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Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers Bold Predictions

Wildcard Weekend is officially here. It's time to put your best foot forward and leave it all on the field. The will have their hands full with the . It will take some big performances from some key players to get past this game for Dallas.

Bold Prediction One: will throw for 325 plus yards and three touchdowns.

Prescott will need to play very well on Sunday because will struggle once again against a very good 49ers rush . Prescott can do this against this 49er .

The 49ers are ranked only 23rd in dropback EPA. They have allowed 11 passes of 40 plus yards, which is the eighth-worst in the NFL. They have also allowed 54 passes of 20 yards or more, which ranks in the league's bottom half.

Prescott has played in three playoff games and has seven total touchdowns with a of 95.7. In his rookie year, he went toe to toe with and had a great performance against and the Seahawks for his only playoff win.

Dak has played well when the lights are the brightest, and the Cowboys will need it this week.

Bold Prediction Two: The Cowboys pick off Jimmy Garoppolo two times.

The Cowboys will need to stop the 49ers rushing attack and have Garoppolo beat them in this game. Garoppolo has thrown an interception in every 49er's loss this season. He has nine interceptions in the team's seven losses.

The Cowboys led the NFL in takeaways with 34 and led the league with 26 interceptions in the regular season.

led the way with eleven of those interceptions. However, part of this bold prediction is that Diggs will be left off the interception stat sheet in this game. Instead, and will have the honor of picking off Garoppolo.

Bold Prediction Three: and combine for over 225 receiving yards.

Cooper will see a lot of rookie Ambry Thomas, which is a favorable matchup for Dallas. Lamb has been quiet as of late, but he will be ready for the . The dynamic duo will show in this game why the Cowboys possess one of the best-receiving corps in the NFL.

In , the 49ers let AJ Brown absolutely torch them for 11 grabs, 145 yards, and a touchdown.

The 49ers' secondary has been their biggest weakness all season, and Prescott and his elite targets will be too much for them to handle.

Bold Prediction Four: The Cowboys sack Garoppolo four times

The 49ers' is a good unit; make no mistake about it. Dallas has the pass rushers to send at them in , , , , and of course, .

Lawrence will lead the way with two for Dallas, forcing one fumble. With the 49ers likely to key in on Parsons, that will help free up Lawrence, and he will help wreak havoc on Jimmy GQ.

Kevin Rice
Kevin Rice
I'm a 32 year old life long Cowboys fan from New York. It's fun growing up in enemy territory. College basketball and March Madness fanatic. Lover of thrillers and comedies. Follow me on twitter @CowboysCC9

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My bold prediction: The D Line comes up with at least 1, maybe 2 INT’s. I expect DLaw, Gregory, Armstrong and Parsons to take a page from the Eagles playbook and stop their pass rush early to get their hands up into the throwing lanes. The Eagles had a lot of success with that early last week.

Which leads me to my 2nd bold prediction: Dak throws at least 1 INT to a D lineman. The 9ers have no doubt watched how effective the Eagles were at it last week. They’ve got even better pass rushers than Philthy. I think at least one of them times it right and snags a low or late Dak throw.


Wow Kevin, if you’re predictions come to reality, Cowboys win in a BLOWOUT. I don’t see a blowout here.

Kevin Rice

Yeah I was toning in my optimism for this one lol.

Kevin Rice

@vam lol that’s why they are called bold predictions. I was toning in my optimism for this one. Bold prediction four Deebo goes for 150 total yards


Go Cowboys, Beat the 49ers

Bryant Mastrangelo

Go 9ers. 38-28

Daniel Flores

Niners aren’t from the NFC Least, cowboys are going to have their hands full, they won’t have the time to wipe the blood from their mouth. I think the Niners show em how it’s done in the Best football conference

Bruce Mullin

Well stated Daniel! Kittle and Deebo are threats the Cowboys have not seen this season.


All your bold predictions are just wishful thinking, I’ll tell you a bold prediction: the game will be decided in the last play by Cowboys kicker Zeurlein, say a 45 yard FG, either he makes it and we move on to Tamba Bay or he doesn’t and we go home.

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