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Fact or Fiction: Cowboys Must Draft OL or WR with the 24th Pick

We're now in April, and if you're a die-hard NFL enthusiast you know that means it's time baby. Given that we're only four weeks away from the actual draft, you're likely going to see mock's ramp-up from sports sites, so of course, that only means more debate from fans.

(We love wholesome debates between because they're so civil and engaging, so much fun.)

While it's always fun to hear and read different perspectives that people have on the Draft, I wanted to write up a fact or fiction piece on if the franchise should follow those opinions that people have where they target or with their 24th Pick.

Without further ado, check out my piece below:

“Their first-round pick has to be a wide receiver or offensive line, no matter what.”

Entering this , you could argue that the Cowboys had one of the strongest Wide Receiver Room's in the league, but with the departure of and , it now looks shaky.

Now they did re-sign Wide Receiver , but he's going to miss the first couple of games. At the moment, it's expected Wide Receiver and newly signed wideout to be the franchise's starting WRs, but their WR3 remains a question mark.

Some could say last year's receivers and could step up to the challenge, but looking at the Cowboys' Draft Visits, you see they met with some of the top wide receivers in this draft class so that may signal the franchise isn't trusting those two.

Now the thought of the franchise landing a talent like Drake London, , or sounds great, but they could wait till later rounds given it's a deep wide receiver draft class.

Jumping to the offensive line, it was obvious that the franchise already had problems upfront entering this offseason, but for some reason, they decided it would be smart to make it worse by letting and La'el Collins walk from the team.

Although the team has had the most visits with offensive line and Cowboys Owner alluded the franchise was likely leaning toward drafting an OL prospect, I wouldn't count out a surprise player getting picked at 24.

Last year, we saw the franchise get backlash for selecting at 12, but now a year later you see fans are happy with the pick.

With that in mind, my verdict is FICTION because if you're going into the draft close-minded that these two position groups are the only ones that you want to target, there is a high chance you miss out on a playmaker.

The draft isn't won in the and the Cowboys can still address their needs in the later rounds, so I'm rocking with BPA (Best Player Available) come draft night.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

The Fact is if the QB don’t have time to throw the ball then if we have the best receiver that ever played the game it’s not going to matter! I been saying for the last three seasons that we better shore our OL up !! Does it not make sense that if we have studs on the line of scrimmage then just about any NFL caliber RB can run through the holes! Spread the money around and make every position competitive!

Vic G

The only player that I am scared of dropping to 24 is Stingley Jr. I wouldn’t mind Karlaftis, Lloyd or Davis. Stingley’s drop off in production from 2018 is concerning plus he would stop Bossman Fats development.

Cowboys fan

We don’t have any player to play left guard for us, so we’re probably gonna have to address that position in the draft twice this year!! So for me, I don’t believe addressing receiver in the 1st round is a must, but I do believe we have to address left guard in the 1st round!! If Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson is there at 24 we have to take one of them!! I mite even consider moving up a few spots to make sure we get one of them!! But I think at least one of them will be there for us at 24!! As far as WR goes, this draft is loaded with receivers, and as long as we can get our LG in the 1st round, we can address receiver in the 2nd round!! There’s players like Jalen Tolbert John Metchie, Skyy Moore, George Pickens, and plenty more!! Some of them mite even fall to the 3rd round cause there’s so many of them!! But the same can’t be said about guards!! If we wanna fix that problem we have to get the best of them in the 1st round!! We’re looking for another Zack Martin, not another Connor Williams or Connor McGovern!! And the only guards in this draft that have a chance to even come close to Martin are Kenyon Green and Zion Johnson!! There’s no other guards in this draft that even come close to them, let alone close to Martin!! So I disagree with the fiction answer in this article…. At least when it comes to guard!!

Lawrence C. Baker

I agree with Mr. Garza’s perspective of taking the best player available. Collins and Williams were not committed to the Cowboys. Collins non shalant attitude and Williams apparent lack of discipline or lack of talent means that losing these two bums is no real loss for Dallas. There’s kids in this draft that ate smarter and more motivated than either of them. Good Riddance!!!!

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