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For Good or Bad, 2021 Feels Like a Signature Season for Cowboys

Every season starts the same way for most teams; hope for big things ahead or big changes if we come away disappointed. But not every year has the same impact on franchises as others, and we don't have to think hard about what some of those pivotal points have been for the Dallas Cowboys. While only time will ultimately tell, 2021 is looking like one of those signature seasons.

2020 was memorable but for all the wrong reasons. And while and some of his defensive players were left looking for new teams after, the overall course of the Cowboys remained relatively unchanged. We will look back on last year mostly for and Dak's than anything else.

You could make a case for 2019 as the last year of the Era, but even before then we were starting to see a shift as Kellen Moore replaced Scott Linehan as . We knew going into the year that Garrett had one life left and his dismissal after missing the was hardly shocking.

No, the last true “signature season” as I see it was 2016. We saw a youth movement hit warp speed as and became the new faces of the franchise, one by design and the other by circumstance. It was a sudden and unexpected end to 's tenure and really the last great chance for , , and other Cowboys of their generation to contend.

I would also nominate 2014 as one of those pivotal years. Had it not been for Dallas' 12-4 record and their controversial playoff exit against Green Bay, that may very well have been the end of Jason Garrett's run after three 8-8 seasons. But Garrett bought himself enough rope that year to survive the horrors of 2015 and last another four seasons beyond that.

You could easily go down the line and pick out various years for reasons that they shaped the and legacy of the Dallas Cowboys more than others. But today I want to focus on the present and what this 2021 season could mean for the franchise's future.

Mike McCarthy, Jerry Jones
Cowboys HC & Owner/GM

No matter what happens this year, we know Dak Prescott will still be the starting and the Jones Family will still own the team. But beyond that, how much can we really say is certain about this roster or staff?

So many players with big contracts may have their futures hanging on their 2021 performance. You can easily point to but are Zeke, , , and really all that safe?  All of them present opportunities for Dallas to get out from those deals and reallocate those cap dollars elsewhere if they're not happy with the results.

The Cowboys also have numerous players with expiring contracts this year. We already know about and Leighton Vander Esch but , , , and others are right there with them. You also have the many free agents from this year who Dallas signed to just one-year deals: , , , and others.

Could Mike McCarthy survive another disappointing year as ? Some of that depends on expectations and how we're defining disappointment, but I think we'd all agree that getting Dallas back into the playoffs as a legitimate contender is a reasonable point of security for McCarthy. Anything below that and he may not get a third chance.

Will Kellen Moore stay content as offensive coordinator, and especially if McCarthy does solidify his position in the big chair? Moore has already received head-coach buzz in the college and NFL ranks and it may be hard to keep him in Dallas much longer without a promotion.

If things do go poorly this year, could it be the turning point for Jerry Jones in how he runs the organization? He's already admitting to making mistakes with how he handled things with Jimmy Johnson, and there's about 30 years now of other failures he may be reflecting on.

For good or bad, 2021 feels like a season that will shape the Dallas Cowboys for the next several years. Success could keep this core group together for a while and disappointment could push things hard in a new direction. Whichever way it goes, it's a season that I predict we'll look back on with notoriety.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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The offense, on paper, appears to be good. Defense should be improved with the influx of promising players via draft and FA. Time will tell if it’s a so called “signature” season. But 25 years of disappointment is getting very old, especially when it seems that our team gets hyped up more than other teams every year.

And where on this team are the Randy Whites or Ed Jones or Darren Woodsons on defense? Or Roger Staubachs or Tony Dorsetts/Emitt Smiths or Michael Irvins on offense? We just do not have these kind of clutch DIFFERENCES MAKERS, outside maybe one player on defense we just drafted that COULD be a DM, IMO, Micah Parsons. EE was a DM, but he seems to be falling off his once high level of play. I guess one can point to Z Martin as a DM and always plays at a high level. But we need more players to step up their game to be a contenders for SB.

Jesse Elizondo

Every year theirs pluses and minuses some players come on strong and play well and then t
heirs players who don’t.+++ —- protect the ball play smarter field position gamble only you have to use your football I Q. We will take the way the ball bounces it’s our year last year was not. Hustle wrap up,and let get this show on the road Go cowboys…………….

gary b

The blueprint for success (at least this season) is similar to last. The offense must be top 5 and score a lot of points, and the defense will have to be at least middle of the pack and create more turnovers. Injuries and a short training camp last year thwarted those plans. With so many new faces on defense and a new DC, the hope is that the offense can keep us in enough games early on, while the defense improves and jells.

The other more obvious keys to success are continued OL health, Zeke having a bounce back year, coaching staff doing their part and Dak consistently playing at a high level. And as always a little luck.

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