Former Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Praises New OC Kellen Moore

Cole Beasley hasn’t had many nice things to say about his former team since leaving the Dallas Cowboys for the Buffalo Bills in free agency. The receiver has criticized his role with the team, the offensive scheme under Scott Linehan, and even taken indirect shots at the team’s practice and training facilities. But despite whatever hard feelings Beasley has towards the Cowboys, that didn’t stop him from praising the potential of new Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore.

In an article published Monday by The Athletic, Beasley discussed his issues with how he was used and valued by Dallas in recent years. Responding to the negative backlash that the article created, Beasley tweeted the following yesterday:

There’s some irony in Cole asking others to not take thing personally, given how he’s handled his exit from the Cowboys. But that’s another topic for another time.

The thing that caught my eye was his subsequent reaction to one of the replies.

Cole Beasley on Twitter

Kellen will be great!

We’ve already heard positive things from Dak Prescott, Sean Lee, and others out of the Cowboys camp regarding Kellen Moore’s work so far. To now hear this praise from a former teammate is also encouraging, and especially given Cole’s overall feelings about the organization right now.

Beasley was able to observe Moore’s coaching firsthand in 2018 during Kellen’s one year as the Quarterbacks Coach. They were also teammates from 2015-2017, with Beasley being an important part of the offense during Moore’s primary playing moments during the 2015 season.

Kellen Moore
Dallas Cowboys OC Kellen Moore

Despite his inexperience, Kellen Moore’s rise to the Offensive Coordinator position has generated a lot of positive reaction from current and former teammates and coaches. The general confidence in what he can do, even being called a “genius” by some, is very exciting for all Cowboys followers.

Of course, the perception that anyone is better than Scott Linehan is out there. It’s not accurate; Linehan helped the Cowboys have multiple winning seasons, division titles, and playoff appearances during his time here. There are far worse offensive coordinators out there.

What current players likely appreciate about Moore is his youth and ingenuity, perhaps bringing more things to the NFL that they saw in their college days. They also appreciate that Kellen has had to fight to get to this point, overcoming being an undrafted QB thanks to his smarts and work ethic.

We can officially count Cole Beasley among those who expect big things from Kellen Moore as the Cowboys’ new Offensive Coordinator. Given the source, it’s a vote of confidence that carries some real weight.

What do you think?

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