell right. It was either way too unrealistic, or a reach.

  6. Reading this mock was a complete waste. Brian you lost me at the very first pick. The thought of you seeing Randal Cobb as urgent of a player to replace in the first round baffles me. Are you not aware of our woes in the secondary? Or even on the defensive side of the ball? You watching our offense last year told you that WR was an immediate need as early as our first pick? I don’t think you can honestly answer that question by saying yes. You have us taking a CB that YOU believe will be available in the second. If a DB like Delpit or Henderson is gone why not in the first why not trade back into the second (collecting 2nd & 3rd in the process) versus picking a WR for the sake of it??

    • The Dallas Cowboys currently have 5 CBs under contract and will add another through the draft. They also have 4 safeties under contract, brought back all of their LBs, and have upgraded the defensive line. Where is there a “need” on defense other than maybe DE to replace Robert Quinn? Yes, they can still stand to upgrade the defense and probably will, but that doesn’t negate addressing some holes in the offensive side of the ball as well. At wide receiver they have Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. Reagor provides much-needed depth. Both Cooper and Gallup played banged up last year, hence the “need” for more WR help. If either one of them go down for any length of time the Cowboys are in trouble.

      • You also failed to mention that we have a whopping 10 WRs under contract. So again I ask why is WR urgent enough for us to use a First Round pick?? Especially since the breaking news of Travis retiring.

  7. We would be smart to draft A. Thomas of UGA to be an OT, our OT’s on the team is getting old & it is showing with age. Smith don’t have to many years left.

    • I actually tried to draft an offensive tackle in this mock draft, but that’s just not the way the board fell. The value was never there. But I agree, the Cowboys need to start looking for Tyron Smith’s eventual replacement.

  8. I like these pics, love reager at WR with the trade back, he will be a terrible headache for opposing defenses., all one has to do is look at his highlites .. especially with some of the offensive fire power the cowboyz have..good haul otherwise!!!

  9. I dont understand why every mock doesn’t have us taking a TE till late. get one early and stop messing around with these mediocre late round picks. Cmet in the second makes a lot of sense.

    • The 2020 TE class isn’t great. The value of other positions is greater earlier in the draft. If the Cowboys draft a TE at all, it will likely be in the mid-to-late rounds.

  10. I love the trade back…. but if so I would like to steal Epenesa. I think with another difference maker up front we could do a lot of damage, we would benefit from his bad showing at the combine.
    Either way I like what you put together and would walk away happy with this draft.

    • I’m not really a big fan of Epenesa’s. I think he’s a DE/DT tweener and don’t probably like his fit with the Cowboys. That’s just my opinion though.

  11. Overall, I love this draft. However, I really can’t say I’m a fan of 123. I agree he’s talented. Drafting a guy that walks into the building as a potential roster cut in the 4th round just doesn’t sit right. I’d rather see us take a developmental qb/S/LB at that spot that brings special teams value. Reagor already provides return value as well.

    • I knew there would be someone who would not be a fan of the Antonio Gibson pick. I however don’t think he’s a potential roster cut. I think he provides much-needed depth at both WR and RB while also providing great special-teams value. I looked at the QB/S/LB positions and just didn’t like the value there at 123. That’s just my opinion though.

  12. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t know who was on the board at each of the picks, but disagree with most of them. Unless there are significant additions at major positions of need on the defensive side of the ball, the Cowboys won’t have the freedom to draft at a position of strength (WR) , while there are so many positions of need on the roster.

    • How is WR a position of strength? Other than Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, the Dallas Cowboys basically have nothing proven behind them. Believe it or not, it is a position of need. They’ve already done a pretty solid job of filling holes on the defensive side of the ball and can still upgrade through the draft.

      • I believe it’s a bit of a stretch to say it is a position of need. But you’re right, it’s exactly one of strength either. Looking at the roster, and other than Coop and Gallup, it is a lot of really good 4 and 5 receivers with no one stepping up to be a #3 consistently yet. I think Wilson can be that guy if he can stay healthy, possibly even Devin Smith or Jon’Vea. I’d rather use the first round pick on defense, especially since there is most likely going to be a scheme change and with how deep this WR class is. Maybe Baun or one of the CBs. I also really like Bowden out UK who could be there in the 5th.

      • I wouldn’t count on any of the other receivers not named Amari Cooper or Michael Gallup. For one reason or another they haven’t been able to prove themselves. That’s why I went with Reagor over someone like Zack Baun, who I’m a HUGE fan of. And I also don’t like the CB value in the mid-to-late 1st. But we still have about a month until the draft and things could change between now and then.

  13. Pretty nice draft. I think with the free agency moves made so far the cowboys have set themselves up to draft best player available instead of need. Which is always a nice. Really like the Antonio Gibson pick. If he could be a Tony pollard 2.0 that would prove very benificial. It still boggles my mind and makes me angry why they didn’t use pollard more out of the slot or something to get him in space. He constantly makes ppl miss and look bad on his stop and starts breaking ppls ankles. Him and Gibson could both be slot wr and rb when needed like they were at Memphis.
    I don’t have much faith in trystan hill so if kinlaw is still there at 17 (doubtful) I’d take him but Henderson or chaisson would be my second choice rather than receiver since this draft is loaded with them.
    If we trade back first rd and still have a shot at delpit or mckinney that wouldn’t be a bad move either even since grabbing clinton-dix. I still don’t know why they didn’t grab him last year.

    • I really thought I would catch a lot of heat for drafting Antonio Gibson after already taking Jalen Reagor in the 1st, but I thought it was a really good value pick in the 4th. I LOVE the versatility he would bring to the offense and on special teams. Personally, I’m not that high on Kinlaw. His lack of production and injury history really concerns me. Plus, after the DT moves they made in free agency (I still expect them to sign a big bodied DT) I think that kind of rules out DT early unless Derrick Brown somehow slides to 17. I also don’t really see them drafting a safety in the 1st. The Cowboys have proven they just don’t place much value on the position.

  14. Now i agree that the Cowboys may more than likley trade either back (or up depending on how the draft flows). The Cowboys have enough unproven second year DE to tryout. And Only three DT under contract as of right now. No WR at one because they got to make a decision on Gallup after next year. I see them trading down and selecting a safety and only trading up if theres a run on QBs and a DT fall( my wish would be Derrick Brown)

    • I’d be really surprised if the Dallas Cowboys drafted a safety in the 1st. I think if they planned on doing that they wouldn’t have signed Ha Ha Clinton Dix. I think it’s also important to remember none of the current roster was drafted by this new coaching staff. They may prefer players who fit their criteria more, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a different kind of DE and DT get drafted. AND… I personally would have gone with Zack Baun over Jalen Reagor, but I think the Cowboys will prefer the latter. Believe it or not, they need a lot of WR depth. There is basically nothing behind Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup.

      • They have plenty of depth behind Cooper and Gallup!! And they only have Clinton Dix for 1 year, plus Xavier Woods for 1 year!! And that’s the only 2 safeties they have on the roster with experience, and only 1 more for depth!! Safety is the biggest need for the cowboys right now!! Unless they add more free agent safeties, safety should be the number 1 priority in the draft!!

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