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Free Agent WR Cole Beasley Would Welcome Reunion w/ QB Dak Prescott

It’s been three years since WR Cole Beasley’s acrimonious departure from the . But despite his harsh words when leaving Dallas to sign with the as a , Beasley recently expressed that he’d be open to wearing again if it meant he could be reunited with QB Dak Prescott.

Buffalo released Cole back in March for cap space and perhaps off-field reasons. Beasley’s highly-publicized criticism of the NFL’s policies and vaccinations made him far more notorious in media circles than anything he was contributing to the Bills’ .

Being outspoken isn’t new for Beasley. When he he left the Cowboys during the , Cole didn’t hold back on the belief that money and politics drove too many football decisions in the organization.

Three years later and with his career winding down, Beasley apparently has gotten over some of those feelings. Or at the very least, the desire reunite with his former quarterback is now stronger than his frustration.

Cole Beasley on Twitter: “To play with Dak I would. / Twitter”

To play with Dak I would.

Is there a realistic path for Beasley to rejoin the Cowboys? With the pandemic issues now fading into the background for the NFL, it would mostly come down to his ability to help on the field.

Dallas has and as the clear starters in 2022. Gallup may miss some early games in the regular season but there’s still hope that he will be ready for Week One.

The Cowboys have already signed and drafted to shore up the WR position this year. They’ve also got coming back for his second year and veteran backup .

Beasley’s familiarity with Prescott and would give him some value in the mix. But now 33 years old, would Cole be competitive with these younger options and especially at this late stage in the ?

Plus, while ’s regime is gone from Dallas, the Jones family is still here and no doubt didn’t take kindly to Beasley’s comments in 2019. Would they even welcome him back now?

This may be nothing more than a strategic move by a desperate free agent. Beasley may not even want to come back to Dallas but knew the comment would get his name in circulation.

A beloved player when he was here, Cole Beasley would certainly incite intrigue if he did return to the Cowboys. But given the controversy he could and perhaps almost certainly would incite as well, the organization may be happier to leave this one alone.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Would help answer the questions at Slot Receiver, with Lamb likely to see more reps outside. But, naw, we’ll be fine with what we’ve got (TE’s, Pollard, and Tolbert) or can do better than a 33-year-old with a history of leg injuries, concussions/big hits, and off the field distractions.

  2. Always liked the way he played the game, although he was beginning to get dinged at the end.

    However, his comments aside, he would now be a progress stopper.

    I will take a hard pass on this one.

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