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Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 13 Against Baltimore

The fall to 3-9 on the year after yet another disappointing loss to the in Week 13. Another loss continues to firmly submit the Cowboys at the bottom of the East division and with four games left on the year that spot could be all but solidified.

Not so surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys inability to stop the run once again proved their downfall against the Baltimore Ravens. QB and the rest of the Ravens rushing attack paved the way to a rather easy victory. Sadly this has become a theme for the Cowboys this year.

Before I get to off-topic or start rambling, let's get to this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. As always, please feel free to use the comment section to voice your own thoughts and opinions on this topic.

The Good

The only good I could come up with for the Dallas Cowboys in this Week 13 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens was the way the surprisingly played. and company was able to move the ball down the field into scoring position on several occasions, even with a patchworked . Against a pretty good Ravens defense that saying something. It wasn't enough of course to pull off the upset, but at least it means not everything was a complete disaster.

The Bad

I think the Dallas Cowboys bad was pretty obvious from the very beginning against the Ravens. I knew Baltimore's rushing attack would be a problem for the Cowboys defense and that was definitely the case. It started with a 37 yard touchdown run from QB Lamar Jackson and continued from there. This was one of those strength against weakness matchups where Baltimore's took advantage of Dallas' abysmal .

The Ugly

In what was yet another embarrassing performance by the Dallas Cowboys there were plenty of things to choose from for this category. For me though the ugly from this Week 13 matchup was the lack of execution. Blown assignments, mental mistakes, and just plain poor play once again reared their ugly head. There is absolutely no one taking accountability for something that has continuously been allowed to happen throughout the and that's inexcusable.

What is your good, bad, and ugly for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 13?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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aharon P.

The Good: Zeke Elliott running the ball somewhat effectively against a really good defense. The O-Line created a few holes and Zeke took advantage of them.

The Bad: Defense and it’s 3-4 scheme with 4-3 players… it’s a big jump in assignments, placements and correct reads to follow.

The Ugly: Xavier Woods, Darrien Thompson, Mike Nolan, and the list can go on…..

Rob(cowboy fan)

There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said this season.teams that have1problem here our1problem there are good teams trying to get better as the season goes on this team from the coach’s to the players,even JJ have failed,I know injuries have been catastrophic for this team.but delay of game penalties,fake punts that not only didn’t work,but at a time during a game that took the game out of The players fundamental football at times.and JJ deciding early on that there would not be ANY moves made to fill injury spots.for cap reasons.just not a good franchises top to bottom this season.also people say Dalton has to get rid of the ball quick yes the line with all do respect is just not good as a yes he has to get rid of it point is to this I read where someone said Zeke had a opportunity to(I guess save the day)in the history of the nfl there has only been 2RB’s who were able to run for 1000 to 1200 yards a season with a weak line.SWEETNESS(Walter Payton)and Barry Sanders.and they 2 of the Zeke will be fine going for his fumbling,funny things like that happen to a player in a year that things are just bad.I love jimmy Johnson But last night he said Dallas should draft a QB in the first Round since they have a early pick.No DAK is the QB in Dallas as long as he wants to be( get a contract done JJ)so no we have a lot of needs to fill.Im not going to say who,what or where Dallas needs to start with but don’t draft a QB with to first pick. These or just my opinions about things. With all do respect to cowboy fans. 2021 can’t get here soon enough!!!

Cowboy Fan Ed

The Good : If AD has time he gets the ball out really fast! A fluke deflection off of a defensive players hand cost him an int other than that I thought he played really good! The OL played decent and E E ran the ball hard! The Bad: D T and LB’s play was subpar! The defense as a whole along with the DC pretty bad! The Ugly : I thought out special teams were not coached well last year but this year is on excusable! And every time our kicker lines up to kick a field goal or extra point I can’t hardly watch!

