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Dallas Cowboys Draft History: Greatest 7th-Round Picks of All Time

As all of Cowboys Nation is getting ready for the 2020 NFL Draft, many of those conversations end up pulling in best and worst draft picks from the team’s past. For the next week, we’re going to focus on the positive and bring you the Cowboys’ greatest picks from each round in franchise history.

Our history lesson begins with the Seventh Round. For many and maybe most of us, we’ve always known the NFL Draft as a seven-round process.

But there were 12 rounds in the 1980s and even more in the early days of the NFL. And our most seasoned fans need not worry; Roger Staubach will get his due recognition later in the week.

To start, though, we’re going with Rounds 1-7 and covering all eras of Cowboys football.

7th-round picks are an interesting bunch. The margin between them and an undrafted player is minimal, and the perceived investment of a 7th-round pick doesn’t seem to faze teams too much. Many of these players don’t even make the roster in their first year.

While this is mostly true in the Cowboys’ history, some of the team’s greatest all-time talents have come out of the Seventh Round. In fact, Dallas has had arguably more success with 7th-round draft picks than those in Rounds 4-6.

So who made the Top 10? Let’s start the show.

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What do you think?


Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. I like Aaron Parker from Rhode Island for round 7. He would give better rotational depth at WR. If I’m Dallas I would honestly get him and get his teammate WR in the 5th also. Dallas would get 2 WR’S in this draft I think both of them would be steals.

  2. Get Isaiah Culter and Aaron Parker as a WR from Rhode Island. I think they would be awesome in Dallas and be steals in the mid-later rounds.

  3. The name alone, Bullet Bob, says it all. Hayes changed the game and was a true home run hitter every time he touched the ball. He is the best seventh rounder! And as the article mentioned, he was a great returner. He brought an excitement to the game that very few others could match. He was one of the players that kept the Cowboys a very popular team, with a rich, great history.

    Cowboys are America’s Team! And hopefully with the FAs and the right draft picks, they can compete for another Championship. Dak better take his big head out of his a$$, and get on board. If not, hopefully the front office has a plan B.

  4. “Mike Hegman was a backup linebacker and special teams player for his first four seasons. He helped the Cowboys win Super Bowl XIII in a big way, returning a Terry Bradshaw fumble for a touchdown.”

    The Cowboys didn’t win Super Bowl XIII. The Steelers did.

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