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Famous Dallas Cowboys Players Who Graduated from College

Graduating from college can be a very challenging thing, even for average students. But even famous celebrities like football players have successfully achieved this feat. Despite their busy schedules, they got their college degrees in various ways.

These famous players serve as an inspiration for everyone, especially their fans. They showed perseverance, hard work, and dedication to complete their education. If you're feeling uninspired at school, take a look at these famous players and others who made it against all .

Dat Nguyen

is a former for the Dallas Cowboys. He also happens to be part of the . He attended Texas A&M University from 1995 to 1998. He also played football for the school's team.

Although many considered him “too small” to be a linebacker, he proved everyone wrong. When Nguyen finished his college football career, he had a tackles-per-game average of 10.7. He also received awards during his senior year right before he graduated.

Taking inspiration from famous players

It's amazing to learn about how Dallas Cowboys football players took the time to study in college. Just like you, many famous Dallas Cowboys athletes completed their college education to earn a degree. They also completed their coursework as needed.

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Zion Johnson

is a Dallas Cowboys favorite. He fills a significant positional need, which is why he's on the list for the top-30 pre-draft prospect invites. He also went to Boston College.

Johnson's incredible performance at Boston College is what caught the attention of NFL scouts. Despite his size, he had impressive mobility and a low of gravity. He was a first-team All-American selection, thus bringing pride to his alma mater.

Famous Dallas Cowboys Players Who Graduated from College 1

Myron Rolle

Myron Rolle spent 2 1/2 years at Florida State University, even though he is a native of New Jersey. Even at an early age, he has always shown great potential both off and on the field.

While in college, Rolle played for the Florida State University college team. He played while completing all of the requirements needed for his pre-med course. In 2008, he received his bachelor's degree in exercise science while maintaining a 3.75 GPA.

Rolle also attended Oxford University, where he earned an MSc in medical anthropology. In the year 2010, he received a ranking as the second smartest athlete in sports from Sports News. He's now a practicing neurosurgeon.

Tyler Biadasz

is a center for the Dallas Cowboys. He went to college at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he played for the school's team. Then he got drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 's 4th round.

During his freshman year, Biadasz started in all of the games. Because of this, he received third-team All-Big Ten and freshman All-American honors. During his sophomore year, he started in all of the games too.

In the year 2019, he wasn't able to attend practices because he had to undergo hip surgery. Before the start of the season, College Football News named him to All-American teams. Then Sporting News identified him as one of the candidates for the Rimington Award.

After starting in all of the games, he won the Rimington Trophy. He was the first one to win the award in the of the school. In the year 2020, he announced that he wouldn't attend his senior season as he had already got drafted into the NFL.


College doesn't have to be a hurdle in life. Instead, it's better to see it as a great opportunity. One that will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams. Even famous athletes have chosen to further their education. They know the value of having a college degree even though they have shown great potential in sports. When feeling overwhelmed, take inspiration from these athletes. If they can do it, so can you.

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