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First Repeat NFC East Winner Since the Early 2000s?

When it comes to winning the , no team has done it more than the Cowboys, who have captured the title 24 times, including last season.

A team has not won the crown in back-to-back seasons since the Eagles did in 2003 and 2004.

As all loyal fans know, Dallas has only been able to muster three playoff wins in the last 25 years.

The departure of and has turned some heads. Many believe that the Cowboys did not do enough by just a few backend starters as an attempt to replace some of their production.

In a -driven league, has a record of 25-6 against the East in his career, which could have been better if not for his season being cut short in 2020 due to a compound fracture and dislocation to his right ankle, where he missed all but five games.,NFC%20East%20in%20his%20career.

The of Prescott is something that people always bring to the forefront. Newly drafted said he received a phone call from Prescott days before they even drafted him and spent 20 minutes on the phone. “I never knew quarterbacks called prospects, a 20-minute conversation, we immediately vibed on the phone,” said Tolbert. “We talked about my strengths on and off the field.”

The Eagles won the draft, most would agree. They also acquired former WR A.J. Brown via , they got better, no doubt about it. is also back in the division as the ' signal-caller, and as for the Giants, they declined quarterback ‘ fifth-year option for 2023, which may be the end of his time in New York.

With the moving parts this , one thing stayed constant with Dallas, Prescott. I will take the guy who is 25-6 as a starter against his division regardless of who they play each Sunday.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Shane, you may have unwittingly brought to light the problem that I and some others here, have been commenting about for two, three years. Yes, DP does have a good record against teams in the weakest division in the NFL. That probably got him that ill-conceived, long-term, anchor for the team contract, that precludes the FO from bringing in any REAL competition for the position. DP sleeps very well at night knowing Cooper Rush and Ben Di Nucci are his competition. Big management mistake, IMO.

But against teams with winning records, he’s 14-20.

IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS, against teams with winning records, he’s 8-17.

STILL, one playoff win now in six years! Where is this “leadership”?


Agree Shane, there are a fairly wide range of opinions on DP. Some fans will back him no matter what. Some fans, like myself, will hold him accountable (a word DP uses often at post game pressers) at the most important position on the field, QB, AND his compensation. Why his compensation? because it has a direct effect on the team’s ability to put other quality players in place to be able to WIN GAMES. ESPECIALLY POST SEASON GAMES!

As far as the other QBs mentioned, Stafford played for a BAD team long term, in a tougher division, before being traded. Arod has 11 postseason wins including a SB win. Ryan gets paid around half of DP dollars and should have won a SB except for a complete collapse of their defense.

Respectfully, I don’t care about other team’s QBs. I’m a long time DC fan, and bottom line, ONE playoff win in six years, just doesn’t cut the mustard, especially at $40 million+++ a year.


Cowboy Fan Ed

I like Dak but the bottom line is wins and losses in this business! It’s kinda hard to justify being paid the money that he is getting and the return is just great stats! It’s also discouraging to see a kid taking his team to the SB the second year in the league when the Bengals Organization doesn’t have half the winning history that the Cowboys does! Now am I for kicking Dak to the curb and trying to get a unproven QB in here? No! But I am for seeing dividends on our investment soon or then we need to be looking for a proven winner to replace Dak!

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