Don Howard

No good just bad worse and ugly

Bryan Case

This team is an absolute disaster. The injuries are a major concern obviously, and that has to be taken into account. That said, the lack of execution on seemingly simple concepts, especially on defense, is thoroughly unacceptable. Nolan is a total disaster, and needs to go immediately. Our linebackers are clueless, Xavier Woods has regressed terribly, and there is 0 reason for Rashard Robinson to be active and Reggie Robinson not. I believe health alone will correct the offense just fine. I am concerned about Tyron Smith, his age and injury list is really adding up, but other than that, I think we will be fine once Dak has the keys again. Not loving Moore, but it was all good till Dak got hurt. Defense is the #1 priority to get corrected. McCarthy has to prove he is willing to make the changes necessary, and he needs to do a much better job preparing this team each week!!


I think the problem with the defense is not adjusting to a hybrid 3/4, 4/3 scheme. But i also think is a matter of discipline, in any defense every player has his reads and responsibilities but they are all flowing to the read of the first defender and losing tbeir assignments. Also the DT’s are constantly driven back into the Lb’rs laps does not allowing a good read. The safety work is also really bad, woods is always late and out of position. I seen several mocks where Dallas picks db’s first that will be a huge mistake, football is won in the trenches we need dominant DL and OL. We can get by with above average secondary.
We need to draft a better than decent OT, maybe a second or third rounder and then concentrate the rest on defense.

Bill Wsldom

I have watched Cowboy games as a die hard fan for years but at this point I actually have no idea what defense the Cowboys are running. 4-3, 3-4, 5-2?? What is clear is absolutely no gap control. The defense falls for every fake and misdirection and abandons assigned gaps. Assuming gaps are actually assigned. I am at a loss with this defense.


The Good;
1 Andy Dalton.
2 Jordan Lewis,
3 O-line,
4 Amari Cooper.

The Bad;
2 Lamb on that rocket Hail Mary pass RIGHT THRU HIS HANDS non catch, (tough catch, but that was his calling card), (Lamb is not quite as good as advertised IMO, second muffed TD pass this year, plus a muffed catch that resulted in INT),
3 Greg Zuerlein,
4 LBs looking “Lost In Space”,
5 X Woods.

The Ugly;
1 Something that’s been a problem for quite some time. RUN DEFENSE. Talked about this forever. If you can stop the run, YOU’RE DONE. REAL SIMPLE!

Bill W, agree with the defensive set confusion.
Run a 4-3, or a 3-4. PERIOD. My two cents, run 4-3.


IMO, these mocks with Surtain going as first pick is ridiculous. Is a CB going stop our team from getting run over basically every game? NO!

Get the CB later (pretty deep class), but we need RUN STUFFING DTs and LBs first and foremost. Should be more than OBVIOUS BY NOW. First round talent LB, Micah Parsons, may be the best defensive player in the draft and fills a great need for our team. Don’t over think the OBVIOUS Jerry. IT’S A NO BRAINER!

Cowboys fan

Vam…. Getting Micah Parsons would be a mistake!! Everything that’s been said about him was the same thing that was said about Jaylon Smith before his injury!! Jaylon was supposed to be the best LB in the draft that year too!! And they both have the same skill set!! Your right about the DB class being deep, but there’s no way we can find a lock down corner late in the draft!! That’s the problem with our secondary now, we have a bunch of later round players back there and they are obviously no good!! We need a lock down corner and we’re only gonna get that in the 1st round!! Not to mention the fact that we’re only gonna have Trevon and Anthony Brown after the season!! We may need LB and D line help, but we need secondary help more!! And idk if you noticed, but not only were we being ran all over, but our secondary left Myles Boykin wide open for a touchdown too!! Anybody wanting anything but a corner in the 1st round are crazy!! Period!!


Cowboys fan, your key words are “before his injury”. Smith may have never gotten back to his pre-injury form. Read an article yesterday with two “draft gurus” Kiper and McShay. Both pick Parsons for our first pick. Kiper said he thinks Parsons RIGHT NOW is better than Smith and LVE I was on board with Parsons before seeing this article, because of our pathetic RUN DEFENSE has been a problem for quite some time. Thought we should have drafted a solid LB last year. BTW, I think we should sign Jordan Lewis, he is a pretty good and underrated CB that actually comes up and tackles.

I get the need for a CB AND a SAF also, but just think our run defense is in worse shape and Parsons is considered the best defensive player in draft. We are getting run over basically every game. Respect our opinion, we can agree to disagree on this.

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