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Fact or Fiction: WRs Jalen Tolbert & KaVontae Turpin Need More Touches

Last week, the game felt like a nightmare for Cowboy fans, as everything that could have gone wrong, well, went wrong.

From constant three-and-outs, the inability to stop the Bucs run game, to QB suffering a thumb –it was a complete mess.

However, besides all of those issues, the elephant in the room was the team's lack of talent in their receiving corps–as no one could get open or catch the ball.

If we look at who the leading wideout was, we find out that it was with 5 receptions for 68 yards.

While I did predict he would lead wideouts in Week One as there would be an adjustment for wideout in his first game—everyone else looked “meh”.

Beyond Brown and Lamb, the team trotted out wideouts and , who combined for four catches and 28 yards.

As the team kept struggling throughout the whole game to put together a series, it made me question why Turpin or Tolbert weren't getting a chance.

With Turpin, you have a guy who has electric speed and he can keep them honest for you. Even if you don't send him on deep routes, you can scheme him to get open on short passes and let him make a play in the open field.

While Turpin mostly showed his talent off in the return game (mostly , but it's just the first game) using him in both aspects could help Rush and the big-time.

He may not get the every-down snaps, but he could be a guy who can make a play for the team with every touch—and he's arguably their fastest wideout.

Get the best talent on the field.

On Tolbert's side, it was confusing when I heard he wasn't going to get snaps. I understand if Houston looked better, but you spent a third-round pick on the guy, so could he do worse than we saw last Sunday?

Coming out of , Tolbert was a big-YAC wideout and he showed can compete with the big teams.

Add-in, he was showing chemistry with Prescott during camp, it's a must that he gets snaps. I was among the crowd who figured Tolbert would be the WR2 with wideout out—but I guess we will have to see what happens.

Overall, both of these guys are weapons the to mix in to get their drives rolling. Beyond Lamb, opposing defenses won't respect any wideout, but these two can keep defenses honest.

Also, with Gallup coming back potentially in Week Three, it would be smart not to rush him in heavy snaps right away–as we saw WR Chris Godwin come back from an ACL injury–before he hurt himself again when a hamstring strain.

So, if you haven't figured out my verdict, it's FACT.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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