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If Amari Leaves Dallas, Cowboys Should Target Robby Anderson

After the Dallas Cowboys traded away their 2019 first-round draft pick for Amari Cooper, it seemed like the talented wide receiver was a lock to remain with the Cowboys for a long time. However, that has changed over the last few months. With Dak Prescott and Byron Jones also waiting for contract extensions, the Cowboys are in a tough position. Who do you pay and who do you don’t?

Right now, the most likely outcome is for the Cowboys to use the franchise tag on Dak and the transition tag on Cooper while letting Byron test free agency. But it can also be the other way around. Or, in a more extreme outcome, the NFLPA could approve the proposed CBA and eliminate the team’s right to use more than one tag in a single offseason. For the Cowboys’ front office, this would be a nightmare scenario.

One thing is for sure, though. Amari Cooper getting a deal done with the Cowboys is far from certain. Becoming a free agent is a possibility for the 25-year-old wide receiver. With the WR market being reset by Michael Thomas and Julio Jones, it’s hard to know how much will Amari’s camp ask for.

Assuming he ends up elsewhere, Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys would have an urgent need for a #1 wide receiver. Michael Gallup has shown great promise as a starter, but it’ll be difficult to bet on him to lead the position if they want to contend for a Super Bowl in 2020.

No, Dallas would have to look for another starter. I can’t help but thinking New York Jets WR Robby Anderson would be a great option for Dak Prescott.

You see, despite the lack of a 1,000-yard season, Anderson has consistently shown his talent playing for the Jets. It’s worth mentioning that he hasn’t had a top QB at any point in his career. Sam Darnold’s future is promising, but he’s not among the best young signal-callers in the NFL.

Anderson hasn’t played in a high-caliber offense and he might be a good supporting cast away from becoming one of the league’s finest at his position.

In 2017, he racked up 941 yards and seven touchdowns. Over the past two seasons, he’s caught 102 passes for1,531 yards and 11 touchdowns. Plus, he will be one of the younger free agents at the position with only 26 years of age.

According to Spotrac, the calculated market value for Anderson is around $12M per year. That doesn’t sound bad if Cooper is looking for over $20M annually.

Wherever he ends up in, Robby Anderson will shine as the talented WR that he is. If the Cowboys can’t keep Amari Cooper around, I hope the front office targets Anderson.

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Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. Dallas is in salary cap hell, mostly due in part in Prescott thinking he is worth more than 35 million, I bet no other NFL team would pay him that.

  2. This is why Dak either needs to take less money or let him go because if you pay him what he is asking for your going to lose guys like Cooper and others and the way I am looking at it is Dak isn’t a guy who will win with lesser players to me he is not that kind of a quarterback all you have to do is go back to 2018 before Cooper came to the Cowboys they were 3 and 4 so what will they be if they lose players like Cooper? If it was me I would sign most of the players you have and let Dak test the market because there are a lot of free agent quarterbacks out there this year that could be just as good as Dak or better and it might not have to cost you so much Dak could not beat any of the good teams this past year only the Rams game but it was the running game that played great in that game so if I am looking at free agent players I would look at quarterback.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more they need to learn from the Romo contract and as far as Cooper goes I think let him and jones walk There are some decent CB’s out there for cheap and Anderson would be a good addition I personally like Bridgewater he would be a good addition as well and those 2 signings wouldn’t break the bank and you’ll probably be able to add a DE which from what I’ve seen there some pretty good ones out there

  3. Tag and trade Dak to save money and sign a backup veteran and draft a new future QB like 1st round if Dak wants over 35 million without ever going to a superbowl

  4. Why in the world would anyone think Prescott is worth $35 million a year? He only plays well against poor teams, and most of his seeming potential is realized when Cooper is healthy. Without Amari Prescott is average at best. Offer his 5 years at $28 million per, and if he doesn’t take it let him walk and sign Bridgewater or better yet trade up and get Tua. Then give Amari a six year deal at $20-22 million per and move on.

  5. Dak wants top bucks and never reached a superbowl. We could get 2 1st round picks for him and get new players. I wouldnt pay him over 35 mil for mediocre results. Its just the truth. 8-8 sucks and its not going to change til we get new fast WR,CB,LB to speed things up like the 1993 team had with johnson

  6. In a draft so deep in WRs, why the hell would you want use to precious cap space on a wideout with a ceiling as a number two WR? You want an arguably practical trade? Offer Prescott to Cincy or Miami for multiple first round picks (hey, if a team over-values him, they will overpay)…and see if it’s feasible to draft Young and maybe move back a bit for an extra two or three and still get a wideout like Ruggs to play the slot. I would consider signing Brady as a bridge QB to: 1) take advantage of the OL while everyone is signed and relatively healthy; and 2) use the draft capital in 2021 to get your QB of the future, maybe the kid from Syracuse. Some fans would go ape, but it enables the team to retain cap flexibility to re-sign Cooper and other pending player future extensions, give the team a fighting chance to remain playoff relevant (yes, even though brady looks like Peyton in his final years…pretty much toast, the roster around him is pretty danged strong), and builds the draft capital to fill out holes in the roster (run-stuffing DT, safety, left guard, future LT, corner, TE). But based on recent drafts, (I see you taco and hill) i am not as confident about mcclay anymore. Blowing your top pick on reaches/busts in 2 of 3 drafts sets a team back years at those positions. Anyway, fans will go ape over the idea of trading Prescott, but he can’t carry a team which is necessary from time to time during a season…he just doesn’t throw WRs open and his reads are incredibly spotty. Trade him when he is over-valued by the league, that is when you get the maximum return. Think Herschel.

  7. Dak is not worth $30+ million. Cooper is not worth $20 million. NFL is out of control with this “setting the market” BS. These escalating numbers are insane. Dak is not that accurate, ie, missing way too many deep balls, numerous times, to a WIDE open Gallop, for example. With a very good OLine and running game, Dak and this team should be much better than 8-8. Cooper drops too many balls at critical times, and seems to always be nicked up and is unreliable at times.

    Tom “Six Super Bowl Winner” Brady currently makes $15 million a year. A understand the age thing, but does Dak deserve over DOUBLE. ABSOLUTELY NOT. IT IS INSANE!!! IT IS SICK!!! Look at what happen with Elliot after he got stupid money. He did not run so hard in some games.

    Cowboy front office made a huge mistake by having Cooper Rush as a back-up. They have no leverage or securely blanket. Starting to think they should bring in or draft a QB who could actually compete with Dak. I like him as a person, but …

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