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Fantasy Outlook: It’s Hard to Trust any Cowboys Player Next Season

I am already looking forward to my draft. I try not to be biased and draft any Cowboys players unless they are worth a roster spot.

It is hard to gauge who could provide fantasy value this season for Dallas, and if you can, what round should they go in? The Cowboys were one of two teams to gain over 7,000 yards last year. Dallas ran and passed the ball well. They have a ball-control when playing from the lead.

and are two new additions to the team. They have zero fantasy value as of right now, and honestly don’t even think they would get touched until maybe a bye-week, and you need to pick someone up and hope and pray they maybe grab a couple of catches so you avoid a goose egg.

will probably see a drop In numbers because is gone, but he has maybe the best backfield In football with and .

The ideal situation is both players getting around 12-15 touches per week. Elliott would retain his fantasy value by scoring more touchdowns on the ground. Pollard will make the difference with catches out of the slot, giving him serious potential in points-per-reception formats.

The big question still lingers, where should I draft them? I would not take Elliott in the next season. The truth is, I would probably wait until early in the to touch him. The presence of Pollard will make me stay away.

One game, Elliott may be rolling on the ground, and Pollard rarely gets featured, and then the next battle is the exact opposite.

As of right now, no Cowboys player is worth a spot unless it is outside of the first round. The Guys I would look for in deeper leagues are Pollard and Tolbert (maybe). Take Elliott if he is hanging around early in the second.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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I feel like you may not be a true fantasy football player. Tolbert is being taken in DYNASTY league rookie draft in the 2nd and 3rd round of four-round drafts. In a KEEPER league or a redraft league, he would be a late-round pick solely on his potential upside. Fantasy Football has evolved greatly in the last few years and it seems you are stuck in 2015 fantasy talk.

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