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Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 1 Against LA Rams

football is back! The long-awaited return has come and gone with Week 1 of the all but in the books. The Cowboys hit the road to open up their season against the and played pretty well under new .

Everything of course wasn't sunshine and rainbows for the Dallas Cowboys on . They no doubt had their ups and downs, which was pretty much expected considering the unprecedented due to the pandemic. With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you what I believe to be The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from this Week 1 matchup.

Let's take a look…

The Good

There are so many players I want to single out as the good for the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night against the Los Angeles Rams, but in the end I decided to go with . Whether it was in the running or , Zeke looked like someone playing with a chip on his shoulder. He was a thorn in the Rams side throughout the game.

I thought Zeke's performance was somewhat surprising, which is probably why I decided to go with him for this section. It typically takes him a few games before he looks like he did Sunday night, but I don't think anyone around mines him getting off to a quicker than normal start. This is a sign of things to come, he could end up having his best season yet in 2020.

The Bad

The bad Sunday night for the Dallas Cowboys was pretty obvious to me. Without a doubt it was the to , , and . All three exited the game before halftime and none of them returned. As of yet, there's no telling the severity of their injuries, but losing them for any length of time could prove disastrous.

The Cowboys were already pretty thin at and with and on IR, so sadly LVE and Erving's injuries further deplete the depth at both positions. The same can probably be said about the position as well. Jarwin's means and are really going to have to elevate their games.

The Ugly

There was quite a bit of sloppy play from the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night, which isn't that surprising considering there was no games and even less practice time than usual. The worst of it was probably from the defensive side of the ball though. For me, that was the ugly from the Cowboys in the season opener against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams pretty much ate the Cowboys alive with misdirection plays and screen passes early and often last night. The tackling wasn't as good as I was hoping either. Hopefully all of that can be contributed to the unprecedented offseason, but there's no doubt the Cowboys need to improve in a big way on the defensive side of the ball from here on out.

What is your good, bad, and ugly from Week 1 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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James Neerly

Three points in the second half? Where was the “top five” quarterback who will carry the team when they need hilm? The lack of accuracy on tghe shorter routes was painfully obvious. It is going to be a VERY LONG season.

Cowboy Fan Ed

The good : the offensive line did a fairly good job! Not great but decent. The bad: is if Poe is our answer to stuffing the run we are in Deep Weeds for the rest of the year! He (Poe) needs to find some boots with about 2 inch cleats and get rid of the Roller skates he had on last night! Now we all know why the Panthers got rid of him ….. I thought he played mike LB as much as the Rams OL had him in the second level!! The Ugly : the coaches better come every week with an open play book ready to use whatever they need to win ball games! We looked like we had a certain number plays for that game and that was all that were going to be used! Everybody’s talking about our three receivers having thousand yard seasons the way it looked last night we will be Fortunate to have a thousand yards between all three! It’s football season it’s time to lay it all on the line every game!!

Gary b

I don’t even know where to start. 17 pts with all these weapons and Dak at the helm is unacceptable. Poor play calling throughout the game…. really run Zeke 3rd and 4? What OC calls that? Why not more shots down field…… again stubbornly running Zeke too much and at the wrong times. Successful teams in this passing league use the run to complement the passing game. We lacked creative ways of getting the ball into the hands of our playmakers. Costly penalties allowed drives to continue. Our vaunted D line getting pushed around by their mediocre OL was to me the key to the game. One of the worst OL in the league and we let them impose their will on us.
U have to give Credit to Mcvay he had a great game plan and we were slow adjusting to it. Cowboys got outcoached last nite. The misdirection roll outs
the screen passes and short dump offs in the flat killed us, along with shoddy tackling. Our LBs were terrible….. often times out of position and chasing their tail. Secondary was slow to react and gave up receptions even with good position. Zuerlein looked shaky as well. He missed a makeable 53 yarder badly and nearly missed a couple other chippies. Lastly Dak plain and simple needs to be better. He was terrible on 3rd down and just didn’t get the job done. Many reasons for this loss but it’s not the end of the world. Close game against a quality opponent on the road I’m disappointed but not demoralized The injuries concern me more than anything But every team is and will be dealing with injuries.

robert defrancis

Looked like garett was coaching just fatter

Gary b

Actually it was 3rd and 6 when Zeke ran the ball. Not sure what they were seeing that made them think he could get 6 yds there. Have heard some pundits say it was cuz McCarthy already had it in his mind he was going for it on 4th down if they didn’t get it. Faulty logic to me though. Just call a play that has some chance of getting the needed yardage. Not like we were blowing them off the line.


People putting all their marbles into 1 game. No pre-season, OTAs, or nothing. Why is everyone surprised the game was sloppy? Also, James Neerly with aboutb30 secs left Dak hits Gallup with a perfect pass to put us in position to win, but the OPI was crucial. It was 3rd and 20 with about 15 secs left. As bad as you want to trash Dak it wasnt on him. That defense was pitiful and cant stop basic screens and zone reads.

Gary b

Every game in a 16 game season is critical. Every team had to deal with the same obstacles. McVay and the Rams came in with a great game plan and the Cowboys were slow to adjust. They knew we had a great pass rush. So smartly they called alot of plays that got the ball out of Goff hand quickly. screens, roll outs, short passes in the flat. They kept running the same 3-4 short pass plays with great effectiveness, and capitalized on our inability to tackle in space. Our DC took way too long to adjust to what they were doing. Mcvay is an offensive savant and he outcoached McCarthy. But the real reason we lost this game was their mediocre OL pushing us around all nite. All the talk of our DL and the only one that came to play was A Smith. Never heard Griffen or Lawrence name called all nite. They ran it down our throats and we had no answer. Our lack of playmakers on D was very evident. All our offensive fire power and all we could muster was 17 points and 3-12 on 3rd down. Can’t blame it on the refs, we had chances to win but couldn’t get the job done. This game wasn’t as close as the score indicated. We got outplayed. Offense/Defense/Coaching all have to get better!


Poe got attention. He made story line. How many sacks and tackles did he make?

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