Dallas Cowboys Considering Extending WR Cole Beasley’s Contract?

There was quite a bit of speculation the Dallas Cowboys decided to release Kicker Dan Bailey to create more cap space. The leading theory of course was that the extra money was to help facilitate a trade with the Seattle Seahawks for their All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas. But, there are other reasons to create more cap space.

Although the Cowboys have a little over $19 million in cap space right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking to spend it right now. It could be rolled over into next season when they have DeMarcus Lawrence, and quite possibly Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott to extend long term. But, something could be already in the works for someone in the last year of their current contract that nobody is considering… Wide Receiver Cole Beasley.

In a recent tweet by Todd Archer, an ESPN reporter who covers the Cowboys, Dallas could already be in talks with Beasley’s representatives about a contract extension.

Todd Archer on Twitter

With the release of Dan Bailey, the Cowboys have $19.3 million in cap space, according to ESPN Stats & Information. There appears to be no news regarding a potential trade for Earl Thomas and early talks with Cole Beasley on an extension have not…

This of course will come to quite a shock to more than just a few of you. In fact, I know a lot of you will say that this will be a huge mistake on the Cowboys part. I for one would have to disagree with you.

I know Cole Beasley is coming off a down year, but you have to remember he was the focal point for opposing defenses last year. When teams started to bracket him in coverage to take him out a sporeof the game, the Cowboys offense struggled in the passing game. That alone should tell you why he is being considered for an extension.

Dak Prescott, Cole Beasley
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and WR Cole Beasley

Another reason why a contract extension for Beasley is in the works is because he is the favorite target of Quarterback Dak Prescott. No. 11 has been his go to receiver since taking over as the starting QB and with all of the unknown surrounding the WR position moving forward, Beasley’s an important piece that isn’t easily replaced.

The sad truth is, it’s really looking as if the Cowboys could overhaul the entire WR position after the completion of the 2018 season. Michael Gallup could be the only holdover, which means Beasley’s experience and leadership could prove to be invaluable.

Now, I know this could be much to do about nothing. It’s all based on a single tweet by Todd Archer. I haven’t heard anybody else in the know who has slightly indicated the Cowboys are considering extending Cole Beasley’s contract. But, I haven’t heard anybody denying it either.

You know where I stand though. I think it would be a wise move on the Cowboys part to help with the transition if they indeed decide to overhaul the WR position. I don’t think it would take too much to keep Beasley around a few more seasons.

Where do you stand? Do you think the Cowboys should extend Cole Beasley?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

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