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Donovan Wilson’s Making a Case to be a Starter in 2021

Donovan Wilson shines in Week 15 for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had very many bright spots in 2020, but second-year Safety Donovan Wilson is certainly starting to look like one. In fact, his play this season might just earn him a starting job next season in 2021.

After missing the previous two weeks with a groin injury Donovan Wilson was entering Week 15 already with three forced fumbles under his belt, two of which he recovered. Now he can add an interception to his resume after picking off San Francisco 49ers QB Nick Mullins.

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The former Texas A&M safety is putting together quite a resume in his second year with the Dallas Cowboys. It took injuries and poor play for the coaching staff to finally get him more involved, but once they did he started making his presence known on the backend of the defense.

To date he’s played a little over half of the defensive snaps this season and about the same on special teams. But, that’s been enough for him to showcase the kind of playmaker he could be as a full-time starter. Surprisingly enough, it’s not going unnoticed.

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Donovan Wilson is a player and a keeper at safety for my Cowboys.

I don’t normally agree with very many of Skip Bayless’ takes regarding the Dallas Cowboys, but his opinion about Donovan Wilson is one I can get on board with. No. 37 is definitely making his presence known.

Other than Trevon Diggs, the Dallas Cowboys secondary could be overhauled in the offseason. The Dallas Cowboys need to upgrade the entire backend of their defense and Donovan Wilson has definitely put his name in the mix for one of the starting safety positions up for grabs.

It’s still probably a little premature to anoint Donovan Wilson as a sure fire starter next season, but his impressive play as of late is nonetheless encouraging. The good news is he still has two more regular-season games remaining this year to further cement himself as a starter in the eyes of the coaching staff.

Do you think Donavan Wilson has earned a starting role in 2021?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Absolutely and he should have gotten a chance earlier. I sort of understand the cowboys going with Thompson at the beginning of the season, as the secondary was in disarray and they felt like his veteran presence was needed. But he showed playmaking ability from the get go and that’s something the cowboys have been lacking the last several years.

    Yes he should start next year, who else would it be? He’s the strong safety of the future, though they still need a free safety.

  2. I’ve been telling you folks since Wilson accrued 3 INT’s during the preseason of his rookie year that he is the most talented safety on the team and is destined for stardom. It’s too bad so many folks in and around the Cowboys just don’t recognize nor understand true talent.

  3. Dang right! He is the HEART of the defense (and he ispis one of the “true” leaders on defense). He brings it every single down.

  4. I’ve been wanting him to be our strong safety since the beginning of last season!! He’s definitely better than Thompson and he’s better than Jeff Heath too!! Now all we need is a good free safety and a shut down corner on the other side of Diggs and a couple of decent backups and our secondary will be good!! I can’t wait till draft day starts, I really hope we can get Patrick Surtain or maybe Caleb Farley to go on the other side of Diggs, and either Javon Holland or Andrea Cisco for our free safety!! If we can get them players in with Diggs and Wilson our secondary will be one of the youngest and most likely one of the best in the NFL for at least the next 4 years!! But I know how Jerry is, so I’m not gonna get my hopes up!!

  5. These prima donna fans the cowboys had woods at the same pick a couple of years ago and look what happened. This guy is solid backup and needs to be resigned before his rookie contract comes up in two years. This is what you wanted from a 6th puck contributes and makes the team. The cowboys from seven needs an overhaul even if that means parting and with Slaw. Weve played the weak end of the schedule, so everybody thinks this guy is the second coming of Woodson. We need one full season of work and competition in the preseason to make this guy a savior

  6. Yes, starter next year. After passing on higher rated prospects to they dismay of many, we found a hidden gem in the sixth round. So far so good for #37. Hope he can continue his good play.

    As for this coming draft, the big names, Cisco, Ford, Nasirildeen, Holland all look good. But a player to keep an eye on, that may fall because of his size, 5’8″ 180, is A Washington out of TCU. Elite ball skills, 5 INTs and 7 PDs last year. And is a consistent tackler. As they say, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

  7. Of course he would be a starter in 2021and just like some others on this link said we noticed his talent during last season preseason games.

  8. We need to draft a S or two…sign our current DBs to team friendly contracts and then work on improving our front 7. Our problem is stopping the run.

  9. Havent seen a safety blow up plays and hit this hard since Roy Williams. Its whats been missing from this defense-mean,nasty hits from the secondary. START HIM NEXT YEAR.

  10. It is mind boggling that Wilson did not get a chance to start earlier. Perhaps he is horrible in practice or classroom – he shows up on the field though.
    Keep Diggs and Wilson as presumptive starters.
    Draft CB1st round and two safeties by the 4th round.
    Sign one veteran safety to compete and lead.
    Let Xavier Woods walk. All other safeties welcome for camp and practice squad.
    If Awuzie and Lewis want to stay, sign them as presumptive back ups. Switch Lewis to safety. Brown is already signed, also as depth. Switch RR2 back to CB with a full offseason to compete.

  11. The biggest reason Wilson wasn’t in sooner is his coverage skills. That’s a weakness that he & the coaches need to work on. As for a FS- IMO he’s there already, Diggs is another Big Play guy. Groom him now & with Donavan they’d be a great tandem. Diggs brings the finesse & Donavan brings the pain!

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