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Fact or Fiction: The Cowboys Are Still Kings of The NFC East Post-Draft

Following the conclusion of this year's draft, I don't know if it was just me, but I saw a larger amount of opposing East fans claiming that the were in trouble. I mean I'm not surprised to see those comments given you aren't going to ever hear positive thoughts about the Cowboys, but are they right?

I mean okay, I understand they did away arguably their best wideout for borderline-nothing and moved on from a starting and two offensive linemen, but most of their team is still intact. And if you look at the other three teams, you see that one will be fielding a new QB (Washington), another has a new (New York), and lastly (the only one that sort of strikes fear in my heart) is hoping their QB can get it together (Philadelphia).

So are the Cowboys much worse?

With all of that in mind, I wanted to write a piece on whether those opposing fans were right about  Dallas possibly being in trouble and give a FACT OR FICTION verdict on the topic.

To ease your curiosity, check it out below.

Despite losing some starters, the Cowboys still have weapons on both sides of the ball.

Starting, I want to come clean and admit that I agree the Cowboys didn't win the Draft in the . But then again, it may be too early to tell. While Dallas only had one first-round pick, their division rivals either had higher or multiple picks so I consider that a huge factor in grading a team's drafts, but like they say: “The Draft isn't won in the .”

Going back to my early comment that I made about each team, I wanted to zero in on one team that has an actual chance to dethrone the Cowboys this year, and that's the Eagles.

When you jump to their draft class (which was graded an A- by NFL Senior Editor Gennaro Filice), you can arguably say they were tied for having one of the best drafts in the league. Although you can point out that players aren't always guaranteed to pan out, the Eagles did enough to make some noise this year.

(Oh did I forget to mention they also acquired former WR A.J. Brown via trade? Man what an for them.)

Nonetheless, it may seem like I'm team Eagles, but I'm just pointing out all of the moves they did to make me think twice if the Cowboys will remain on top. But with all of that in mind, my verdict is FACT. 

Yes, I get that there will be new faces in their WR Group and along their Offensive Line, but what big player did the Cowboys lose that makes you think they're going to fall off the planet?

Losing WR did hurt, I'm not going to lie. But can't they get viable production from WRs , , , and Noah Brown in a group effort? While I'm not claiming that Cooper is a subpar WR, those four should be capable of keeping the afloat, and add in that WR will come back after a few games recovering from his ACL injury, the WR corps will be fine.

Jumping to the Offensive Line, the biggest loss has to be . However, the franchise seems to have enough faith in Tackle Terrence Steele to let him walk, so I'm trusting their judgment over mine. Additionally, by replacing Guard with Tulsa Guard , you got your new .

Lastly, losing DE seems to hurt on paper, but with DEs , Jr., , , and now Sam “De” Williams– their group should be fun.

Add in that you still have QB , WR CeeDee Lamb, TE , RG Zach Martin, LT , LB , and CB on your squad, the Cowboys are built to compete for the division.

So for the Eagles, Commanders, and Giants fans who are talking that mess, just relax. The only team that can talk is Philly, but with the way the games have gone the last three years, I wouldn't be trash-talking until you beat the Boys again.

So what do you think Cowboy fans? Do you believe the Cowboys are capable of repeating as NFC East Champs?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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William Bristol

Gint’s got a ton of picks and the fifth and seventh first round picks. It’s hard to screw that up. Their offensive line has been repaired with the best tackle in the draft (Neal) and in third round they got Ezeudu, a very strong guard. Now the Gints have an oline….not good.

Stephen Jones

The Giants have Daniel Jones, the Eagles have Hurts, and the Washington Team has Wench.
We have Dak, and they dont. End of discussion…


Really, “end of discussion”? Dak is a helluva nice guy and a decent ball player. But he’s proven zilch and simply hasn’t shown he can win a big game. He’s 8-17 against teams with a winning record (brutal). Dak with Amari: 28-16, 102.9 passer rtg
Dak without Amari: 3-6, 86.1 passer rating. Yeah, he’s better than those guys…

John Dixon

Giants are thriwing darts. And bith of those firstcround picks have bust all iver them. Don’t care what they say. Every top pick who seems to care more about anything than football ends up average. NFL commitment level to be excellent dwarfs college


Moving on from Gregory and Cooper is a plus, Both were a bit above average but cost 36 million in cap between them. Cooper was missing more and more reps due to his feet.. Collins had missed 2/3 of games in last 2 years. Williams is being replaced with much cheaper player who will be as good at least . So, functionally, the Boys are improving by moving on .
The draft guarantees that losing teams improve, so it is no surprise the rest of the East drafted good players.
In the end, this is a make or break year for Moore and McCarthy and more about their coaching than the talent.


I think there’s a word for what you have — delusion. Yes, that’s it. The Cowboys took SEVERAL steps back and basically are treating this as a rebuilding year. Unfortunately, they go 7-9.

Real Cowboy

of course the other teams got better. Dallas did as well at least in the o line. Edge was not a need, we had plenty of those. We should have taken Linderbaum in the first and then the best available other offiensive lineman in the second. that would have been the best play.

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