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Former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has Harsh Words for Jason Garrett

The have finally ended all the speculation about the future of on Sunday. They informed the second longest-tenured coach in franchise that he would no longer be a part of the organization's future plans.

This doesn't come as a surprise to anyone, though, as the writing on the wall has been there for quite some time. Garrett entered the without a new contract and was essentially for his job. After the Cowboys lost their showdown vs the , which ended their playoff hopes, Garrett's days at the helm were numbered.

Not too long after the marriage between the organization and Garrett came to an end, former Cowboys receiver didn't hold back about his feelings towards his former coach.

Bryant would continue to express his feelings when he saw a tweet that suggested the careers of himself and other prominent players were wasted under Garrett's .

These latest words from the franchise's all-time leader in touchdown receptions were just a continuation of how he's felt for a while. After the Cowboys suffered a tough 13-9 loss to the back in November, Bryant would take to twitter the very next night while watching the battle the on Mondy Night Football, suggesting Garrett can't relate to black players.

The way the Cowboys go about preparing for games week to week has been talked about for years now. This comes as no surprise considering the inconsistent play that became a pretty regular thing for the organization under Garrett's leadership. Never being a man to bite his tongue, Bryant expressed what he felt was the biggest problem back in October after the Cowboys loss to a then 0-4 team.

So as you can see, this isn't anything new when it comes to Bryant and his of the man he played under for eight seasons. Garrett has a reputation for being a class act, however, with words like these from one of the biggest stars in franchise history, it makes you wonder how many former and current players feel the same way.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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Jim Warren

I am totally on Dez’ side on this one. What Dez did in 8 years is mind-boggling – especially with the absolute incompetence demonstrated by Jason Garrett for years. Real football people know that Jason is a clueless robot with no real instincts about winning football games.


Dez has every right to be pissed! He was a true Dallas Cowboy and a true #1 WR… Dez & Romo was one of the all-time great TD tandems of all time! I do truly wish that Jerry would’ve gotten rid of JG 5 yrs ago, BUT that’s water under the bridge and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it! I’m gonna support McCarthy and his staff and have belief that we will be playing this time next yr! He can take this team and whomever Stephen resigns and McClay drafts and be a even better! Regardless of the expectations that are placed upon us Big D is coming and putting ALL HATERS/PRETENDERS on Notice! #5RINGCOWBOYZ

Floyd Williams

Perhaps Dez has something there . We know that Garrett is not racist but his being able to relate is a separate issue. He doesn’t appear to know how to demand discipline from his players. The media got white folks so uptight about race there may be some hesitation to approach the black athletess in a corrective way. You can’t lead men if you are afraid to lead. All this back slapping on the sidelines even after mistakes are made looks weak. It is weak.

Howard stevens

Smiling Dopey Opie is a phony. He was disloyal to Wade, his Assistant Coaches. It was always someone else’s fault. He’s not nearly as smart as people think. His stupid throwing of the football before games, running out in front of the team with an idiotic smile, taking the team on field trips, giving the worst post game speeches (they only show those after wins), and his “How we doing guys?” “Good to see you guys” before and after press conferences were all juvenile. He was only loyal to the Jones’. I never bought into his phony hype. Good riddance!

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