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Daniel Jones’ contract extension is great news for the Cowboys

The starting signed a 4-year $160 million deal Tuesday afternoon.

What a great day for us ; with Jones as their starter, he currently holds a 1-5 record against the in his career. I'm not here to throw dirt on Jones because he led New York to the postseason and a victory in the over last season.

The point I am making here is since took over as starting quarterback for this team, he has lost twice to the Giants, and both came during his rookie year. He is 10-2 all-time against the Giants and is undefeated against Jones. 

Daniel Jones' contract extension is great news for the Cowboys

As we look WAY ahead to the 2023 season, I already see two wins on the schedule. Jones couldn't even beat at home, and he can't beat the Cowboys.

Jones this contract proves why the Prescott deal was smart a few years ago. The Cowboys can now extend him, cut all of his cap hit, and the team can save a bunch of money.

Regardless of how things have shaken out thus far, anyone that thinks Jones is worth the same amount of money as Prescott and more than is CRAZY.

That is the quarterback market now, though. I never want to hear another word about the Prescott deal. The market is about to explode.

, who is 1-3 in the playoffs, is about to get money, who has only one playoff win. Yet we laugh at the money Prescott is making.

Let me add that Jones is 21-31-1 in his career, making the same amount of money as Prescott, who is 42-27; give it a break, guys.

You have to pay this money for a player you need under . It doesn't matter who hikes the ball for Dallas; they will make this money. Good or bad!

even knows that playing quarterback is just a payday waiting to happen. 

Nonetheless, with Jones signing that contract, three out of the four quarterbacks in the East are just about set. will get his money.

While Washington is still trying to figure out what they will do, they released , who made nearly $30 million last year.

The Cowboys placed the on and will either cut Ezekiel Elliot as a post-June-1 or make him take a massive pay cut to help the team save money.

I still hope the team makes another move to get someone alongside . signed that last year after his but was disappointing in 2022.

So look, the Cowboys will get two free victories every season for at least the next four years. The Cowboys signed Prescott at a good time because now the market is through the roof.

This team clearly has enough to worry about on their own, but it was nice to see Jones sign a deal that is on the same level as Prescott. Simply because he owns the Giants and the , and has only lost to Jones one time. 

I hope this team isn't done making moves and they will do something else to improve this team outside of draft day.

A big on the way for this team, and the quarterback is the least of their worries. 

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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