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ESPN Predicts Cowboys Will Make 2021 NFL Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys was supposed to go a lot differently. They revamped the which was highlighted by the hiring of as the successor to . Several defensive were added and there was tremendous optimism after a successful NFL Draft that figured and Trevon Diggs being selected in the first two rounds.

It all looked lovely on paper, but unfortunately, reality sat in for the Cowboys very quickly. A plethora of to key contributors seemed to come about weekly and they finished a dismal 6-10, missing the for the second consecutive season. However, the staff at doesn't see that happening in 2021 as they have predicted that the Cowboys will return to the playoffs, and they'll do so by securing the third seed in the conference and winning the East.

ESPN Staff Writer Bill Barnwell on the Cowboy's outlook for next season.

“The Cowboys should be healthier in 2021, and we saw their 's upside while Prescott was in the lineup. They have the highest upside of any team in the division, and if they can fix the this , their ceiling might be as Super Bowl contenders. Of course, as we saw in 2020, few teams seem better at getting in their own way or creating their own problems.

“Prescott hadn't ever missed a game before his freak , so if we expect him to play something close to a full season in 2021, the Cowboys should be in good shape to win their division.”

There's no question that changes have to be made on both sides of the ball if the Cowboys are to be a factor next season.

Defensively, they have to find another productive presence on the interior of the defensive line to go along with , , and . Sean Lee and both missed significant time in 2020, and with 's play trending downward, the linebacker spot is one that needs to be addressed. , , and will all be unrestricted free agents, leaving several potential holes in the secondary.

On the offensive side of the ball, it's all about health. La'el Collins missed the entire season, Tryon Smith only played in two games, and missed six games and the never fully recovered. , who was set to breakout at the tight end position, suffered a torn ACL in the season opener against the . The biggest loss was . He had 1,856 yards in just five games and became the first in NFL with three consecutive performances of 450 yards or more.

The Cowboys have the 10th overall pick in April's NFL Draft so they have a great opportunity to add some premium talent. Their first four picks of last year's draft all made significant contributions in 2020, and they'll need more of the same in a few months if they're to take the crown back.



Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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The Cowboys are a joke. They will never again win the Super Bowl as long as Jerry Jones is the GM. History has shown that after Jimmy Johnson’s draft picks left the Cowboys, they immediately went into the toilet and have been there every since.


We love our haters! This article is missing some key components. Like the assurance of Dak & his contract. Will Kellen implement the Run game to it’s grind & break neck pace!
Can Quinn give these guys a boost of confidence. They started coming around with D. Wilson in run help blitz frets! I believe a off season of great team work & focus. Bones Fassel will be our infamous coach!

Cowboys 66

I wholeheartedly agree with ESPN. The Cowboys will not only make tg e playoffs, but will be representing the NFC in Super Bowl 56. Take it to the bank! How About dem Cowboys! Dak will finally get Jerry that elusive 6th Super Bowl ring.

J Stephen Sadler

I hope ESPN is right and da boyz make the playoffs but, as a lifelong fan (since the 60’s), since their glory years in the mid 90’s, they have, year after year, underperformed and not met expectations. Everyone takes shots at Jerry and I got it, he’s at the top and blame starts there. BUT, although Jerry might be one of the reasons, he’s most assuredly not alone. Players play and many have NOT played up to their capabilities. Coaches, coach but few of have lived up to their reputations or expectations. Yes Jerry has a big part in this BUT he’s not the only problem with da boyz! Although I still love my team, I no longer EXPECT them to win ANYTIME! To use a stock market analogy, if you had shorted da boyz for the last 20 YEARS you’d be rich. For me, I still love em’ BUT, as a stock, I’m not buyin’

Phil b

I agree Tbone when you can’t make the truly hard look in the mirror and realize the only thing you haven’t changed is yourself for 25 years and the team is really insignificant because you out yourself in front of the team and not let the team define you then this is what you get front office that are too afraid to tell you what is wrong and what needs to be fixed!


Jeruh says it’s about winning, but if he truly meant that, he would put people in charge that know what they’re doing. It’s all about money and power for him. He was bragging about being the first team to have 30K butts in the seats when there were still people going down buy the thousands. I am a DC4L, but I agree that they will not win another ring until he either gives up the team or his seat.


I dont think you sign dak to long term contract. You franchise obe more time to make sure he ready to play and is physically fit to play then sign him to contract during the season once proven. Then pray we avoid injuries. We should be deeper and mor experienced because of last year. Stay the course and see on ward 2021 cowboys 11 and 6. East champs .

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